Cashing in by bashing Obama

Barack Obama may be a gold mine for the Democratic Party but he is even more lucrative for those who want to cash in on the uneasiness many Americans have with a liberal, African-American President.

Those who make a living bashing Obama make a very good living doing so and it is a growth market.

Conservative media, which suffered under the failed administration of Republican George W. Bush, is bouncing back by raising the national level of concern on what Obama may or may not be doing to the country.

They cash in not only on America’s latent racism but with the unease that comes with economic hard times and fears about the growth of government control.

For such believers, Obama and Democratic control of Congress is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and if the party of the jackass doesn’t deliver on promises to restore the American economy and way of life, the rabid right-wing can thank Barack Obama for giving it new life.

Which means right-wing authors like Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Michele Malkin are laughing all the way to the bank.

Reports Politico:

As much as both men might hate to admit it, Barack Obama has been very, very good to Mark Levin.

Levin is living the talk-radio dream: His three-hour broadcast is aired on more than 150 stations to more than 5 million listeners a day. And he has the hottest subject in the world: Obama.

The president, Levin pronounces almost daily, is a failure, a liar and a “statist” who is trying to destroy individual freedom. The broadcaster is accompanied by a Greek chorus of callers whose love for Levin is rivaled only by their disdain for the president of the United States.

His book “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto” debuted at No. 1 on The New York Times best-seller list and has remained on the list for a remarkable 13 weeks, selling, Levin says, a total of 800,000 copies to date. (Nielsen BookScan puts the number at 714,000, but its figures don’t include sales from Wal-Mart and a handful of other prominent outlets.)

That’s a monster hit by publishing standards, and industry insiders say it is largely due to a wave of anxiety coursing through conservative and red-state America over the direction of Obama’s policies.

“I’m seeing a lot of people, conservatives and other people, who are starting to get extremely concerned that permanent damage can be done or is being done to their country,” Levin told POLITICO.



  1. storky

    The new right-wing comedy lineup: Levin, Beck and Malkin. Nothing is funnier than rabid racism and anti-intellectualism. And a spot or hypocrisy for that perfect sour aftertaste. Yes, sir, those male enhancement ads are raking in the dough.

  2. bjiller

    Is he really liberal?

    Is Obama really a “liberal, African-American President?” “African American,” sure, but liberal? What exactly has he changed, other than the rhetoric? I’m waiting . . ..

  3. Doug Thompson

    Oh, let’s see: An army of czars, increasing government regulation; government ownership stakes in banks, auto companies; the President of the United States telling the nation’s largest auto company who can and can’t be the CEO and let’s not forget national health care on the horizon.

    Sure sounds liberal to me.

  4. woody188

    Here I thought we should just trust the decisions the President makes especially during a time of war.

    Guess for the rabid right on the radio that only counts when the President had an “R” in front of their name during the election. The hypocrisy is amazing.

    And Doug, Homeland Security, the PATRIOT Act I and II, TARP, and a number of “czars” were created during the Bush, Reagan, and Nixon Administrations and Levin, Malkin, and all the others had nothing to say about it. It’s more than a bit disingenuous to cry about it when the precedent was set by a Republican Congress and President.

    They like to cry about revisionist history while engaging in it too.

    But hey, it’s all about keeping us at each others throats so we can’t take on the real problem. Newspeak and doublethink are alive and well. I saw a chart on PBS a month ago labeled the GOOD and UNGOOD things in the economy. Now since when has UNGOOD become a word?

    People that buy into this crap are in for a rude awakening when the poo hits the fan and their so called idols and saviors turn their backs on them. Should have spent the time building bridges, not burning them.

  5. sherry

    I don’t oppose Obama because if his “liberalism” I oppose him for a lot of the same reasons I opposed Bush. Indefinite detention without charge or the benefit of a lawyer. Expsnding war in Afghanistan. Out of control spending. National healthcare we can’t afford.
    Not a fan of the way GM ran its business, but sure as shootin’ don’t believe the president should fire the CEO.
    And what is up with all these blinkin’ czars? Holy cow.
    Forget raising taxes on those with incomes over 250K. The man wants to tax my dang insurance benefits. Piss on him. I make way less than 250K, and my part of my health insurance is in excess of $200 a month with a $2500 deductable.
    If you are a smoker you got a heck of a tax increase regardless of income. We don’t mind the sin taxes, until they start taxing things like energy and health insurance premiums.
    If cap and trade passes, you will have a hell of an increase, regardless of your income.
    Go ahead diss Beck, Hannity, et al. Someone needs to tell the truth as it is. You certainly won’t hear it on BSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC (who sponsored an infomorcial on healthcare), NBC who stands to make millions on cap and trade. Not only that NBC’s parent company GE is making millions in military contracts. No conflict of interest there.
    I could go on. Beck, Limbaugh et al are marginalized, and a bit crazy, but recently I have noticed there are grains of truth that can’t be ignored.Guess the old broken clock is right a couple of times a day. Personally, I don’t watch the news. They are all whores with an agenda.
    As for Palin, she lost. She is not stupid. She was not ready for prime time. Perhaps never will be, but she had more executive experience than the politically correct loser that got elected. We elected ourselves a black man. He is incompetent, but hey, it made a lot of people happy to have someone of color in the WH.Affirmative action at its finest no doubt.
    I know you hate Hillary Doug, but had she not been forced out despite having the most votes, who knows? Silly me, I thought elections were about the will of the people. Democrats are as bad as the republicans. The fix was in for Obama before teh first vote was cast.
    Now we have Biden who admits they misread the economic crisis. Diss Palin if you will. If you voted for Obama, it’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. He is as incompetent as Palin.