The U.S. military has detected a significant increase in the number of sophisticated roadside bombs in Iraq and believes that orders to send components for them came from the “highest levels” of the Iranian government, a senior intelligence officer said Sunday.

The officer, briefing reporters on condition he not be further identified, said that between June 2004 and last week, more than 170 Americans had been killed by the bombs, which the military calls “explosively formed projectiles.”

Those weapons are capable of destroying an Abrams tank.

The officer said American intelligence analysts believe the EFPs are manufactured in Iran and smuggled into Iraq on orders from the top of the Iranian government. He did not elaborate.

U.S. officials have alleged for years that weapons were entering the country from Iran but had stopped short of alleging involvement by top Iranian leaders.

The U.S. officer said Iran was working through “multiple surrogates” — mainly “rogue elements” of the Shiite Mahdi Army — to smuggle the EFPs into Iraq. He said most of the components are entering Iraq near Amarah, the Iranian border city of Meran, and the Basra area of southern Iraq.

The U.S. officer said American authorities had briefed Iraq’s Shiite-led government on Iran’s involvement and Iraqi officials had asked the Iranians to stop. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a Shiite, has said he told both the U.S. and Iran that he does not want his country turned into a proxy battlefield.

Last week, U.S. officials said they were investigating allegations that the Shiite lawmaker Jamal Jaafar Mohammed was a main conduit for Iranian weapons. Mohammed has believed to have fled to Iran.

The allegations were made in a briefing which had been set for last week. But U.S. defense officials said it was postponed so that the Pentagon could review the information to make sure it was accurate.

That appeared aimed at avoiding the embarrassment suffered when evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction presented by Secretary Colin Powell at the United Nations in 2003 proved to be wrong.

During the briefing, the officer said that one of six Iranians detained in January in a raid on an office in the northern city of Irbil was the operational commander of the Quds Brigade, a unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards that trains and equips Shiite militants abroad.

He was identified as Mohsin Chizari, who was apprehended after slipping back into Iraq after a 10-month absence, the officer said.

The Iranians were caught trying to flush documents down the toilet, he said. Bags of their hair were found during the raid, indicating they had tried to change their appearance, he added.

He said the dates of manufacture on weapons found so far indicate they were made after fall of Saddam Hussein — mostly in 2006. He said the “machining” on the components was traceable to Iran but did not elaborate.

However, U.S. officials told reporters there was no indication Iranian weapons were behind the latest spate of helicopter crashes.

In a separate briefing, Maj. Gen. Jim Simmons, deputy commander of Multinational Corps-Iraq, said that since December 2004, U.S. pilots have been shot at on average about 100 times a month and in most cases the rounds do little damage.

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  1. Kent, I just followed your thunder and sent the same to our local Portland Maine (Press Herald) editor. It may be the only avenue left to get through to the masses?

  2. Seal said:

    “Whatever Bush does or does not do with Iran there will be no nuclear war.”

    “So let’s not hear any more paranoid ranting about a nuclear war.”

    You Follow up with your own rant about nuclear war:

    “We have small atomic type bombs designed take out strategic targets with a minimun of collateral damage and that would be the weapon of choice if Bush decided to hit Iran. The purpose of their use would be to destroy Irans underground nuclear operations”

    Seems to me that you are trying to play on both sides of the fence. “no nuclear war” and “small atomic type bombs as the weapon of choice”.

    The use of a nuclear bomb or weapon is by definition nuclear war.


  3. Susan, I just sent the following to the editor of the Harrisburg Patriot-News, not as a “letter to the editor”, but simply a private email message to the editor.


    According to a recent New York Times article in regard to explosive devices possibly entering from Iran into Iraq:

    “The precise machining of E.F.P. components, the officials said, also links the weapons to Iran. “We have no evidence that this has ever been done in Iraq,” the senior military official said.”

    Yet, we were led to believe that Iraq was building “WMD” and specifically nuclear weapons. Condi Rice warned us of potential mushroom clouds over the United States.

    I guess precision machining would not be required for building nuclear weapons then, eh?

    Sounds like a scathing editorial in the making to me, if I was a newspaper editor.

  4. This story is just getting better in a sick sort of way. This from the NYT article; “The precise machining of E.F.P. components, the officials said, also links the weapons to Iran. “We have no evidence that this has ever been done in Iraq,” the senior military official said.”

    As Chris Floyd points out in his anaylsis; “So let’s get this straight: Before the war, we were supposed to believe that the Iraqis were capable of building the most highly advanced weapons of mass destruction in the world — but now we’re told that they can’t even precision-tool a roadside bomb.”

    AN IED by any other name is still an IED.

  5. “The U.S. officer said Iran was working through “multiple surrogates” — mainly “rogue elements” of the Shiite Mahdi Army — to smuggle the EFPs into Iraq.”

    An interesting analysis – “Over all, only a fourth of US troops had been killed in Baghdad (713 or 23.7 percent of about 3000) through the end of 2006. But US troops aren’t fighting Shiites anyplace else– Ninevah, Diyala, Salahuddin–these are all Sunni areas. For a fourth of US troops to be being killed or wounded by Shiite EFPs, all of the Baghdad deaths would have to be at the hands of Shiites!

    It just doesn’t add up.

  6. Seal

    I agree with what you say. My fear is that Bush is not mentally balanced and definitely short a few pickles. His ego problem may well over ride any sense of

    reason. ” He is the Commander” and he basks in his own sick image.

    OH, South Point…Please lighten up on the females. You sound like “she” is of

    less worthiness than “he”. I know many

    she’s that got more balls than some “he’s”. Politcal positioning that goes on, is more important to these pundits than doing thier duty. Your statement is exactly what Doug was saying with his rant about Polosi and the plane thing. The fact that they are All too self serving to do the job they are expected to do. Bush can be compared to a snake in a wagon wheel rut. Low as you can go.


  7. “We know more than we can show,” said one of the senior officials, when pressed for tangible evidence that the EFPs were made in Iran.

    That sounds familiar. Didn’t we hear that just before the claim “We know they got em?” just before the vote to authorize Bush to use force?

    Something needs to be straightened out in the minds of some of the posters here. Whatever Bush does or does not do with Iran there will be no nuclear war. No one in the world that has the capability is going to send a warhead our way. They are not that reckless or stupid. It would be suicide.

    In the first place, since the breakup of the soviet union, no one has even a romantic fantasy of their capability to take us out with a preemptive strike. They just don’t have the firepower even if we were all dead asleep. Most of the neclear weaponry out there is old, antiquainted, and/or inferior by comparison to ours. I doubt half of it would fly and not on target if it did.

    Our submarine fleet alone could take out the strategic world all by themselves and the other nations know it. They also know they could not get to our subs. As a career Navy SEAL, I know this to be fact. So let’s not hear any more paranoid ranting about a nuclear war.

    There are many different types of nuclear weapons. They are not necessarily a big boom destroying miles and miles of land mass with a gigantic mushroom cloud nor are they all multiple warheads. We have small atomic type bombs designed take out strategic targets with a minimun of collateral damage and that would be the weapon of choice if Bush decided to hit Iran. The purpose of their use would be to destroy Irans underground nuclear operations. However, according to the information I have, that would be ineffective whereas those facilities are much too far underground for the blasts to reach them even if ignition was ground zero. Any blast takes the path of least resistance. The crater would not be deep enough. Special forces teams with conventional charges to close them off would be more effective.

    Iran has no nuclear weapons and will not have for at least 3 years, probably 5 to 8. All they are doing is enriching the uranium and they don’t even have the ability (yet) to create weapons grade. Fears of Iran being a nuclear threat are vastly premature.

    Frankly, I do not believe that Bush is entertaining any plan to attack Iran. We do not have the capability to achieve anything. There are no troops available for an invasion. We could blitzkreig the country with air power but absent the ability to invade and occupy, what would be the point? There would be nothing to be won.

    I think all the ballyhoo about Iran furnishing weapons to Iraq is simply a distraction and another attempt to justify maintaining the troops he wants in Iraq. We should all know that the weaponry that has been and is being used to kill our soldiers has “made in USA” stamped all over it. They have tons of it buried all over the desert. The place is so arid the stuff will keep forever. I know as much about desert warfare as a jackrabbit knows about running. The Iraqis could fight with insurgent tactics against us for at least two decades. And they will.

  8. No kidding.. The “So what?” response to the specter of weapons from Iran is appropriate.

    First, as has been pointed out.. If we weren’t occupying Iraq, then we wouldn’t have to worry about it, would we?

    Second, can you blame them? We’ve trounced their neighbor for nothing and now they’re not only in the cross hairs of the US, but many other (predominantly Sunni) Mideast countries as well. If this goes badly for the Shia, they know they are living on borrowed time.

    Third, we lie. Meaningless allegations are just that.. Meaningless.

    Fourth, Mike Rivero over at, claims to have photographs of these alleged weapons parts. They’re marked in English. Isn’t that a bit strange? He claims they’re from the UK, but since I’m not a weapons expert, I have no idea.. but if you’re curious, go have a look.

    It’s interesting reading.

  9. You all do see where this is going don’t you? Trumped up “intelligence” that Iran is “interfering” in Iraq, providing an excuse for an attack by the U.S. which never should have been in Iraq in the first place. We are on a very dangerous precipice now. We are on the verge of a widespread conflagration in the Middle East while our politicians continue to debate about having a debate. This is insanity. This is just out of control nuts. Bush has decided to attack Iran, possibly with nuclear weapons. If this happens you can expect Russian and/or China to counterattack the United States with nuclear weapons. We are allowing ourselves to be led into a planet devastating nuclear war, led by a certifiably insane individual that no one has the good sense to restrain. My God. Someone has to find the courage to step up and take direct action.

  10. During a jury trial, when a witness has been proven to have committed perjury, his testimony afterwards is refered to as “impeached”.

    In other words if the witness has lied, his testimony can be thrown out as evidence and is not to be considered valid.

    Tough luck Mr. President, your testimony was impeached in the Iraqi War, so your reputation has been impeached in the eyes of the people. Even if it is true, it can no longer be considered valid evidence.

    You have impeached yourself, and if you continue on the perceived course, you will be impeached in the way the Constitution has mandated.

  11. Gee Iran is supplying bomb parts to Iraq while our CIA gives plans to Iran for building a nuke…?!,12858,1678220,00.html

    Folks “we the people” are being scammed by an out of control M.I. Complex who is joined at the hips with the duly elected “republicrats” that sit in our Congress and Executive branch. The name of the game is to shake down the American taxpayer and indebt them to the 12th of never! It’s estimated that the U.S. is actually 55 trillion dollars in debt both public and private. This would include the public debt of 8.7 trillion bucks but not the trillions of projected debt due to shortfalls in Medicaid and Social Security plus all the debt incurred in the private sector. It’s so bad that our government cannot even pass an audit by the GAO (Government Accounting Office) who happens to run a squeaky clean operation. I believe it’s the 5th consecutive year that we’ve failed to pass an audit.

    It’s a miracle that foreign investors haven’t fled from America’s public debt in numbers because the traditional “full faith and credit of the United States” doesn’t mean squat. Our leaders are no different then identity thieves who have stolen the bank account numbers and the credit cards of this once great nation and are engaged in a perpetual spending orgy. America is in harms way with these mattoids in control. I urge every citizen patriot to contact their duly elected reps and demand we de-escalate this war, defund, and then investigate and prosecute those that have involved us in this nation destroying debacle. A link is provided to facilitate making contact with your elected reps. As they say…”just do it”…!

  12. The irony is that Iran & Iraq have been enemies for centuries, and for Iran to take advantage of the conflict would be wholly natural. However, the tragedy is that Bush and his administration have lied so much that even if they’re now telling the truth, no one believes them.

  13. Stupidass she entities in male bodies playing their goofy and completely fake charade of “what *real* men they are” just because they happen to exist in male human bodies at the moment. Over and over and over and over she entities prove how toxic the male human body is to their lifeforce by the insanity they do. Apparently without any regret, they freely do what no actual male would ever do. No actual male entity would act so dishonorably.

    Please stop using the pronoun “he” when describing Bush. Bush is not a he. Bush is a she entity in a male body. It annoys me when the word “he” is used to refer to someone who is actually a she. It’s the gender of the lifeforce that’s the true gender. Not the body. If you notice, I have never referred to Bush as “he”. I’ve always known what Bush’s actual gender is. The behavioral characteristics of she entities are always obvious and distinct (with personal opinionitis being the worst and most destructive behavior). Maybe Bush would have still been an evil lady if Bush had existed in a she human body, but her existence in a male body has pushed her way, way, way into crazytown.

    What insanity! What about all the bomb parts the US has sent to Iraq in this total charade of evilness run amok?

    Damn stupidass she entities! You will destroy the planet itself in your endless quest to exalt whatever personal opinion you have at the moment into being THE Law Of The Universe. Personal opinionitis has made you so insane, you freely slaughter your own children as though they had no importance. And this is the ultimate degree of insanity.

  14. The wire was run when they ran new cable through both structures. Drilling could have been done during asbestos removal. Then there was the total power shut down, You’ll know by the end of the video that truth has not been told

  15. .

    George WMD Bush is up to the same lying ways to get into a three front war to acquire oil and power. Bush et al are insane power hungry idiots.


    Why do the cowards in congress allow this to continue? Must we wait for 500 million tons of evidense to surface that this administration is criminal and 50000 dead soldiers before we stop it or maybe when Bush starts firing nukes at Iran the Russians, Chinese and the rest of the world will align to do to the USA what the world did to Germany and Japan in WWII.

  16. Ray, so far I’ve watched 32 minutes of the hour and a half long video. It is just an outrage. A total outrage. Just as the 911 commission report was a total whitewash. I don’t know what its going to take to wake America up.

    I can’t help wondering if explosive charges were placed during the construction of the towers. I believe the towers were demolished but I don’t know how all the charges could have been set and wired without someone knowing about it.

    Anyway, everything that has followed 911 has been based on the lies of 911. The US suffered a coup in the 2000 elections and massive election fraud again in 2004.

    This country is in deep shit.


  17. Anyone who does NOT react to this story with cynicism and skepticism is either a kool-aid drinking true believer in the divine infallibility of Bush, or someone who has been in a coma for the last several years.

  18. Kent, if they didn’t have anything to hide, they couldn’t get blackmailed.

    I’d bet EVERY form of communication used by any Congress or Senate member is getting monitored by SOMEONE in the Executive branch. Nice that the Republican Congress let them steamroll over us to allow that to happen to all the rest of US? Oh well, at least they don’t drug test THEMSELVES.

    Is this what we call representative government?

    Perhaps in East Germany…

  19. GOOGLE: We’re sorry, but this video may not be available. Try refreshing the page to see this video. To see more videos visit our home page.

    Well they axed that one toot suite didn’t they? Ray, are you sure the URL is precise?

  20. Where is the documentation? As a computer expert, I believe nothing without documentation. Can they produce it? Will it be forged like the Nigerian Yellow Cake documents? All this is hearsay. In court, hearsay is dismissed and stricken from the record.

    Bunch of scum in Washington, both parties.

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