Sen. Joe Biden is a reporter’s best friend, a publicity-seeking politician whose constantly-running mouth often runs ahead of often asleep brain.

When word began to circulate that Biden would launch yet another hopeless run for the White House, pools sprang up overnight on how long it would be before he stuck his foot in his mouth.

Everyone knew he would screw up but no one expected it would happen on the day he launched his Presidential campaign.

As Adam Nagourney of The New York Times reports:

In an era of meticulous political choreography, the staging of the kickoff for this presidential candidacy could hardly have gone worse.

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, who announced his candidacy on Wednesday with the hope that he could ride his foreign policy expertise into contention for the Democratic nomination, instead spent the day struggling to explain his description of Senator Barack Obama, the Illinois Democrat running for president, as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

The remark, published Wednesday in The New York Observer, left Mr. Biden’s campaign struggling to survive its first hours and injected race more directly into the presidential contest. The day ended, appropriately enough for the way politics is practiced now, with Mr. Biden explaining himself to Jon Stewart on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

Earlier, in a decidedly nonpresidential afternoon conference call with reporters that had been intended to announce his candidacy, Mr. Biden, speaking over loud echoes and a blaring television set, said that he had been “quoted accurately.” He volunteered that he had called Mr. Obama to express regret that his remarks had been taken “out of context,” and that Mr. Obama had assured him he had nothing to explain.

“Barack Obama is probably the most exciting candidate that the Democratic or Republican party has produced at least since I’ve been around,” he said, adding: “Call Senator Obama. He knew what I meant by it. The idea was very straightforward and simple. This guy is something brand new that nobody has seen before.”

Asked about Mr. Biden’s comments, Mr. Obama said in an interview, “I didn’t take it personally and I don’t think he intended to offend.” Mr. Obama, who serves with Mr. Biden on the Foreign Relations Committee, added, “But the way he constructed the statement was probably a little unfortunate.”

A llttle unfortunate? Here’s what Biden said, as recorded by a New York Observer reporter:

I mean, you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a story-book, man,

More like a fairy tale, which is what Biden’s Presidential campaign will be. In an earlier Presidential run, Biden ran out of material and stole a speech from British politician Neil Kinnock. Biden’s plagiarism is now used an example in college courses.


  1. The fact is, Biden actually insulted people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Condi Rice and other black Americans more than Obama. Biden said Obama was the first African-American to come along in a long time who was “clean and articulate” … what does that make Jackson, Sharpton et al? Dirty and stupid?

    In trying to praise Obama, Biden betrayed his true feelings about blacks in America, and specifically in politics. Everyone is saying, “Biden isn’t racist, he just put his foot in his mouth.” Wrong. Biden’s statement comes from a deeply buried racist feeling that most blacks in politics aren’t “clean and articulate.” Otherwise, he would have worded his statement differently. Yes, he was trying to say that Obama presents himself well. But in doing so, Biden showed what he truly believes … that most blacks DON’T present themselves well or sound articulate.

    Linguistic analysis of Biden’s statement shows why Biden will never be president. His deep-seated prejudice shows through like purple boxers under white shorts.

  2. When are these politicians going to learn to write their own stuff or HIRE someone who knows how to get the job done? Case in point. When taking about someone; NEVER- mention his/her race, religion or sexual orientation. ALLWAYS- first mention the intent of an answer to the question or the statement to be made. This is know as CYA (cover your ass). These boobs just don’t get it and they are the so called “leaders” of the country.

  3. Self cannibalism? There’s a fancy medical term for it, but I can’t remember what it is at the moment…

  4. Thank you Joe…. and as far as Jesse and Al are considered, no they are not articulate or good looking, Michaela.

  5. regarding what J.C.Derrington said: Where is the outcry from the Right for that matter?

    I think there would have been an even greater hubub if Hillary Clinton (I know. But what if she say… hit her head and then took 2 quaaludes right before a public appearance?)

    Anyway if she said that it would be splashed from one end of the net to the other and Fox News would be running quarter- hourly updates. Why? Because she is a threat for the `08 election. The Republicans would love to have old Joe as the Democratic candidate

  6. What funny, is that this whole useless conversation taking place replicates those Caveman TV commericals we’re seeing, “A huh, walking upright, inventing fire and the wheel, sorry we didn’t get that to you sooner!”

    Further, it’s just as tongue in cheek when people ask, “What’s all the fuss about,” because it’s obvious they don’t know.

    Lastly, in the context of where I’m living on a remote Indian Reservation, if the Biden conversation had taken place here between two tribal memebers with one saying exactly the same thing about another calling them “articulate, bright and clean” the natural reply would have been “Well, that was very White of you.” lol

  7. Joe Biden will either drop out very quickly or maybe remembered as one of the “Also ran” This will not be the last of the flubs, by any of the so called candidates. I just hope when it does happen, the media not dwell over it, too long. The next president will be stepping into a pile of, “You Know What” for that reason, we have a great responsibility to make damn sure we get it right, this time.

  8. …Joey should just pack it in. he’s too old….he has bad hair. This nation will not elect someone with bad hair.

  9. Joe Biden – helping to prove that stupid does indeed cross party lines.

    When I heard his recent comments the first thing that came to my mind was “Gee – he’d make a great Republican – especially if he’d move to Virginia”.

  10. Also, if Joe Biden would, in fact, insert food every time he opens his mouth, he might actually have a chance of getting some votes.

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