Scooter: Damn that multitasking


Number two’s number two claims he was too distracted and too busy to remember.

This seems to be “Scooter” Libby’s defense.

It reminds me of his bosses explanation (read “defense”) as to why he shot his friend in the face.

“I was too busy thinking about blasting some helpless quail to think about the most important rule of hunting.”

Don’t get me started on number one who couldn’t quit manage an expeditious exit from an elementary school class when told about the 9-11 planes.

It’s all about multitasking.

Not only mere multitasking, but being able to work on several tasks simultaneously and do them well.

Not only mere multitasking and doing the tasks well, but also being able to anticipate the consequences of what we do.

Not only mere multitasking, doing the tasks well, being able to anticipate the consequences of what we do, but also remembering what we did afterwards

Damn that multitasking!

Meanwhile, Republicans are avoiding dealing with the number one issue of the day by attacking the second on the list of presidential succession for being able to fly on the same type of aircraft the president and vice president do.

(Hal Brown is a clinical social worker and former mental health center director who is mostly retired from his private psychotherapy practice. He writes on the psychopathology of public figures and other topics that pique his interest. He can be found online at


  1. Jason Shapiro

    Here’s a bet – if Scooter actually takes the stand and testifies, watch for his trousers to spontaneously combust.

  2. Ted

    How can anyone as busy as Cheney’s Scooter be responsible much less accountable for anything gone awry.

    Scooter, like Bush, is not responsible or accountable now, never has been and never will be. It’s the American political way. I guess we had just better get used to it.

  3. Good article Hal. In my heading around the sites, I can only say that the Conservatives are standing behind Scooter and are betting he will not be accused of anything.

    When you look at the crimes already committed in the White House, they may be right. It is totally impossible to be convicted for anything under this Administration.

    We have a completely amoral mess in the White House and it is killing the GOP to have the congress stand around doing nothing about it. Is there no hint of right versus wrong these days? This whole government is taking on the elements of the Crips and Bloods in Los Angeles. Everything is an emotional fight until someone remembers we are a nation of laws. They completely ignore the law because they know nobody cares.

    I care! I want the criminals who have broken our security codes and I want them thrown in Federal Prison for 20 years! I also want the two-faced weak-assed Conservatives to be shown to be traitors to our government. They are the first to point a finger at anyone who they think might be breaking our security rules and they sit around and out one of our CIA agents and then whine when a creep like Scooter gets caught. All he has to do is lie and the Conservatives will fall in a pool of sympathy for him.

    I’m mad today and I’m mad as hell at all the Republican Conservatives who have traded their American values to protect President Bush’s ass!

  4. gene

    I agree Ted, we better get use to it because its going to get worse. No way anyone person or group could fix the mess we (USA) are in. Evil, greedy men have completely analilated anything honest or good. This (evil) has also spread globally. Almost everything I hear and see these days has degenerated into something unimagiable a few years ago. Hell, in some cases, only a few months ago. When we hit the (days ago) then it will probably be time to bend over and kiss our fat asses goodby.

  5. SEAL

    The fact that Scooter lied when questioned is the most glaring example of the arrogance of these bastards. All he had to do was say I can’t remember specifically. That’s the automatic response as taught in “Evasion 101” to every single politition the first day of school.

    But everything this bunch has done or said the past 6 years has been a lie.

    So, for Scooter, it was automatic – lie. Nothing will happen to me. I’m convinced he still believes that. I’m convinced he has been told that.

    Like all of his type he is a gutless wonder. If he thought for one instant he was going to go to prison for this he would be cooing at Fitzgerald louder than a five hundred pound stool pigeon under a plea agreement.

    The “I was so busy I was confused and did not mean to lie,” is a deliberate contrivance that will provide the sypathetic rationalization Bush will use to pardon him. It wasn’t deliberate, it was a mistake. His career has been ruined and that is punishment enough. He will never be able to work in government again.

    The poor man will probably have to become a lobbyist or work for a defense contractor. In a couple of years no one will even remember it.

    There is no way in hell the gang would risk not protecting themselves by not protecting Libby.

  6. pastor agnostic

    Hal, I’ve been following this case as closely as possible, given the media interruptions of Nasa’s DiaperGate, and the augmented coverage of a former stripper’s death.

    While the “Beyond a reasonable doubt” standard is tough to meet in white color crime (and lying to a grand jury qualifies as such) Fitz has created an airtight case.

    The real culprit, though, is not Libby, but his boss.

  7. Let the play begin. Bring down the lights open the curtain and let’s hear the rest of the trial. Will Cheney be implicated publically? Will Bush react?

    I’m glad to see Libby on trial and the rest of our democracy will come when Cheney testifies UNDER OATH!

    Rather than have Impeachment procedures brought against the White House I would rather see them laughed out of office. It is time we let the DNC and RNC know that we Americans have had enough of the corruption on both sides of the aisle.

  8. california rick

    Many claimed that the Reagan Administration was the “Teflon®” presidency – I say “nay” – it’s the George W. Bush Presidency.

    How many scandals have come up and not stuck to the Bush Administration?

    * Ill equipped military

    * Jeff Gannon

    * Missing Iraq Money

    * Fixed Intel and the rush to invade a sovereign country

    How does the Bush Administration do it?