Rehab for America


    Okay, Mel Gibson enters rehab to have his anti-Semitism changed like the oil in his car. We have several young girl actresses sitting in rehab in

    Arizona to get over their cocaine and alcohol problems.

    Well, why not a large rehab center set up for the hypocrites in the White House and Congress and then take on the lying snakes who leak security information to the press? We can’t seem to put these rotters into prison so maybe a rehab might be discussed.

    There is an unlimited need for Americans to review their morals and ethics. This morning we learn that a list of Reserve Army Officers have abused the money set aside for Iraqi rebuild and have sent the money home for their own use. There must be a 12-step program for stealing tax payer’s money for personal use.

    I find a need for rehabilitating the millions of voters who have fallen into a large hot boiling vat of extremism. I think it started in 2000 when an emotional reaction to

    Clinton’s bopping of Monica ended up with Americans wanting a government based on biblical prohibitions. Talk about an extreme jump, that one nearly destroyed our American freedoms. It would have been much better if the Republican National Committee had entered a rehab spa calming them down to recognize the virtues of individual freedoms. Maybe a little lavender in the hot tub and young lovely dancing girls (or boys) and all could come out relaxed and in love with American virtues. Instead we got a truck full of flame breathing saviors trying to save us from hell and damnation.

    This could start a program that could even help television programming. If anyone has seen American Idol and wondered where talent and an ear for music have gone, maybe the producers need a 30 day stay in a rehab set up to explain it to them. Maybe the entire Conservative movement can be sent into rehab, but may have to resort to the use of reverse psychology to return them to their common senses. The greatest claim to fame must be the healing of Ted Haggard who spent a short time learning how to be a heterosexual again. Hat’s off to Brother Ted who can now return to bopping the ladies. How nice for all of us.

    In my day, rehab started around the age of 2 when we all learned that disobeying our family, teachers and Sunday School teachers meant some serious time in the corner it was the first step into our rehab of social conduct. It continued all the way through college and then released us into the civilization of our culture. But few of my friends entered the federal government where rehab is far more necessary than can be found anywhere else on the planet.

    When the abuse of the American people becomes costly such as in billions of stolen dollars, then perhaps rehab should take on a prison look. No! I like the idea that anyone in

    America can break all the rules including the oaths taken when entering political service and then slip off into a rehab center where they can meet the leaders of our society like that nice young congressman who wanted access to the interns.

    (Sandy Price began her political activism after finally getting cable in her area of the central California coast. She watched two hours of C-SPAN and realized she needed to get involved immediately. That was in 1993 and once she found the internet, it was just the beginning. She is now retired from working as a technical writer and costume designer and lives in Sun City, AZ.)


    1. Hey Sandy don’t get thin skinned on us chickens. Write whats in your heart and to hell with what people think, assuming they think at all. If your trashed one day you may be priased the next. Just say what you feel is right and most will agree. At least you are among those who care even though our individual abilities to change this global mess is limited. State your issue and full speed ahead.

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