What they’re saying online and elsewhere about Gov. Bill Richardson:

Smoke this says Richardson will do well in his presidential bid _ until someone points out that he wants to decriminalize marijuana.

But that’s not true _ the part about decriminalizing pot, that is. Not really. Richardson said he supports a bill making its way through the New Mexico Senate to legalize marijuana for medical purposes only. Seriously ill patients have to qualify for the program.

Mediagirl also predicted after Richardson’s drug-laced fall, he’ll be back around in 2012 and do great then.

Spoil that

The blog Burnt Orange Report said it not only camped outside Gov. Bill Richardson’s hotel room at the Democratic National Committee meeting in Washington, D.C., but was amazed at the guv’s big speech.

“I had medium expectations, and he blew me away. He was funny and smart and at ease. And presidential,” Burnt Orange wrote.

The Burnt Orange Report, which mostly covers Texas politics, said Richardson “will either be one of two things in this race _ a spoiler for some other candidates much like Clark spoiled Edwards last cycle, or a sleeper candidate who could be thrust into the top tier and have an actual chance in the race.”

Or, we’re thinking, he could be neither of those and end up somewhere in the middle.

Still speeding?

The New York Times Sunday magazine posed a bunch of questions to our governor.

Among them, the mag wanted to know why it keeps hearing about Richardson’s speeding.

The governor accepted blame for the recent headline-grabbing fast incidents, saying he’s impatient.

He also seems in a huge hurry to lose weight. In the interview, he said he’s lost 30 pounds in five months. And aims to shed 10 more.

Richardson was asked whether he thinks Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice might find the globe-hopping governor annoying.

“I would think so,” he said.

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