Updated with photo. We can see Cape Cod from the beach we go to on the mainland. Yesterday our sky was clear bright blue while over Cape Cod there were beautiful talk white puffy clouds. I noticed they weren’t moving in the still air. They were the kinds of clouds you often see faces in. Cape Cod is where many old timers tell stories about "the Kennedy" boys, Jack, Robert and Teddy out and about. (The oldest, Joe Jr., was killed In World War II so few alive now remember him.) Ted went on to carry the torch for his fallen older brothers. Now he is gone. We’ll be at the beach today. We’ll watch the sky over The Cape. It will look different.
Update – photo added
 8/29/09 My wife and I didn’t go to any of the events in memory of Ted Kennedy but we did drive through Boston this afternoon and again this evening. Every electronic roadway sign said "Thank you Ted, from the people of Massachusetts". My wife tried to get a good picture through the windshield of several of them but it was raining and dark and of course we were moving. This was the best she could do. It was taken near the exit to the JFK Library where Kennedy lay in state.  Click to enlarge.
This morning on hearing the news I had little to add to the many memorials to Ted Kennedy already being expressed. However I looked at the title of my previous column, "Teddy Kennedy playing politics", and had a twinge of regret and I admit I wanted to write something to get it off the front page.
Ted, as he’s called here, wouldn’t have minded it though. He knew he was playing politics and believed it was for the cause he’d been fighting for for years. 
Ted was passionate about many things. Personally he was passionate about about his family and of course about sailing.
Professionally he was utterly dedicated to public service. When he felt strongly about an issue like the Iraq War or gun control the Kennedy voice shook the floor of the Senate and the airwaves of America.
He wanted to be remembered for carrying the banner for health care reform even as he faced imminent death from brain cancer.
Once Ted gave up on presidential aspirations he committed himself to choosing to fight for what he believed in in Congress. He eventually became known as "The Lion of the Senate".
If this lion could roar one last time, I am certain it would be to get the Senate to pass a health care bill that will bring equal health care to all Americans.
Update 8/27/09

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