The blogosphere looks at Richardson


What they’re saying online and elsewhere about Gov. Bill Richardson:

Smoke this says Richardson will do well in his presidential bid _ until someone points out that he wants to decriminalize marijuana.

But that’s not true _ the part about decriminalizing pot, that is. Not really. Richardson said he supports a bill making its way through the New Mexico Senate to legalize marijuana for medical purposes only. Seriously ill patients have to qualify for the program.

Mediagirl also predicted after Richardson’s drug-laced fall, he’ll be back around in 2012 and do great then.

Spoil that

The blog Burnt Orange Report said it not only camped outside Gov. Bill Richardson’s hotel room at the Democratic National Committee meeting in Washington, D.C., but was amazed at the guv’s big speech.

“I had medium expectations, and he blew me away. He was funny and smart and at ease. And presidential,” Burnt Orange wrote.

The Burnt Orange Report, which mostly covers Texas politics, said Richardson “will either be one of two things in this race _ a spoiler for some other candidates much like Clark spoiled Edwards last cycle, or a sleeper candidate who could be thrust into the top tier and have an actual chance in the race.”

Or, we’re thinking, he could be neither of those and end up somewhere in the middle.

Still speeding?

The New York Times Sunday magazine posed a bunch of questions to our governor.

Among them, the mag wanted to know why it keeps hearing about Richardson’s speeding.

The governor accepted blame for the recent headline-grabbing fast incidents, saying he’s impatient.

He also seems in a huge hurry to lose weight. In the interview, he said he’s lost 30 pounds in five months. And aims to shed 10 more.

Richardson was asked whether he thinks Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice might find the globe-hopping governor annoying.

“I would think so,” he said.

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  1. Jason Shapiro

    Do not be fooled by another P.T. Barnum in a fancy suit. Richardson is a Billocrat – it always has, is, and will be about King Bill’s ego and he will ruin the country like he ruined the Department of Energy. Read “Frozen Lightning” and then decide.

  2. John Shattuck

    Are you from New Mexico? Most everyone there knows that Frozen Lightning was a hit job that couldn’t back up any of its outlandish claims. It basically accused Richardson of murder, being responsible for 9/11, etc. It is not a serious book.

  3. Jason Shapiro

    I am from NM and “Frozen Lightening is not the hit job that it has been painted out to be, nor does “most everyone” here maintain that view. I might respectfully ask if you have any connection to Richardson’s campaign or work for any of his numerous consultants. In my opinion Richardson is a classic “smoke and mirrors” politico who has dissipated a budget surplus, failed to address fundamental problems, bullied his critics at every turn, and has used state money to fund “consultants” who create flashy, glitzy, expensive projects that get a lot of press but fail to meet economic justifications. I understand that people are looking for some kind of moderate candidate but be warned – what you see if definitely not what you get.

  4. Jay Raymond

    I am from New Mexico, am a Blue Dog Dem (fiscal conservative), don’t work for Richardson (or because of him) and I can say that Shapiro absolutely stretches credulity in his didactic claims regarding Richardson’s efficacy in bringing New Mexico out of the socio-economic dark ages. His (Richardson’s) direct and varietal approaches towards building necessary economic infrastructure has done nothing but stymie and frustrate previous do-nothing GOP leadership (and clearly, their minions) who, without apparent “cause-and-effect” comprehension, would rather wait until the oil and gas-based revenues dry up (and they will), before they scream that Richardson didn’t shift our revenue base potential to another direction (in time). Sad, yet quite predictable, actually. Some people have uncanny instinct where the future is concerned . . . and some never will.Those that don’t usually make things up to suit that lack. Hence, the predictability of today’s GOP (and again, it’s dogmatic minions). “Frozen Lightning” never struck once, let alone . . .

  5. I am in the ABQ – most of us here love the gov. have not read the article in question but Bill has done a fine job here, brought business into the state.

    We have problems but Richardson is well respected and will be a good candidate. It will be interesting to see how the next 18 months plays out.

    I am predicting a few surprises.

    Carter and Clinton were not well known until a few months before the primaries. Dean was going to sweep it all up until the primaries.

    Time will certainly tell.

  6. Marilyn

    If Governor Richardson cannot handle the lure of big pharmaceutical companies by banning aspartame in New Mexico, I doubt he’s capable of handling things that are so much bigger in Washington, DC. Aspartame (pushed through the FDA via Washington contacts by Donald Rumsfeld) has made so many people ill, it has a disease named after it. The Governor could not even control his own legislature sufficiently to ban it in New Mexico. I’m not impressed with that kind of “leadership” (“ooh, no, we cannot lose jobs the big pharma companies say we will lose if we ban a deadly substance from consumers in New Mexico!”). Liberals in California and New York are sensitive to this kind of issue.

  7. Visionaerie

    I like Bill Richardson’s independent views on a lot of issues, although I don’t know a lot about him other than his service to the Clinton administration. But if I were a Democrat, I would definitely lean in his direction — but only after doing a lot of research. He seems like a refreshing voice, but an even better one is Dr. Ron Paul. He has started exploring the possibility of a 2008 candidacy, so I hope he does run. As of now, he is the conscience of Congress and does his best to hold the line on spending and keep the torch of liberty lit. Tom Tancredo would be a good second GOP choice. Let’s just hope any and all of these guys (and any worthy girl!) get some attention for a change!

  8. JimZ

    I’ve always been suspicious of Bill Richardson since the Wen Ho Lee debacle, when Richardson was head of DOE. Richardson seemed to be one to put all his political eggs in that basket; in the end Lee was acquitted of all but one minor charge of “violating work take-home rules”, or something of that nature. Never once do I remember the DOE, or Richardson apologize to Lee or the rest of US for railroading over that guy for political gain. Then the Univ. of New Mexico was allowed to take over the work for Stanford (who got blamed and kicked out), or whatever California university that used to do some of the primary research. Seems like some political games there.

    Supposedly, our nuclear labs used to be run by government agencies and universities with a relatively tight control. Somewhere along the way in the last decade, they were “privatized” and are now being run by corporations. Now after over a decade of nuclear atrophy in times of relative peace, Bu$h has announced the largest nuclear weapon buildup in decades. How convenient. Now that there’s a “for profit” component with privatization, the buildup starts. Any dirt on Richardson there? Like, did he enable this while in office? I don’t know; I am actually asking if anyone knows…

    Also, what about the big electric grid failure of 2006? Weren’t we supposed to be prepared for those kinds of things?

    Jason Shapiro – “Billocrat”: I like that one…