Better late than never?

In December, 2008 Sen. Troy Fraser and Rep. Patrick Rose jointly wrote a release of their “outrage” with Pedernales Electric Cooperative, that its “…Board of Directors would agree to indemnify its former law firm by agreeing to a settlement the same week that the Blanco County Grand Jury indicted a principal partner with that firm.” The release resurfaced recently and has been circulating in local news media and blogs.

The two lawmakers further highlight that “We believe that further misdeeds of the PEC Board of Directors and former General Manager will be uncovered – including the possibility that there were other misapplications of funds to the law firm. As long as a criminal case is ongoing against Walter Demond, the former outside counsel, we would ask the cooperative board to not settle this matter. It is in the best interest of the members that PEC wait until it has all information necessary in order to make the best deal possible.”

Being “outraged” does NOT absolve these 2 lawmakers from their own “soiled hands”.

These two [and other] legislators did nothing during the past 6 years to provide any significant oversight to the electric industry, especially cooperatives — especially PEC. In fact, Sen. Fraser serves as the co-chairman of the Electric Utility Restructuring Legislative Oversight Committee that monitors the state’s shift to a deregulated electric industry.

Governor Rick Perry , who pushed for the deregulation of the electric industry, also stood at the sidelines doing little to protect Texans from the scheming electric industry.

During the past several years after writing Rep. Patrick Rose regarding PEC I never received a response to my many emails of concern.

Senator Jeff Wentworth , who serves on the Board of Directors of the Natural Resources Foundation of Texas, is another lackluster lawmaker who opted to do nothing re: PEC oversight. Unlike Rep. Rose, I did receive a response from Sen. Wentworth. Unfortunately, Wentworth simply stated that the legislature “is watching carefully” the new PEC Director. Wentworth and other lawmakers continue to do little for the people they are supposed to serve and protect. In fact, how this guy gets reelected again and again boggles my mind.

In addition, when Gov. Rick “Deregulate Electricity or Bust” Perry pushed through his special interest bill neither Fraser, Rose or Wentworth stood up for the people of Texas. They approved the bill to provide the electric industry with more clout and less oversight, which resulted in higher electric costs for financially overburdened Texans.

As far as Texans are concerned, by their long-time legislative inaction, Sen. Fraser, who Rep. Rose and Sen. Wentworth are part of the ongoing problem re: PEC and other electric coops and companies overcharging and scamming hardworking Texans.

Texans will continue to pay top dollar for their electric needs as long as special interests continue to buy our lawmakers via campaign contributions, perks and gifts.

So, Sen. Fraser and Rep. Rose, et. al., stop feigning “outrage” and do something about it. Poop, or git-off the potty!

FYI, Pedernales Electric Cooperative just sent out notices to its members that it will be changing its rates. One can only imagine what THAT means.

If interested read the entire Fraser, Rose release at:


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