I don’t agree with her. I find her defense of her father exasperating not because it’s convoluted but because it makes a certain kind of sense. As a psychotherapist the word "Oedipal" keeps coming to mind.  She’s a very smart, highly educated, physically attractive, politically conservative woman who held her own with Mika Brzezinski and Eugene Robinson on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" today.

Mika asked her if she’s considering running for office and she demurred saying she’s busy working on her father’s memoirs. Later, as I note below, she slipped and said when and corrected it to if when asked about a run for the Virginia Senate seat.

She seems to me to be on television every day and I don’t even watch Fox News.

You may think of her as the evil spawn of the devil; pretty much the opposite of his good spawn Mary. But there’s more to Liz Cheney than an acorn that fell and took root right next to the oak tree.
Cheney and family at 2nd inaugural
 Vice President Cheney with Lynne, Mary and Liz and second inaugural. (White House photo)
When Eugene Robinson called her disingenuous she actually looked like she knew the meaning of the word. She took this question and all the others asked seriously. She answered all of them.  Perhaps this is  damning  her with faint praise, but I found her to be less evasive than many others in the political world would be in similar circumstances.
See what you think:

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She clearly listens to questions thoughtfully formulating her answers while they’re being asked.  Without taking a deep breath she gives a cogent answer that isn’t a memorized sound bite.
This video from "The Rachel Maddow Show" includes clips of Andrea Mitchell interviewing her. 

Deft vs. Ditzy
Compare her with Sarah Palin and her interviews. If you had to choose between the two, which one would you want as president?
I don’t know what her positions on religious and social issues are and whether they coincide with Governor Palin’s. She may not rally the social conservatives with her catch phases and turn on the "dudes" with her winks, but she certainly has the potential to be a viable Republican presidential primary candidate.
Think of a series of Republican debates between Mike Huckabee, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and Liz Cheney. The first three could go easy on Palin because she’s a woman. Cheney would make moosemeat pie out of Palin.
Listening to her justification of her father’s tramping over our civil liberties and his shrugging off the use of torture is chilling.  If she did end up as president I’d be worried whether she believes in the "unitary executive" and relegating Congress to being an impotent debating society. I’d worry about he trying to follow in her father’s footstep and attempting to run a black ops division out of the White House.
However, I think at least half of this comes from her being the loyal daughter trying to keep daddy’s reputation intact assure that his golden years aren’t spent in prison. 
When Eugene Robinson tried to get her to declare for the Virginia U.S. Senate race she answered "whenever I decide when… if… I’m going to do that I’ll do it on MSNBC." When! 
She could serve two years in the Senate, either from Virginia or Wyoming, and then make a run for the presidency. Obama did it. Why not Liz Cheney?
Or she could decide not to run against an incumbent, especially if polls show Obama way ahead, serve six full years in the Senate and run in 2016.
Either way, it sure would make her daddy proud.
Here’s an audio of a radio interview with Joe Scarborough. He asks her about Palin running for president in 2012. Her response is interesting.

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