Democrats blame Republicans for the many problems that threaten this nation, Republicans blame Democrats. Liberals blame conservatives and conservatives say it’s all the fault of liberals. The right blames the left and so on.

All of these partisans miss the point,. It’s not differences in philosophies or political points of view that has put America into the crapper.

It’s the system.

America’s democratic republic form of government is built on a flawed political system that favors those with money, power and influence. Congress doesn’t run their government. Neither does the President.

Lobbyists run things in Washington. They have for more than a century, going back to the days when the influence peddlers waited in the lobby of the Willard Hotel until a drunken President Ulysses S. Grant emerged from the bar so they could pounce and control.

President Barack Obama campaigned as much against the system as he did against Republicans. The system, he correctly claimed, was the problem in Washington. The system, he promised, would change.

But Obama was part of the system when he came to Washington. He was a product of another political system called the Chicago Democratic Machine and he quickly mastered the ways of the system in Washington.

His promises to change the system were just more political rhetoric and hot air. A President can’t change the system. The system controls the President. It controls Congress. It controls America.

Obama promised a White House free of lobbyists. Then he cozied up to the same lobbyists he publicly decried. In a desperate attempt to get a health bill through Congress this year, he cut deals with lobbyists, made concessions that weakened his reform proposals.

The White House that is supposedly free of lobbyists admitted Monday that lobbyists were behind a massive, unsolicited email campaign sent out by the computers of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The system cannot be changed because those with the power to change are addicted to the benefits of that system: the political action committee checks that fund their campaigns, the lavish vacations disguised as "speaking engagements" and the other frills and benefits that come from the checkbooks of lobbyists.

Some members of Congress decry the system and talk boldly about change in public while their staffs work the phone, soliciting campaign contributions from the very lobbyists they claim represent an evil empire.

Talk about changing the system is just that — talk. The system will always win because the system is in charge.

In a town run by money and political hypocrisy, no real change is possible.


  1. “Never stop questioning.”
    Submitted by remoran on August 18, 2009 – 4:30pm.

    “Never stop questioning.” Einstein

    Check out the late, great George Carlin’s riff on the Real Owners of the Country.….

    Absolutely the best commentary on the sad state of affairs we find our selves in.

    I have NEVER heard a more true analysis of our political situation.


  2. Doug you are spot on. Both sides are there to put money in their pockets. They pander to the middle class,but the real money comes from the wealthy.

    In my city the local politicians do the same with big developers. We have a zoneing scam. They do studies on the roads which are an unfunded mandate and can never be built because of cost. But, it justifys development AND the politicians line their pockets with developers money. Same deal in local goverments. We get the shaft.

  3. It was always going to be difficult for brand Obama to deliver his pre election poetry; in fact impossible.

    At best all BO can do is what he was chosen for: to kill us softley with his song.

    There will be no change until this excess of deceipt, corruption and stupidity collapses under its own weight and brings down the plutocracy with it.

    Then times will become very interesting indeed!

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