So long Sarah Palin

At some point during the failed administration of George W. Bush, I wrote that only a terribly flawed political system could allow someone like him to become President.

Then Sarah Palin came along, proving the system is not only flawed but out of control.

Palin officially left her office as governor of Alaska Sunday, leaving the job a year early because, she claimed, she could do more for Alaska as a private citizen.

Actually, she did a lot for her home state by quitting. Even a state as loony as Alaska deserves better than Sarah Palin.

Yet Palin leaves office a national, but fading, political figure. She became one overnight when John McCain, desperate to jump start his brain-dead Presidential campaign, picked her to be his running mate in the 2008 elections.

McCain’s foolishness in picking Palin and the series of incredible missteps that led to her selection are public record now and the tawdry tale of how a flake from Alaska ended up on a national Presidential ticket will keep political science students laughing for years.

Granted, vice presidential selections often defy logic: Dan Quayle and Spiro Agnew come to mind immediately. Sometimes, a pick that seems truly out there pays off: Harry S. Truman is a good example.

But no amount of rationalization can justify placing a certifiable idiot like Sarah Palin in a position where all that could have stood in the way of her becoming President would have been an aging political dinosaur with a questionable health record.

Still, there she was, the new darling of the Grand Old Party, the closest thing Republicans could muster as a sex symbol, gushing out verbal diarrhea like "you betcha" at every opportunity.

Even worse, some Republicans actually believed this bimbo was Presidential material. Some considered her the front runner for the GOP nomination in 2012.

Democrats should be so lucky. As Barack Obama continues to flounder in a job that may exceed his more capable skills, the thought of running against Sarah Palin could be the one thing that gives him a second term.

Won’t happen. Recent polls show Republicans, clueless as they may be, are falling out of lust with Sarah Palin. Eventually, even the party of the elephant can’t stomach a loser.

Like so many politicians of recent vintage, Sarah Palin leaves office under a cloud of ethics investigations and questions about misuse of power and money. She has a book deal but these days everybody has a book deal and few ever turn into best sellers.

She says she will continue to fight for what she believes.

That’s the problem. The only thing Sarah Palin believes in is her own megalomaniac fantasy about herself.

Others, not even the mental midgets who run the Republican Party, still buy her act.


  1. No, I won’t pick on you. You are not stupid. You are deceived. That and people are more interested in the trivial aspects of their own lives than in facing hard truths about our country. It’s easier to bury your head in the sand. Part of the deception comes from manipulating known human flaws like doublethink as described by Orwell. For instance:

    We have freedom of speech.
    We have free speech zones.

    Both are supposedly true, and we believe both. But how can we have free speech if it’s confined to a cage?

    Look into Orwell’s doublethink and newspeak musings and you’ll see how these are being used and applied right now in the United States. I’m telling you I saw a chart on PBS’s News labeled the “GOOD” and “UNGOOD” factors in the economy.

    Some people will never get it because their minds honestly will not allow them to see it. Reveal something like the above and you see their faces actually go into a blank stare as their mind “resets” and they seem to just lose the data.

    The rest of us become aware. Then like Neo in the Matrix, you can’t really go back knowing now what you know. So Nogood, will it be the blue pill or the red pill?

  2. AustinRanter, yes my comment was in “jest”. I will express my honest opinion about this country and I will probably catch a bunch of flak, but the truth is the truth.

    We are stupid!!Stupid! How can we deny this? When we allow our so-called “elected” officials to run “rough-shod” over us and we just take it, then we are stupid! When we listen to people like Rush Lamebrain, then we are stupid! When we allow Congressmen to have excellent health care and we find ourselves struggling to just pay for a dental check-up, then we are stupid!!! I could rave all nite, but what good will it do, only proves how stupid I am.

  3. EileensHoot

    TO: Walter F. Wouk: 9:15

    NO THANK YOU Walter…we Canadians have enough mentally ill people. We sure don’t need or want to claim your Alaskan nut case Palin…as one of our citizens.

    How any USA citizen can positively believe Sarah Palin could have been OR will be good for any Political role in USA boggles the mind.

    You can also keep those nut cases that voted for McCain / Palin.

    McCain needs to retire…who can honestly trust that man…after the episode of choosing such a disaster for his running mate.

    EileensHoot…a bonified Canuck

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