All Clintons all the time

A safe way for a top-level American official to disappear from the public spotlight, without actually appearing to hide out, was to arrange a fact-finding trip to Africa. The media would ignore the trip and the absence while the official could bulk up his resume with high-minded thoughts about the Third World.

But Hillary Rodham Clinton seems to have broken that mold.

Video of her dancing with the Masai and at a Nairobi nightclub are on the Internet, and she really broke through the clutter with a teeth-clenched response to a mistranslated question.

A Congolese student asked what the president thought about a pending natural-resources deal with China. Instead of saying "Obama," the translator inserted "Clinton" and the former first lady bristled:

"My husband is not the secretary of state — I am. If you want my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channeling my husband."

That made cable TV and the Internet and gave assorted commentators a chance to bring back the American sport of happily hashing over the dynamics of the Clintons’ marriage and eclipsed her message to the Congolese to stop killing each other in the tens of thousands.

Broken elbow aside, the secretary of state has had a rough go of it lately. Vice President Biden has been picking off the glamour foreign assignments while Clinton has been doing the heavy lifting in Africa, India and Southeast Asia.

And then as she’s leaving for an 11-day trip to Africa, the former president appears out of nowhere to fly off to Pyongyang — to confer with reclusive dictator Kim Jong Il and return with two appealing young U.S. journalists who had blundered into North Korea. Months of planning by the secretary of state were eclipsed by her husband’s calling in a few chits and making a long flight in a luxury private jet.

It was as if the Clintons sensed that the American public were suffering from Clinton deprivation and they obligingly rushed to fill that need. Even their daughter got into the act when a Kenyan offered 30 cows and 40 goats for Chelsea’s hand in marriage.

On the rare occasions when the Clintons can’t find the spotlight, the spotlight finds them — even in Africa.


  1. bryan mcclellan

    It appears the ole girl wants the world to know that there is but one Fiddle in the Clinton household and that Bill will have to pry it from her cold dead hands.

    It’s a shame we can’t harness the energy from all the bloated and massive ego’s politicians put on display, and if it weren’t for them trying to block out the sun with their own self importance, I’d say we found the cause of global warming.HACK..

  2. ekaton

    “…and return with two appealing young U.S. journalists who had blundered into North Korea.”

    There is some dispute over which side of the border the reporters were when captured by NK soldiers.

    Kent Shaw

  3. woody188

    What isn’t said is how this is laying the ground work to expand our military empire into Africa via Africom which was created to secure the natural resources of Africa for the multi-national conglomerates mainly based in the United States. So while we are treated to images of an angry Mrs. Clinton we are left with no real dialog of the issues on the continent or why we are even there.

    R U Main Core?

  4. douin

    Ego without anything of merit to back it up is an exercise in futility. It must be a very difficult pill for Hillary to swallow to be eclipsed even now by her Husband. But she really must temper her temper, as it only loses her any ground she might have won by her trip to Africa. She only drew attention to herself as a Second Fiddle. Not good.