While sex scandals and other problems bring down one 2012 Republican Presidential hopeful after another, Mitt Romney sits in the wings, waiting for his rivals to fall by the wayside.

Romney insists publicly he’s not even thinking about another run for the gold but while he issues public denials, his Presidential campaign team from 2008 remains in place, raising money and putting together plans.

Romney faithful still insist their guy was the only Republican who had a chance of beating Barack Obama in 2008 and they feel he has the best chance to ending Obama’s run for a second term in 2012.

But 2012 is still a long way off and a lot can happen over the next three years.

Reports Politico:

Mitt Romney says publicly he’s not considering another presidential campaign, most recently on Sunday during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” But many of his loyalists expect one and remain at the ready for 2012.

When dozens of former Romney aides and advisers convened on the terrace of Charlie Spies’ fashionable Penn Quarter loft earlier this year on a warm February night, the purpose was ostensibly to help raise money for the Virginia state House race of Romney strategist Barbara Comstock.

But Spies, formerly the Romney campaign’s CFO, wasn’t just hosting a $100 per-head fundraiser. He was also staging a Romney political family reunion, as advertised by his email invitation subject line, “The Romney gang back together,” and the special $50 cut-rate fee for former campaign staffers meant to draw some of the junior aides.

The buzz that night was unmistakable among the 80 or so former Romney operatives present.

“He was tanned, rested and ready,” said one former campaign aide of his old boss.

For the Romney team, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that the campaign never really ended.

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