Setting the stage for a Republican comeback

As absurd as it sounds, Republicans could be poised for a comeback by the mid-term elections of 2010.

Helped by Democratic arrogance and signs that President Barack Obama’s popularity may be slipping as Americans get a closer look at the real cost of his all-government, all-the-time ideas of chance, the GOP could become the lesser of two evils in the minds of voters by the time voters get another chance to voice their displeasure at how things are going in Washington.

Far-fetched? Yes. Impossible? Not really.

American voters are a fickle bunch and even strong support for a currently-popular President can change quickly. Cracks are already starting to show in Obama’s strong public approval ratings and the error-prone Democratic leadership of Congress may be the best friend Republicans have when it comes to staging a comeback.

Stranger things have happened in the byzantine world of American politics.

Politico ponders this question:

For the first time since their 2006 election drubbing, top Republicans see signs — however faint — of a political resurgence over the next year.

At first blush, this sounds absurd. After all, polls show the GOP more unpopular than ever, and the John Ensign sex scandal serves as a vivid, real-time reminder of why many see the party as a collection of hypocrites.

But several trends suggest this optimism might not be as far-fetched as it seems.

Polls show that the GOP is wise to focus most of its attacks on spending, government intervention and job losses. (Those same polls show the public has low regard for Republicans on these issues, but it’s a significant development that President Barack Obama’s numbers are slipping in these areas, too.) And just as importantly, GOP leaders on Capitol Hill privately recognize the need to distance themselves a bit from George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich — even though they’ve done poor job of doing so thus far.

This combination of exploiting the unpopular parts of the Democratic Party and moving beyond the unpopular parts of their own is a start. But it will take a lot more to undo years of self-inflicted damage during the Bush years.


  1. ClassicLiberal

    That’s the problem with a 2 party political system. When you get fed up with the incumbents there is only one place to turn. Unfortunately, the learning curve for those out of power is so shallow that old habits haven’t been replaced by new ones and the country is forced to repeat mistakes again and again. As you’ve said in your other current piece, “they’re not too bright and things get [stay] out of control.”

  2. pondering_it_all

    Republicans are always against spending, when they don’t control the purse. Put them it charge and they go hog wild!

    Same way they are suddenly big fans of bipartisan stuff when they are out of power, and checks and balances of the three branches of government when they lose the Imperial Presidency.

  3. John1172002

    May I remind the American public that, when Clinton (AKA Satan, according to the Repubs) left office, Bush 2 inherited a budget SURPLUS, and the National debt was starting to be paid down. In only 8 short years, Dubya changed the USA into the world’s largest debtor nation. And Red China holds most of that debt. Talk about selling your enemies the rope to hang yourself with!!

    No, thank you. I’ll stay with the Dems, at least for the next 8 years.

    Now, if we had a viable third party……….


  4. griff

    According to official treasury department numbers, the federal debt rose more than $1.6 trillion from 1993 to 2001. I’m afraid the Clinton “surplus” was nothing more than creative bookkeeping and financial shell games.

    The reason we don’t have a viable third party is because people like yourself keep insisting that we don’t, and refuse to vote for one because “they can’t win anyway”.

  5. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    Sir Obama of Camelot’s Honeymoon is over, he’s backpedaling on health care & funding an escalation of the afghan occupation when those bucks are needed at home.

    The utter failure of Nancy ‘Fancy Pants’ Pelosi and Hairy Reed to stand for anything but continued coddling of telecoms and funding of the occupations of two overseas countries validates them as the spineless jellyfish they are. They have absolutely no qualm about bankruptng this nation, they are the embodiment of Lexus Liberals.

    The Tea Leaves show the D-Crappers going down in flames and they deserve it.

    Of course, as we all know & the D-Crapper party reminds us, it is all Ralph Nader’s fault, if he hadn’t have run in 2000, everything would be OK now!

    Damn the D-Crappers, Damn em’

  6. gazelle1929

    “he’s backpedaling on health care ”

    Coulda fooled me! What leads you to this conclusion? Seems to me he’s pushing harder than ever.

  7. storky

    Is the Sanford affair an attempt to distract attention from the Ensign affair or the Stanford criminal investigation? Who paid for Sanford’s flights to Argentina where he humped the “friend” he met via email? You need a scorecard to keep up with the Repugnant clowns. There’s nothing funnier than an hypocrite pretending to be repentant.

    How about a new rule. Any politician who feels the need to broadcast their indignation with another’s behavior, should have only the embarrassing parts of their life stories broadcast immediately afterward so we can all have a good laugh.

    These “Christian” buffoons chronically neglect some of Christ’s best advice, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    While Democrats seem smitten with a man somewhat able to keep his integrity intact, Republicans still worship and defend the WAR CRIMINALS of the past administration. That does little to restore our confidence in Republicans’ judgement, integrity, economic competence or leadership ability.

  8. Marzman

    The only people who have demonstrated that they are less capable of running this government than the Democrats are the Republicans.

    The only group that has demonstrated that they are even less concerned about the needs of the average working American than the Democrats are the Republicans.

    The only people who ahve demonstrated that they are even worse lying hypocritical thieves than the Democrats are… wait for it… the Republicans.

    Every time I get mad at Pelosi, Reid and Obama I think back to Bush, Cheney, DeLay, Frist, Gingrich, etc. and rejoice that those lying, thieving, war mongering evil bastards are out of power.

    The Bush years should have been the last drunken bender for the far right.

    Then I hear of the commentary on Fox “News”, receive viral emails from my right wing friends and read comments like those of Herr Hergeschimmer above and I feel a cold, gripping fear beacause the people who embrace and promote Kelptocratic Plutocracy are still out there lying their pants off (which is convienient for the hypocrite family values set)and there are still numb headed nitwits that haven’t learned the lessons of the Bush/Cheney/DeLay years.

  9. John H Kennedy Denver CO

    We Democrats had better hope
    that the GOP doesn’t wake up to the fact that
    if the GOP can find a way to separate themselves from the Bush-Cheney years,
    they might just be able to excellerate the GOPs return from the dead.

    IF the GOP wakes up to the fact that it is Bush and Cheney that ruined their Party
    they make just decide to sacrifice the Bush-Cheney place in history
    to save the Republican Party.

    If patriotic Republicans join the fight for
    investigations and prosecution of the
    worst of the violations of Federal Laws
    and Constitution, we Democrats could be in Trouble!

    That would be the one thing the GOP could do
    that would tell the voters that They
    are going to be the agents of change,

    Not Obama and Democrats.

    What we voters need to do is to continue
    the fight for prosecution
    for those that conspired to torture
    and then go after the many violators
    of Federal Laws during the Bush Administration.

    Keep up the pressure for investigation
    and prosecution.

    Keep asking ALL politicians at ALL public events
    “Why do they support Torture?”

    If they aren’t actively calling for enforcement
    of our Federal Torture Laws,
    They Do Support Torture.


    both a Commission of Inquiry
    and a Special Prosecutor
    For All Their Crimes



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    Only Prosecution Stops Torture!

    Only Prosecution Stops Abuses of Our Constitution and Rights.