I don’t care about Anna Nicole Smith!!!


    She was a beautiful woman with a body of beautiful proportions. I discovered her when she became a model for us larger gals. She made the most of everything she was given by nature including a very wealthy aged billionaire. This is every woman’s dream when we reach middle age…..I never saw her on television but when she lost a lot of her weight, I was first in line to take those magic diet pills. Of course what the instructions on the box forgot to tell me was to supplement the pills with drugs like cocaine.

    Apparently Ms Smith was prolific in her personal life and made the rest of us guess who the father of her little girl was! Goodness! After her death they were all lining up to prove paternal responsibility. I remember when I discovered I was pregnant again at 33, I looked at my own husband and wondered at the miracle of miracles as he had not been home much at that time.

    Why is the media obsessed with Ms Smith’s sex life? I can’t be the lack of news as anyone ignoring the vast reporting of CHB’s writers can see one catastrophe after another just waiting to be written and read. Now the press has come up with the final folly. The old aged billionaire gave his sperm up to Ms. Smith to guarantee his billions would be hers!

    That is a vision I had hoped to be spared.

    Nothing is sacred in America anymore. Even I have slipped into writing a commentary about the story. Please forgive me!

    (Sandy Price began her political activism after finally getting cable in her area of the central California coast. She watched two hours of C-SPAN and realized she needed to get involved immediately. That was in 1993 and once she found the internet, it was just the beginning. She is now retired from working as a technical writer and costume designer and lives in Sun City, AZ.)


    1. Ms Price:

      “A very wealthy billionaire”…?

      uh uh.

      Never have I seen a poor billionaire, have you?

      This is not only redundant: it is bad English.

      Another example:

      “Apparently ms Smith was prolific in her personal life and made the rest of us guess who the father of her little girl was”.

      Nobody can be prolific in his/her personal life, ms Price.

      A writer can be prolific; an artist who creates 50 paintings in one year can be seen as prolific.


      It is not: who the father of her little girl WAS.

      The person, who is the father of that baby, is still alive; therefore you should have used the word IS!!!

      And last:

      why did you see the need to mention your pregnancy at age 33?

      The fact that you got pregnant while your husband was not at home often…(yeah yeah…) does not have any relevance to the case of the late poor ms Smith.

      An advice:

      if you want/need to loose weight, then you should eat less. And consume better foods.

      Diet pills are poison!

      Thank you.

    2. You are correct Unicorn. I believe most people’s lives are indeed drab and with 24 hour a day news, in order to get viewer ratings up, the television goes for the most perverse news. The glamour of Hollywood has always be of interest to people and if the truth be known, most of the stars are not as exciting as they are made out to be. All they really have is beautiful faces and bodies. They make love to the camera far more than to each other.

      What is sad are the thousands of young girls who look at the actions of those gals you mentioned and strive for that kind of life. They soon learn that in the long run only their talent really matters. I’ve been a part of this society for many years and have seen young gals work 15 hours a day to learn the art of acting, dancing and how to dress for their auditions. I remember a young teenage girl, who was my age, become Miss Burbank and had a shot at a movie audition. Whe photgraphed very well then the training started. It took her 3 years of learning the art of the camera. She had been cheer leader and became a wonderful dancing partner to Gene Kelly in “Singing in the Rain.”

      This, of course was Debbie Reynolds who has probably worked harder at her job than just about anyone. She also developed a style of being a star and I am always thrilled to see her still performing in her mid 70s. She made some mistakes in her personal life but carried them off with dignity. For every Debbie Reynolds there are a dozen Anne Nichole Smiths. Debbie had loving parents and a good background in striving for the best she could be. ANS had no such fortune. Having lived with this society, there is no way I can judge any of them.

      If a couple of young teenage girls who have stars in their eyes can see the difference between working for their talents and sleeping with the big boys, ANS may just provide a good bad example. Too many simply crash and burn. You see them all over the streets of Hollywood.

    3. My sympathies lie with the public whose lives must be so barren and uninteresting that they soak up everything which comes along in the Anna Nicole Smith ‘vein.’ I have never been able to understand what the *#$&# difference it makes whether she did what she did or Tom Cruise comes or goes, and it goes on and on. And the so-called celebrities FEED on it. A couple of good examples are Britney Spears, “Mlle. Sans Culottes,” and Paris Hilton, “Mlle. Sans Cerveau.”

    4. My sympathies lie will her daughter. This poor little girl will most probably be wrought with pain, mostly due to the greed and immaturity of the adults around her.

    5. Her life was her life!

      What is disgusting is the media’s attention to her.

      Rather than discussing some really, really, I mean, some really important issues.

    6. If Anna Nicole Smith was so devoted to her children as Wendy said (post 10), why did the bimbo leave her five month old daughter in the Bahamas while she went to Florida? Enough about this uneducated gold digging bimbo.

    7. Since no drugs were found in her stomach contents, I’m wondering on what basis the declaration of cocaine use is made. Should she be the headlining story day after day? No. Should we automatically assume that every single thing she did was immoral or illegal? NO! I’ll give her this – she obviously loved her children dearly and was devoted to them, however much we may disagree about how she lived her life.

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