A reign of error on Capitol Hill


Here we are, nearly a month and 10 days into the Democratic reign of error on Capitol Hill, well past the vaunted “100 hours” of legislative activism, and the legislative branch of the federal government is, as usual, mired in gridlock.

We still don’t have a resolution, one way or the other, on the immoral and illegal debacle called President George W. Bush’s failed Iraq war. The Senate, which laughingly calls itself “the greatest deliberative body in the world,” can’t even reach a conclusion on whether or not to debate a resolution that is nonbinding and useless. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is better at using his office to fatten his bank accounts through shady real estate deals than he is at running a gathering of goons on Capitol Hill.

In the House, the imperialism of Speaker Nancy Pelosi is mired in a controversy over her desire to jet home and back on luxury military planes just like the buffoon who preceded her, Dennis Hastert.

The debate over “Pelosi One,” as Republicans have dubbed it, has reached such ludicrous proportions that John “I didn’t take a bribe but I leave my options open” Murtha threatens to hold up military funding if Nancy doesn’t get her plane perk.

Bush’s White House, which believes royal treatment is a right not a privilege, weighs in on Pelosi’s side on this one, putting them at odds with National Republican Committee Chairman Tom Cole, who is cranking out sound bites like “with a ticket on Pelosi One Airlines costing taxpayers thousands of dollars per hour, it’s no wonder the Democrats are so eager to raise taxes.”

This is, of course, the same National Republican Congressional Committee that issued press releases supporting their Speaker of the House when he started using military transport to to back and forth to Illinois after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

And he Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s strident defense of Pelosi’s request is a direct contradition of the criticism they hurled at Hastert’s use of military planes in 2005.

So much for change in Washington, so much for a breath of fresh air and so much for ethics and responsibility. Like Republicans before them, Democrats prove they aren’t capable of managing a Taco Bell, much less the affairs of a nation.

If you buy into the excuse that either Hastert or Pelosi needed the “protection” of military transport, then you also have to buy into Bush’s use of far of terrorism to justify his rights-robbing USA Patriot Act and other abuses of the Constitution. You can’t have it both ways.

There was no earthly reason why Denny Hastert shouldn’t have had to wait in line, take off his shoes and then squeeze his fat butt into a coach seat of a regularly scheduled United Airlines flight between Washington and his home in Illinois.

And there’s no justification for giving Pelosi use of a gussied up Boeing 757 military jet just so her shapelier, but equally pompous, ass can ride in the lap of luxury nonstop between DC and San Francisco. Both are supposed to be representatives of the people, not royalty or overpaid celebrities.

Pelosi, as Speaker, has the authority to decide how she travels. She is not required to follow anyone’s advice and the Sargeant at Arms of the House is not going to request military transportation unless she asks for it. The Sargeant at Arms reports to the Speaker and doesn’t make such request without her approval.

Like so many before her, Pelosi has already let the trappings of power go to her pretty little head and she and her Democratic compatriots are so wrapped up with the lust of being in charge that they forget why the voters gave them the keys to the place.

Same thing happened to Hastert and his rabid, rogue Republicans. The party that once stood for limited government and personal responsibility allowed the madman of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to turn government into a bloated, rights-robbing, deficit building, all-powerful monster. Hastert, whose girth expanded with his power, became a demanding demagogue.

Nancy Pelosi established herself as a snotty, acid-tongued, bitchy despot when she was just an unknown Congresswoman from San Francisco. Now, with the power of the Speakership, she is the diva of the Democrats, demanding every perk of office she can suck into her corner of the Capitol and we, as taxpayers, aren’t even getting kissed first.

This is not the way our government should be run. Our leaders should not be debating whether or not to debate while our troops die at record rates. They should not demand to be treated like kings or queens while our nation’s debt spirals out of control and a crippled auto industry sends hundreds of thousands to the unemployment line.

This nation deserves better than George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.

Each violates the oath they swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Each forfeit any right to respect and all prove themselves unworthy of the office.

Like too many other Republicans and Democrats, and the clueless partisans who follow them, they forget their first loyalty is the nation they serve, not themselves, and the oath they took was to that nation and not to any personal or political agenda.


  1. Calico_jack

    So I found this interesting


    a fervent and even militant proponent of something

    devoted to a cause or party

    enthusiast: an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity


    According to these defnitions, everyone’s a partisan…even you Doug. Or should we all simply not believe in or support anything? How is that productive?

  2. I have a problem with the moral equivalancy of Speaker Pelosi’s access to a military airplane for security reasons (she is third in line for the presidency) and what the R congress has done to enable this dysfuntional presidency. By not providing checks and balances to this administration when there was a clear need, the country finds itself in a deadly, costly war incompetently run from which there is no cost free exit.

    If you call that partisanship, than so be it. Should Pelosi get imperious the consequences are nothing like the imperial presidency we suffer under.

    We will be paying for years for the unwillingness of the R congress to hold the Bush administration accountable.

  3. Joe Lawrence writes:

    Doug writes, “…snotty, acid-tongued, bitchy despot,” but, even up on the Blueridge, such would never be said of a male legislator, would it? I think someone is far too anxious to swallow Rethuglican talking points as fact when they reinforce and already existing bent.

    Of course I wouldn’t. I’d write something like this about a man (which is exactly what I did write about Hastert on October 3, 2006):

    Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is a perfect poster child for the Republican Party: Bloated and out-of-control. With his multiple chins spilling over a too-tight dress shirt collar, Hastert is at once buffoon and bluster – a belching dispenser of contradictory hot air spilling out of an out-of-shape mass of fat. But he’s also very, very dangerous.

    Spare me the usual partisan pap about how I’m following one party or another’s talking points. The only talking points I follow are my own and my talking points are based on the realism that both parties are corrupt and neither deserve to be in office.


  4. Funny Doug, but in my first post I encouraged you to criticize Pelosi so partisanship isn’t the issue here in fact:


    and here.

    Notice even Republican hack Tony Snow says this is a bogus issue. By the way this last election was the first I ever voted Democrat in. Like you I believe they are all tainted. I just think it is important to level just criticism or we come out looking like fools.

  5. Jace

    A quick thought on this:

    If she wants the big non-stop jet, she can have it. But-

    Figure out the cost differential between flying a smaller commuter jet and the larger one. Mme Speaker pays the difference out of her own pocket. Fiscal responsibility?

  6. Martin writes:

    Notice even Republican hack Tony Snow says this is a bogus issue. By the way this last election was the first I ever voted Democrat in. Like you I believe they are all tainted. I just think it is important to level just criticism or we come out looking like fools.

    Of course the White House is going to defend Pelosi. They have to because they’re the ones who insisted Hastert use a government plane. Doing the same for Pelosi furthers the illusion that terrorism is rampant in this country and helps them justify Constitutional abuses like the USA Patriot Act.

    I’m sorry but I see any defense of Pelosi for her stupidity on this as blind partisanship. The first rule of politics is to avoid the “appearance” of impropriety. She seems to have forgotten that is her lust to get special treatment.

    BTW, I fixed the links in your previous reply. Ultimate BB code does not work here. You need to use the and tags for links.


  7. According to my links (above) from crooksandliers.com the SGT. at arms insists the non stop flight is also a security issue and is out of Pelosi’s hands.

    The worst part about all of this is that it originated from the Moonie owned rag the Washington Times who make Fox News look fair and balanced.

  8. Now here I agree with you. Terrorism should be a non issue. There are so many more important issues affecting Americans. I think they should all be using commercial aircraft. I still don’t buy that this is Pelosi’s fault.

  9. Calico Jack writes:

    So I found this interesting


    a fervent and even militant proponent of something

    devoted to a cause or party

    enthusiast: an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity


    According to these defnitions, everyone’s a partisan…even you Doug. Or should we all simply not believe in or support anything? How is that productive?

    I believe in America. I’m a partisan American — nothing more, nothing less.

    And I believe that anyone — I say again ANYONE — who swears allegiance to a political party is putting America second.


  10. Laurence

    Astronauts wear diapers, and Speakers of the House are provided non-stop transportation to their home district.

    I guess we could ridicule all astronauts as “poopy-pants”. I don’t think it adds much to the discourse, though.

    I think Pelosi must be doing pretty well if you have to dig this deep and twist this hard in order to make her fit into the “there all the same!” meme.

  11. Martin writes:

    Now here I agree with you. Terrorism should be a non issue. There are so many more important issues affecting Americans. I think they should all be using commercial aircraft. I still don’t buy that this is Pelosi’s fault.

    If it is not her fault then she could easily end the issue by refusing any form of military transport. The fact that she doesn’t just shows she is just another political hypocrite.


  12. california rick

    re: Gridlock

    As we saw with an ALL REPUBLICAN Executive Branch and Legislative Branch – “Gridlock” is a good thing.

  13. Doubtom

    I stand squarely with Doug on this matter and I can see the blind partisanship that so easily flows from leftist ideologues when protecting their own from criticism.

    Pelosi’s image (her projection) of all smiles is a far cry from her true disposition. She has more allegiance to outfits like AIPAC than to her own constituency.

    She wallows in money so what makes people think that she differs so much from the rich elite of the other party? Are we really so naiive that we believe millionaires give a royal shit about the common man? She doesn’t care about the average joe any more than fat-assed Hastert does.

    They’ve just rearranged the furniture, the game is exactly the same.

    And Doug is right on to point that out–that is the real essence of his service to the public. Look for a yes man elsewhere.

  14. almandine

    RIGHT ON DOUG! No need to carry water for any of these sorry self-righteous politicians… no need to appeal for rationale to Tony Snow, OF ALL PEOPLE, and no need to back off anything you said! It’s clearly not just about the plane… it’s the whole sordid mess we find that we have elected to endure again and again and again. And we’re only stuck with them if we choose not to do anything different. Wake up igmos.

  15. There are 9 Gulfstream business jets at Andrews AFB that have the range necessary for a non-stop flight from DC to SF. All of these should cost about $5000 per flight.

    All it takes to grant the request is for some general to be bumped now and again so Nancy can fly. Big Deal.

  16. Pat

    The administration and the republicans are having yet another bad news week and if they can’t come up with a positive story to end the week, they put out a negative one on their opponents. Then instead of talking about “Iran offered comprehensive talks with the U.S.”, we’ll be talking about Pelosi’s transportation issues.

    There are SO MANY important issues at hand right now and this distraction is intentional and damaging. I’m sure Karl Rove is smiling right now.

  17. Lynda

    As a consultant who commutes to other states for work at least once per week, I can say the overriding desire for extremely frequent travelers is NON-STOP flights! Non-stop flights eliminate stops that can last several hours, which have the added potential of leaving you stranded far from home with few options to go home or get back to a work location. In a tight schedule, like a weekend commute all the way across the country, I can really understand expecting a non-stop flight, as the commercial airlines schedule just such flights.

    All of what I’ve heard leads me to believe that Pelosi only wants the same thing any extremely frequent air commuter would wish for.

    Please give her a break. I think this is a piddly issue when we have so much more meaty issues to pick on.

  18. If I understand you correctly, Doug (and most of the responses have served to make me wonder if I do), what you are saying is that essentially “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”. Many of us had high hope that the “grand change” would make things different in D.C. Obviously, all politicians seem to be cut from the same cloth. Increasingly, that cloth seems to be royal purple. The rest of us can just eat cake!

  19. Gerald Sutliff

    Dear Doug,

    Nancy is asking whether she, a woman, may be required to take second rate service after the first rate service was provided to a man. It’s a gender thing. There’s no winning either way she goes. Accepting second rate shows she “knows her place.” Demanding equal service makes her into a demanding whinny hysterical bitch.

    Save the grousing for the petty minded R’s.

    Keep up the good work.

  20. bryionak

    “may be required to take second rate service after the first rate service was provided to a man. It’s a gender thing.”

    the Pentagon has guaranteed her the same plane Hastert used. The Pentagon went further to say she can use the larger plane if it is available, if it isn’t and she doesn’t want to stop she can get her own transportation like she has to if she is travelling for fundraising or other political activity.

  21. Fred P

    Actually, I like this article (unlike the McFeatters article, which got major facts wrong, and appeared to be little more than expanding on one side’s talking points).

    Unlike the MeFeatters article, this one:

    1) Complains about people for substantiated reasons, and 2) Actually mentions multiple sides of the story.

    So, good work, Doug!

  22. ross

    While I partially agree that this is not a HUGE issue right now, Doug is completely right to point this out, and his critics today have completely ignored this key fact: the Democrats whined and whined when the Republicans were up to this same garbage.

    Look at how overnight the Republican survivors in Congress have changed their attitudes on almost every issue, and even admit that they do so because the public has changed their minds.

    When the next election comes around, the R primaries are going to be all about how these guys caved to the democrats and your going to have presidential hopefuls backtracking on every word they say right now, just like John Kerry in 04.

    Parties have turned our political process into complete Bullshit. Vote for change, and when it doesn’t come, say that’s just how it works. Democrats need to get off their victory lap and make sure these guys do what they said.

    After years of all R rule, such a sharp turnaround should yield some results, and soon. We’ll see. But maybe its time we start questioning the validity of our broken system, at its core, where elections mean nothing and representation is nonexistent, where the goons can fundamentally change the country at a whim, while we (the people) must convince 100 million people that something is wrong.

  23. Kent Shaw

    Doug wrote: “Of course the White House is going to defend Pelosi. They have to because they’re the ones who insisted Hastert use a government plane. Doing the same for Pelosi furthers the illusion that terrorism is rampant in this country and helps them justify Constitutional abuses like the USA Patriot Act.”

    BINGO! And if there is another terrorist attack here the perpetrators walked or drove in over the southern border, which neither party has any interest in protecting. All the fuss over who flies how is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to distract from the REAL issues as Jennifer just stated.

    ITS THE ILLEGAL WAR! IMPEACH NOW! CUT OFF WAR FUNDING! What is happening in Iraq is an abomination and thousands are dying needlessly while political parties in the U.S., manipulated by Israel and AIPAC, fiddle about with their petty concerns. Disgusting. Just plain disgusting and unconscionable. And hopeless. If I don’t go back to the bottle soon it will be a true miracle.

  24. Nicholas H.

    Doug and Jennifer/Wisdomkeeper are right.

    I’m old as dirt, got here shortly after the Earth cooled, and I have watched the same patterns in both political parties in DC for a couple of generations. Same old same old. And today, it’s even worse. Can’t sqeeze half an iota between either party.

    The last decent president the U.S. had was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and he was far from perfect.

    ‘nuf said, time to move on.

  25. GlennK

    Doug somehow equating Nancy’s plane ride to what the REPIGS have done these last 12 yrs. is more then a little unfair. It’s like equating Bank robbers and murders with jaywalkers. It’s also a bit early to be screaming gridlock at the D’s as well. Especially, since at this juncture , after 6 yrs. of a hard right wing rubber stamp Congress even so called gridlock is an improvement. Better these jerks spend their time fighting each other then doing what they did for 6 yrs. bankrupting us and allowing KING George to use the Constitution as toilet paper. I know you hate both parties, Doug and think none of the creatures called Congress critters are worth crap but, unfortunately that rabble called Congress is all we’ve got to deal with.

  26. Helen Rainier

    Doug normally I agree with your opinions as being spot-on. However, in this case, I think you’re jumping the shark. According to the Sergeant-at-Arms, he is the one responsible for this request for Senator Pelosi. As he states, it is for reasons of security, since the Speaker of the House is second-in-line in ascendancy to the Presidential line of succession. I believe you are placing the blame on the wrong person. Further, Ms. Pelosi has stated that she would be more than happy to fly commercial, however, once again due to security concerns she will not be allowed to.

  27. Before all the Democrats here get their tighty-whities in a bunch, let me correct you on some the propaganda you’ve been handed from your side of the fence.

    1–The Sgt-at-Arms makes the request of the military at the behest of the Speaker’s office. The Sgt-at-Arms reports to the speaker. I worked on the Hill for 10 years and know how the system works.

    2–Anyone who thinks I give any political party a break on this web site has their head up their butt. I don’t give a rat’s ass what political party is in power. If they screw up, they get nailed and the Democrats are just as screwed up as the Republicans.

    3–If you want sympathy for any partisan political position, you’ve come to the wrong place. My granddaddy used to say that if you want sympathy, you can find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis — which is also a good place for partisan political web sites.


  28. That’s nice Doug but Pelosi said she’d rather fly commercial. If you want to criticize Pelosi than do it for something she actually did (like insist that impeachment is not an option).

  29. Andres Fimbres

    Doug, I understand your point and agree that the BS regarding Reid being ineffective at pushing forward on something other than self-service “laws” is unacceptable. However, I agree with others that you are being overly unfair to the Speaker. I know your bias is not based on her party, but on the fact that she’s a politician in power and that, as a general rule, is enough for you to find distaste in anything she will do. However, when even Tony Snowballing comes and says that this isn’t an issue of Pelosi, but of new security requirements imposed after 9/11, I think we have to cut the woman some slack. From the many different versions I’ve read, the one thing that is clear was that the Speaker requested a non-stop flight, but the military can’t guarantee it. That’s not the same as demanding to be treated as a queen, as you claim.

  30. gene

    Doug, take a coffee break. What you described is simply a very small part of the incrediable mess happening in all areas of our government. White house, congress, military , who cares, its ALL become enormous (very destructive) bullshit that has already destroyed this nation a 100 times over. And we haven’t seen nothing yet.

  31. Joe Lawrence

    Doug writes, “…snotty, acid-tongued, bitchy despot,” but, even up on the Blueridge, such would never be said of a male legislator, would it? I think someone is far too anxious to swallow Rethuglican talking points as fact when they reinforce and already existing bent.

    Mayhaps a little less chickory in the coffee would help? Pelosi and Reid are fashioning a sword with which to slice the Gordian Knot, but, Good Grief, give them a few weeks before going off on them. Personally, I find the threat to move the debate to the House to have been effective, so I am willing to let them have a go at it before I attack them as being ‘just more of the same.’

  32. bryionak

    “That’s nice Doug but Pelosi said she’d rather fly commercial. ”

    well there are a couple problems with that. Pelosi is not allowed to use the military plane when she goes to political or fundraising activities. How does she fly then? The Pentagon has said she can use the larger plane if it is available, but they are in high demand and won’t guarantee their availability. So if the larger plane isn’t available and she doesn’t want to stop then she can use whatever method she uses when she would be flying home for a fundraiser. problem solved. Demanding the Pentagon keep a plane in the ready just for her when they are needed elsewhere seems a little ridiculous to me.

  33. Martin writes:

    That’s nice Doug but Pelosi said she’d rather fly commercial. If you want to criticize Pelosi than do it for something she actually did (like insist that impeachment is not an option).

    That’s not exactly what Pelosi said. She said that if she couldn’t fly “nonstop” on a military plane she would rather fly commercial. Pelosi used that rationale to justify the larger, longer-range plane because the smaller, shorter-range jet used by Hastert only had to fly to Illinois.

    It’s this kind of partisan gamesmanship that ruins political debate and adds to the many problems already facing this country. I’m watching the blind, partisan defense of Pelosi and seeing exactly the same kind of stonewalling that the Republicans used to justify their out-of-control actions for the last dozen years.

    Too bad. I had higher hopes. My bad.


  34. Helen Rainier

    To All on This Site:

    Lest there be any misunderstanding, I am not beholden to ANY political party, just as I am not beholden to ANY organized religion.

    What I want and expect from our government is that they govern by law and hold their allegiance to serving the American people and the common good of OUR country.

    This is NOT a partisan issue, and if the current status quo is a result of 9-11 (as the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms says it is) then a precedence has been established.

    One thing is clear to me after watching a lot of the hearings and testimony over the past several weeks after the last election is that instead of working towards solving the important issues that our country is facing right now, it seems there are a lot of people who are still more concerned about party loyalty.

    It is my desire to see this country back to its former glory and if these overpaid, overstuffed fat asses in Congress start don’t behaving like professional lawmakers and tending to the people’s business there will be a revolution to rival the Revolutionary War within the next 5 years.

    I took the oath of enlistment several times during my Army career, and I still hold those words closely to my heart — to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and to defend it against all enemies — foreign and domestic.

    At this point, our most troublesome enemy is on the domestic front.

  35. David Williams

    Doug…ANYONE who swears allegiance to a political party is putting America second!

    I have to agree.These past few years have been a sad eye opener for me.As a lifelong registered Democrat I cannot say how dissapointed and disillusioned I have become.Fear is a sickening thing,especially when it oozes off the people we thought were competant to lead us.Equally disgusting is greed.

    Actually,I think they are two sides of the same coin.Greed is the desire to possess more than you will ever use or need while disregarding the needs of those around you.This base emotion must come from fear, whether it is the fear of not having enough to eat or the fear that one’s message cannot stand on it’s own merits without a little extra(unethical) finessing.

    After six years of Bush,we don’t have

    Dtime for this bullshit stroking.It is a time for serious leadership and serious discussion.And if you think I’m being over dramatic,how would you like to have your son or daughter be the last American death in Iraq?!?

    America did not vote the Democrats into power.They voted the Republicans out.If the Democrats are losing their base(37 years registered and never missed an election)they will lose the first timers looking for a way out of this mess.

    I read a lot of justified anger on this site,and God knows it’s justified,but there is always a pile on Doug mentality when he speaks against the Democrats.Sometimes he does seem to jump too soon or too far,but now I understand why.Like he said above,he expected better.You know what?So do I.

    David Williams

  36. Why did anyone expect anything different when the Democrats were elected? They have been, for the most part, spineless and opportunistic all along, why would they all of a sudden grow some guts? Who gives a rat’s ass what Hastert did, Pelosi should fly home the way the troops fly home on leave, at her own expense…

  37. Should the “end of days” come in the next two years and the president and vice president simullaneously ascend to Heavin on gossamer wings, that leaves the Speaker of the House (being pro-choice and for gay marriage we knw she’s staying) as president of those of us remaining citizen sinners.

    I don’t know whether Rep. Pelsosi is the elitist or the snob she’s made out to be and I don’t care all that much as long as she does her job well.

    What I think is that the decision about how she flies, asuming it’s in a corporeal manner, should be left entirely up to those civil servants in charge of protection of those in the line of presidential succession.

    If she has the choice, and good public relations sense, I think she’d want to fly commercial with whatever protective measures are needed to assure her safety. But then, I’m not her PR advisor.

    But I am available.

  38. Jennifer

    I was going to comment on some of these rants, but then I figured “why bother”….have none of you listened, haven’t all of you be informed by this web-site? I can’t believe the lam-blasting!

    Doug said “both parties are corrupt & neither deserve to be in office”…bingo, EXACTLY!

    We elected them last November, remember?

    What have they done??? NO STOP TO THIS ILLEGAL, IMMORAL WAR…just debating and wanting Boeing 757’s…unbeleivable people…people are dying, people are loosing jobs, people have lost their rights to privacy…people are being spied on, photographed everywhere they do, body searched.

    Does anyone but Doug get the WHOLE picture? In this RANT I don’t think so.

    Wake Up…we’re screwed by all of them!!!


  39. Ray

    I have to side with Doug. He said the true reality of todays situation. The responders who chastise Doug for his rant seem to me to be out to lunch about the big picture. The country is in a tail spin morally, financially, and spiritually while people die by the busloads for no good reason whatsoever. And who the hell is doing anything about it? There is a very limited number of people that could actually rally an effective halt to this madness, but..but…they aren’t. That pisses me off bigtime. Are these so called speakers for america braindead or stupid or just don’t give a shit who dies or whose grandkids will pay for the absolute waste of our resouces in this farce? Power not only corrupts it draws the corrupted. Who can argue that any of these phonies in washington, excuse a few, very few, truly devote any genuine time or honest effort to fix anything? The few never get any attention because they are sincere about the job at hand, therefore don’t belong to the windbag club of profiteers so full of themselves they become repulsive, for me anyway. Many working americans are paid for what they accomplish for the benifit of thier employer. If politicians were rewarded the same way, we would br feeding them at the Salvation Army Kitchen. All I have seen them do is get rich and screw over the ones who count on them. Its all become a stupid reality show and maybe that is why many people buy into the game of snake oil. Doug and many of us readers see through the smoke and mirrors and that is where the attitude expressed in todays rant comes from. Total disgust with all of them.

    The original Ray, not the recent poster who failed to differentiate himself

  40. RLewis

    Pelosi – only one thing to say, here… I’ve been pissed at her since she said impeachment is off the table.

    That is WHY I voted democratic… I want that SOB running the country impeached!! Then, sent to one of those secret torture prisons of his.

    Is it possible for the American people to file a Class Action Suit against the President… huh?

  41. Jennifer

    Doug, Nicholas H, Kent, Ray & R Lewis…thank you for all your knowledge. It gives me hope..we CAN change the world, by talking, warning others, who will listen. That is our path in this lifetime!

    Peace always,


  42. Neal Goldstien

    Doug, I like your column and must admit that you anti-politician stance does strike a responsive chord. When you claim that there is no difference at all between the Democrats and Republicans, however, you remind me of Ralph Nader in 2000 (and now).

    Please try to remind yourself of where that has brought us — and how Ralph Nader is more than a little to blame for the installation of this gangster regime which has undone so many of the consumer and worker protections that he spent his life fighting for.

    Ralph Nader said there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. Maybe so. But there’s nine cents worth of difference anyway, and that nine cents makes all the difference in the world.

  43. Disappointed Ol' Hippie

    reality is – the political folks gotta get there some how. my suggestion is that we have a series of planes – downsized to fit the position one holds. they should be shared by folks going in the same direction with stops as necessary and pick ups as necessary – ooooooooooooo how to save money!!!!

    Make them ride the bus or train – perhaps our infrastructure over here in the US of A might get and upgrade if we took away the toys expected by all of the Capitol Hill Blue or Red gangsters.

    Personally flying commerical isn’t all that it could be cracked up to be. You have sick folks, rude folks, and even people who think that sneakers are for blow up toys. The rides are uncomfortable as hell and I’d just as soon take the Winnebago.

    Doug, I know this is your blog, but geesh, I tried to post on one rant quoting the Declaration of Independence and you wouldn’t even let that fly. Pardon the pun.

    Like I have said to Jennifer/Wisdom Keeper: Opinions are like a**holes – everyone has one, and everyone thinks the other person’s stinks.

    And this says it all for me:

    Buffalo Springfield Lyrics – For What It’s Worth Lyrics


    Artist: Buffalo Springfield Lyrics

    Song: For What It’s Worth Lyrics

    There’s something happening here

    What it is ain’t exactly clear

    There’s a man with a gun over there

    Telling me I got to beware

    I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound

    Everybody look what’s going down

    There’s battle lines being drawn

    Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong

    Young people speaking their minds

    Getting so much resistance from behind

    I think it’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound

    Everybody look what’s going down

    What a field-day for the heat

    A thousand people in the street

    Singing songs and carrying signs

    Mostly say, hooray for our side

    It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound

    Everybody look what’s going down

    Paranoia strikes deep

    Into your life it will creep

    It starts when you’re always afraid

    You step out of line, the man come and take you away

    We better stop, hey, what’s that sound

    Everybody look what’s going down

    Stop, hey, what’s that sound

    Everybody look what’s going down

    Stop, now, what’s that sound

    Everybody look what’s going down

    Stop, children, what’s that sound

    Everybody look what’s going down

    Anyone want to take our complaints to the street or are we too comfortable hiding behind our computer screens – I’ve had an FBI file for years and frequently wave at cameras we aren’t supposed to notice, say hey to the listening in folk, and dare ’em to come seize my body and mine – bet I won’t get a non stop flight out of it either!

    PEOPLE – let’s stop worrying about the planes, trains, and automobiles, and get focused – let’s get our military out of that crazed country over there, spend all the moolah here like down in the gulf region where Katrina took too many people, places, and things, and let’s shore up our borders and have the trained folks with the guns and other big toys here – on our home soil rather than spending it in countries that are so oil rich they are laughing at us as we deplete our coffers to help them rebuild – they already have the bucks to rebuild folks. Personally I like the birthday palace the best over in Iran!



  44. Jim Arnold

    Doug, I looked for the Air Pelosi article so that I could follow up from yesterday, but as the Brits would say, it went missing. In response to your response, keep in mind that I am flying blind since I do not have your response on screen.

    –On the 757 issue, I don’t see the big deal. She is third in line to the Presidency and does deserve some accomodation for that fact. If not her, then the country needs it in the outside chance that she would have to assume the presidency. The country needs that security in place. I don’t believe that she “demanded” the plane, but I am open to whatever facts might be available on that topic. So far, the facts I have heard and read speak otherwise. I read above where you said that you had been there and know how things work in the House. All I can say to that is the past few years of Bush’s reign should tell us that things in D.C. don’t work as they are supposed to.

    –On the Fatcat meeting issue. Again, where are the facts? Who are the fatcats? Where did they meet? What did they discuss? Fact-based reporting with details would be helpful. If not, then label it as the conjecture that it is.

    –On the Bush impeachment issue, I agree. Let’s get the show on the road. We all need to know if Bush and his pals were just:

    1. stupid,

    2. stupid and calculating,

    3. coldly calculating that they could get away with their deceptions and crimes.

    The country needs to know. I vote for #3. We are forced into complacency by the daily stresses of work, money, you name it. I’m sure a key assumption in the Republican’s “marketing” plans is that the public is mostly complacent, unaware and easily manipulated. So far, that assumption has proved correct.

    –On the “impeachment off the table issue,” I interpreted that differently after putting some serious thought into it. We all know that what comes “off the table,” can also “come back on the table” when facts are revealed.

    And I believe that we are in the process of revealing some startling facts.

    By the way, can you give us all an update on The Campaign for Our America?” I would seriously like to know where everything stands, and I certainly hope there is some positive news there.

    Thanks for letting me rant.

  45. Ray

    I don’t see how nine cents is all the difference in the world, Neal. Hasn’t the major issues facing this country come down to a matter of right vs wrong? It shouldn’t be nickles and dimes BS, were talking life vs death. We already know that the details of this farce in Iraq were never legit from the beginning. So how can there be any debate of politcal importance? Fact is that people are dying by the hour because of deception, treason, and absolute greed. Nine cents difference is meaningless. Is it right or is it wrong? How friggin much debate do you think we need to make the correct and moral decision to stop or continue this shit!

  46. Jennifer

    Jim Arnold…When facts”come back on the table, when facts are revealed”

    If we all KNOW the facts, don’t you think Peolsi does, too? What is she waiting for? She was voted in to STOP BUSH, or so we thought……..instead, it’s about a god damn plane….while all along people are still dying, tortured (against the Geneva Convention!!), our soldiers and the Iraq people are being feed DU’s daily..a slow death, for generations to come, 4.5 billion years to dissappear!

    Some on this RANT have said give her a chance, it hasn’t been that long…as every day ticks by more human beings are suffering because of this ILLEGAL, IMMORAL WAR.

    Has anyone bothered to pull up the pictures of this on the web? You’re not going to see it on CNN, NBC, CBS,ABC MSNBC, FOX et.all.

    These are pictures of men, women, children dying for no reason, other than GREED, OIL, NWO.

    Has Pelosi seen these photos, and what is really happening in Afganistan & Iraq…I’m sure she has. How is it effecting her? Has she done anything to stop this insanity, this madness, this new genocide?

    Answer that question for me, please.


  47. bob

    9/11. Bush is actually in the White House working when the plane that is supposed to hit it succeeds. Cheyney is at the Pentagon when that one hits.

    (I know, both of them working on the same day is fanciful!)

    Speaker of the House is sitting on a runway in Grand Forks waiting to be refueled. Or worse, the folks who planned 9/11 have someone on her plane too.

    Thanks Doug, I feel better already. But shouldn’t we then, if we’re going to insist on this scenario, ensure that Al Haig is always around to fill the void??

  48. Jennifer

    I forgot to add, has she even shed a tear?

    I cry and am saddened daily, for our fellow human beings. The rest of the world gets REAL NEWS, what do you think they think of us and this adminstration???? I hope that some of them realize that we aren’t ALL evil and believe in this WAR, which isn’t really a war at all, it’s all make believe, too look like one, act like one,,,,but guess what IRAQ was not our enemy. They did not cause 9-11, their only fault was that they had OIL, and Halliburton wanted it.

    enough said!


  49. Jennifer

    Third time is the charm… I would love to shut-up, but it goes against my name, my heratige, my ancient ancestors, people…NONE of US need to shut up, until things REALLY change. We all know, that’s sort the curse, sort of the courage to speak out about ALL the atrocities happening to all our fellow human beings.

    Don’t feel so secure in your present situation, this will all disapper, right before you eyes. Don’t leave it wondering you, just act & survive.


  50. neondog

    Hey folks just relax..This is just the kind of non issue-crap that Doug Thompson swims in.

    Notice his attacks on other non-issues.

    1. Clinton’s land deals.

    2. Clinton’s sex life.

    3. Hastert’s Transportation.

    4. Clinton’s sex life.

    5. Murtha’s criminal behaviour.

    6. Clinton’s sex life.

    7. Pelosi’s Transportation.

    8. Clinton’s sex life.

    9. Saudi Terrorists pre Clinton’s sex life.

    I think you get the point. Some folks just can’t seem to get their priorities straight. No matter how many mulligans they are given.

  51. Jennifer

    Neondog…who are you, really. I was done ranting and posting, but who are you?

    Did you not read these above rants. Did you really read Doug’s comments? Do you grasp anything that is happening NOW?

    Apparently not.


  52. Ray

    Calm down Jennifer, don’t let old neondick get to ya. Get yer thick skin on girl. Remember, opinions are exactly like Ol Burnedout Hippie said. You are more powerful when you keep control. Guys like neonduc will always take a side , any side, depending on what he can dig up and smear around. That is his 15 seconds of fame. Hey, ya ol wise squaw,wanna armwrestle for beers?

    Peace Jennifer/wisdom keeper & Friend.


  53. neondog

    Jennifer/Wisdomkeeper? Give it up..you know, please share… It is so unfair that folks like you and Ray where at the head of the line when God handed out enlightenment…

    Ray..you can stand up now, it’s really not that deep in there..

  54. Jennifer

    My aunt’s, grandfather discover the speed of light. My uncle taught at MIT and Harvard. I graduated from OU, summa cum laude…pull up Vanity Faire’s article on this Illegal War.