Capitol Hill Blue is the Internet’s oldest independent political news site. On October 1, we hope to celebrate our 15th year on the World Wide Web.

But we may not reach that milestone.

We’ve never accepted venture capital money. We don’t solicit or accept financial support from any organization with a specific political or philosophical point of view. We’re an independent news site.

For the last 14-plus years, I’ve subsidized Capitol Hill Blue with my own resources. We have ads to provide some revenue as well but anyone who publishes a web site knows that banner ads don’t begin to cover the expenses of putting a news site on the web.

But my resources are not unlimited and, like so many others, we feel the pinch in these hard economic times.

We don’t go in for a lot of self-promotion. We do our thing and try to let readers judge for themselves.

We provide an email link so readers can forward our stories to others. We have "social networking" links for promotion on Digg and other sites that aggregate content. In the past year, according to our logs, reader use of these links has dropped dramatically.

Why? I don’t know. Capitol Hill Blue publishes, on average, 5-10 new stories a day. We’re updated around the clock. Our columnists — Hal Brown, Phil Hoskins and Rob Kezelis — provide thought-provoking commentary. We’ve broken a number of original stories and we often go behind the news to find and report the back story.

Too often, I see readers in our commenting section or ReaderRant promote a news story from another web site when we have a story on the same subject — often with more detail — right here on CHB.

So, as the publisher of Capitol Hill Blue, I’m asking you — our readers — to help spread the word of what we are doing. I’m asking you to support our advertisers and, when you find an interesting story, to promote it on the networking sites.

If you have some ideas on how we can improve our news product, please let me know. If you don’t like some of the things we are doing, I’m here to listen to your complaints as well.

We’ve been around for nearly 15 years. I hope to be around for 15 more. With your help, we can.

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