President Transformer: From agent of change to just another politician

Poor Barack Obama. He told us he would change politics, the way Washington works and the world in general.

Looks like Washington changed him. Or maybe he was just another political liar who said anything we wanted to hear to get into office.

Or perhaps he’s a deer caught in the glare of the headlights on an oncoming truck.

Any way you slice it, Obama the savior on the white horse is turning into just another political hack in the White House.

The agent of change is now the President who deals away principle. The lobbyists he promised to ban from the White House still run things and they’re calling the shots on Obama’s laughable health care "reform."

While publicly claiming health care lobbyists were the spawn of the devil, Obama’s legions cut a deal with the powerful Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) that left Americans out in the cold when it comes to bringing the spiraling costs of prescription drugs under control.

While posturing for months about how a "pubic option" was not negotiable, Obama’s minions dropped the bombshell on TV news talk shows Sunday that the White House is willing to drop public option.

Like so many Presidents before him, Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth. His lies and flip flops escalate at an alarming rate.

Obama’s screwups, helped by a moribund Democratic leadership in Congress, has given new life to the Republican Party and even helped ratings at right-wing-rhetoric driven Fox News.

Reports The Associated Press:

South Carolina Republican Bob Inglis, frustrated by a restive crowd at a recent forum to discuss health care reform, suggested people turn off the TV when Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck came on.

Big mistake.

Judging by the escalating boos and catcalls, squirting lighter fluid on burning coals would have been wiser. Beck is a hero to many people who are not buying the Age of Obama, and so is Fox. The network was already on pace for its best ratings year even before the health care debate sent viewership jumping during a traditionally slow month for news.

American anger is on the rise and that anger is not confined to the rabid right-wing. Democratic moderates say Obama is too liberal. Liberals say he is too moderate and an increasing number of those who voted for him in 2008 wonder just who the hell is occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

A new USATODAY/Gallup poll finds 57 of Americans believe the stimuus plan is a failure and only 18 percent feel the stimuus has helped them.

Reports USA Today:

A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll found 57% of adults say the stimulus package is having no impact on the economy or making it worse. Even more —60% — doubt that the stimulus plan will help the economy in the years ahead, and only 18% say it has done anything to help improve their personal situation.

That skepticism underscores the challenge Obama faces in trying to convince the public that the stimulus has helped turn the economy around. It also could complicate the administration’s plans to overhaul the nation’s health care system.

"This is a wake-up call for the administration." says House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, R-Va. "People see the stimulus hasn’t worked, and now you want to lay on over $1 trillion in a health care plan."

America was in the toilet when Barack Obama swpt into office with lots of fancy rhetoric and grand plans.

So far, all he and the Democrat majority in Congress have done is flush that toilet.


  1. CheckerboardStrangler

    Sturgeon’s Theorem
    applies here.

    Ninety-four percent of everything in the Universe is crap.
    That’s right, you heard me. There is only six percent grandeur in the Universe.
    Hence the reason Glenn Beck and Fox enjoy their stellar ratings.

    And as to President Transformer, what did you expect?
    It’s not as if the President has any real power.

    We now KNOW WHERE the real power lies, and it is not
    in the President, the Congress or the people.

  2. sherry

    We now KNOW WHERE the real power lies, and it is not
    in the President, the Congress or the people.

    There ya go! The nice thing is, amid all the anger is the dawning of the realization our elected officials are nothing more than hookers.
    Now that we have identified the problem, we can address it.

  3. woody188

    Obama is a Decepticon of the worst type. While many Decepticons are open about their views, Obama pretends to be an Autobot and praise all the Autobots deem holy. Once you rub his sticker the heat burns through the disguise to reveal the ugly Decepticon beneath.

    They haven’t even flushed the toilet Doug, just shoved our faces in it like bullies at school might do to the smaller weak kids.

    Sherry, hold on to that hope, whatever good it will do. Nothing short of a huge mass movement will change the way things are in the United States.

    R U Main Core?

  4. almandine

    Campaign for Liberty!

    We’ve got to find a Real, Rational alternative. Sign up now. Work for your country and its future.

  5. remoran

    “Never stop questioning.” Einstein

    Mr. Irrelevant, that’s what Obama has become, just like the last draft choice in the NFL. His mantra for change is nothing but a sham. Nothing has changed save for the fact the country’s broke, surveillance goes unabated and the owners of the country own us. Oh, I forgot, we are still in Afghanistan & Iraq, Healthcare has become late night comedy fodder and the banks continue to get our money courtesy of the Fed and Treasury.

    Good article, sad truth but here’s to Mr. Irrelevant or the second coming of Woodrow Wilson. Whatever.

    Until next time.

  6. RichardKanePA

    Jimmy Carter was being torn to pieces as President and for a while I thought Obama would put goonie elites back under control.

    The last successful reforms toward a more egalitarian society was under Roosevelt.

    The question isn’t whether Obama is doing wrong, but whether what Obama is trying to do is hopeless.
    With Cheney bragging about doing wrong made America safe, maybe the next conservative president won’t even pretend to be following any rules.

    By the way Romoran, the entire world (almost, Sweden said it wouldn’t run a car company) is trying to solve the economic crisis with bandages. Since most of the world believes Bush caused the meltdown, if Obama reacted in a libertarian way, the world would have interpreted it as America caused the crisis, but America now wants the rest of the world to solve it.

    Sometimes Obama’s small accomplishments are amazing, but perhaps they are not nearly enough if everything is hopeless.
    Richard Kane