In the loony world of conspiracy theory nutcases, anything is possible and the most ludicrous of claims too often get passed off as fact.

Case in point: The incredibly stupid debate over President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

Started by the right wing in a failed effort to prevent America from electing its first African-American President, the so-called "birthers" movement — fueled by hatemongers, racists, bigots and the incurably stupid — continues to spread discredited lies that Obama was born in Kenya or some other non-American locale.

Our current President was born in Hawaii, an American territory that became our 50th state. Hawaii confirmed it and, for normal people with a working brain, that should have closed the case.

But conspiracy nuts don’t have functioning brains. They have out-of-control fantasies, fed by terminal insanity, driven by inane beliefs that anything that involves the government is a dark, X-Files conspiracy to destroy us all.

I recently ordered a certified copy of my birth certificate from the state of Florida. They sent me a computer generated document that looks a lot like the one produced by Hawaii to confirm Obama’s birth. I took that document to my local Social Security office and asked if that provides proof of birth and citizenship.

Yes, they said. It does.

But proof of birth will not satisfy the lunatic fringe when it comes to supporting the conspiracy du jour. They need to feed their lurid fantasies that Obama is a puppet of Saudi Arabia, a pawn of the mythical New World Order (otherwise known as NWO) or part of some Zionist conspiracy cooked up by anti-Semites to support their hate and bigotry.

Sadly, the Internet — which could function as a medium for spreading real, fact-based information — is a hotbed for half-baked conspiracy theories, hate, racism and outright lies. Those who question Obama’s birthrate will claim they are not racist, but many of them are. You find misinformation about his birth certificate on many white supremacy web sites but you will not find one credible shred of evidence that supports the birther movement on a site devoted to hard, cold facts.

As an American, I have serious problems with some of Obama’s policies. I feel he is pushing the country that I love too far to the left and spending this nation into irreversible debt.

But I do not, for one second, doubt his birthright.

He’s an American.

Anyone who buys into the claims of the birthers is a gullible fool.


  1. Carl, the shadowy powers that be would never abide Hillary. She is history, and I believe she knows it. Corrupt as she is, couldn’t be depended on to play ball.
    Hillary was mentally tougher than anyone out there. She didn’t lose. She wasn’t allowed to win. She was never my first choice for POTUS, but I knew she was better than the empty suit we have.
    For this reason, I have cast my last vote in the national elections. No more charades for me. We, the people, have ceded anything resembling critical thinking to the press. The press chose Obama, and the American people drank the kool aid.

  2. I agree with Carl Nemo. The Republicans knew that no Republican had a chance in Hades of being elected..either by hook or crook.. not after 8 terrible years of having to suffer through Bush. That was mainly why the Republican Powers-that-be decided to throw something out there so as to go along with the farce that it was a real actual election. Else why pick a worn out old man like McCain, and an Unknown like ‘lipstick on a pit bull’ Palin ! After the lousy past eight years of the worst of the was decided that Obama would be the best Stand-in for the next Four years. And if he were elected, he would make a perfect Patsy to hang all the past mismanagement of the past Bush years on. A perfect and willing patsy.

    We all know how short the memory of the People is. So the People did as was expected and picked Obama over McCain. After all, what real choice did they have–an old man that could die as soon as he was sworn in, and leave a female that had about as much Leadership ability as that Pit Bull she likened herself to. And of course, being so willing to please, Biden was in that same category. Out of over 300,000,000 people and that is what we had to ‘pick’ from. Truly pathetic.

    It would not surprise me if it were not in anticipation that Obama would not even last the whole term, so that is why Biden was chosen as his VP for him…an avowed Zionist who made the statement a day after the election that ” I am a Zionist and Proud of it.” Odd he never said a word about That until After the election. Strange, huh ? On second thought, it sounded like a Reassuring Word aimed at his backers to me.

    The belief must be that after one term of an Obama Presidency, the People would be ready for another Republican. But not to worry. It matters little as there is not a dimes worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans. Why do you think the two that might have made a positive difference for the Nation were Excluded from any real consideration..Rep.Ron Paul and Kucinich ?

    The fact that Obama has not accomplished a single thing that he Promised the American people before he was Elected ensures that he will be a One Term President..just as planned. He has feinted and talked a good game, but that is all.

  3. Birth = Red Herring: Let’s let the matter of birth rest. Even if BO was born in Kenya, the Constitution is so vague on the matter that it’ll be rationalized in the media and courts, somehow.

    The bigger issue is whether BO is actually an American citizen or is an Indonesian citizen by way of adoption. Here’s what I said in my blog a couple of months ago:

    “Even more interesting is the question of whether Barack Obama Jr. was and possibly still is an Indonesian citizen. In 1966 (or 1967) Ann Dunham met an Indonesian, Lolo Soetoro. They married in Hawaii and the family moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. Did Lolo Soetoro adopt young Barack? If he did, he conferred Indonesian citizenship on him at the time. At that time joint dual citizenship was not recognized by Indonesia or the U.S. The records are murky. What is known is that Barack Jr. was known as Barry Soetoro during his years in Indonesia. This is documented in school records of the time. And then there’s his trip to Pakistan in 1981 which would have been virtually impossible to accomplish on a U.S. passport at the time. The reason the Indonesian citizenship issue is important is that legally he is now an Indonesian citizen, not a U.S. citizen unless at some time he renounced his Indonesian citizenship.”

    It is also not known how he attended university; as an American citizen or as an Indonesian foreign student. Records are sealed.

    Just want to keep the discussion lively!


  4. No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President

    Here’s what I wrote in my blog entry (when that was allowed…).

    “What does the “natural born citizen” clause in the U.S. Constitution actually mean? Nobody knows. The creators of the Constitution didn’t tell us what the phrase means, and subsequent legal definitions of the term do not retroactively confer meaning or intent on its use in the Constitution. It’s no small wonder that the Supreme Court doesn’t want to touch this with a ten foot pole. The issues are far from clear and to try to decide them would throw the U.S. into a constitutional crisis at this point. No, the Justices will let this sleeping dog lie.”

    Every case has been thrown out on the basis of ‘lack of standing’. Apparently nobody in the U.S. has any standing to call the question. That’s the easiest way to avoid the issue.

    –Edit 8/2/09–
    Yet another alleged Kenyan birth certificate has surfaced, this one from Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. Probably another fraud, but this one seems to have an initial air of authenticity. Link is [here].


  5. “even had a smidgen of evidence that Barack Obama was not a true natural/native-born citizen that she [Hillary Clinton] would have rolled out said info during the primaries?”…extract from post your post my brackets

    Hi Rick Fuller,

    Not if Hillary, Obama, McCain et al. are being orchestrated by shadowy, but uber powerful elitists who have them performing to a script.

    Obama is nothing but a stalling action or holding presidency, no differently than Mr. “one term” Jimmy Carter. Obama is the equivalent of a semi-colon at the end of a paragraph concerning the script directing our national politics for the shadowy oligarchs’ benefit.

    Rest assured “Billary” will be rearing her head for the elections in 2012. Obama may be as low as George W. Bush in the polls prior to his exit from office making Hillary very palatble to a desperate, politically ignorant electorate. It has happened in U.S. political history that a party refused to endorse its currently standing, party affiliate President for reelection.

    We’re all being played by evil, criminally disposed political knaves in high places 24/7/365! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. Hillary Clinton wanted the Presidency so badly she could taste it. Don’cha think that if she even had a smidgen of evidence that Barack Obama was not a true natural/native-born citizen that she would have rolled out said info during the primaries?

    Even John McCain’s camp looked into the matter.

    There’s way too much crystal meth/crack smoking going on out there and it’s started to destroy brain cells and common sense.

    Ease off the meth/crack pipe people.

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