Quit the whining, we need radical action

So many complaints, so much hand wringing, and so many cries of "socialism", "sell out" and "government taking over."  The problem I have with President Obama is not that he is going too far but that he goes not far enough.  But even more than that what we need is a Congress that stands up to the banks, the health insurance industry and the other interests that have bought them off. We need some really radical approaches to our problems, not more of the same.

Health care is a mess.  We pay too much for too little.  We are a nation that thinks it is incredibly rich, yet we cannot do what every other western democracy can do.  We think we are the economic leader in the world yet we cannot rein in those who screw us daily.  We have the largest military budget in the world yet we cannot deal with a small band of idiots with bombs on their belts.

Some treat the weak proposal for health care as if it were the latest dictate from Stalin while in fact every nation that has instituted a public plan loves it and has find it to markedly improve over all health care. You cannot have it both ways — either a public plan would be too good and destroy private health care or government health care isn’t as good as privatly insured care.  Pick one.

Corporations need some real regulation beyond the weak proposal of Obama and Congress because we cannot afford to merely get back to where we were, we need to bite the bullet and make real changes. We need to break up every corporation that is "too big to fail".  We need to break up the hold on the media by a few men and allow the public to regain control over its own airwaves.

End the "War on Drugs."  End it, not amend it.  Respect the choices of some Americans to marry a person of their own gender and stop using government to discriminate against them or any other individual. Just stop it.

All of this is not as much a criticism of the President as it is a call for the Democrats to simply quit acting like Republicans.  We need those of you who think you will save your seat by voting conservative to simply resign or get a set of cajones.

We need radicals, not more nattering nabobs of negativity.  Get the hell out of the way all you old folks and "Blue Dog Democrats". It is time for reality to set it and we need you to either get with it or shut up and get out of the way.


  1. dtotire


    Managing a national economy is far more complex than managing a business or a state. You have to consider total spending,balance of payments, economic growth, etc. Understanding the economy requires a grasp of macroeconomic analysis, which seems be more technical than the average college graduate is able to understand. This is why to get the economy going again requires increased spending by the government. We may not understand why it has to be done, but it must be, even if we don’t like it.

  2. Stratocaster

    An economic recovery requires money in the hands of the consumer, not more money in the hands of the people that created the problem. And, any health care plan should be for the benefit of the patients, not the insurance companies.

  3. almandine

    “This is why to get the economy going again requires increased spending by the government. We may not understand why it has to be done, but it must be, even if we don’t like it.”

    If you can’t even state why it has to be done, on what basis do you make that statement?

    Please don’t appeal to Bernanke, Geithner, their mainstream economic shills, etc. Tell us why.

  4. tropicaltaco

    “We need radicals, not more nattering nabobs of negativity.” Exactly, now we’re cookin! Status quo has got to go… new blood, new ideas, a new way.
    “to get the economy going again requires increased spending by the government.” I’m wondering now IF we should keep it going, our system is a system of debt wherein only the few at the top can truly prosper … theres gotta be a better way … pay it forward?

    We could make all the financial mistakes and still be OK if we didn’t spend so much on war and empire building. The DOD is a misnomer,it should read DOW, (department of war). We haven’t had to defend ourselves against an enemy in so long we had to make one up.
    Shouldn’t we be establishing a Department of Peace, DOP?

    Right now, we have over 700 military installations (not including Marines at each of our embassies) scattered around the world. The majority of these bases are for defending corporate interests, not freedom and democracy.

    Have not the justifications for empire that are so embedded in our culture, assaulting our good sense that war is necessary for security, that expansion is fundamental to civilization begun to lose hold of our minds ? Have we not reached a place in history when we are ready to embrace a new way of living in the world. Expanding not our military power, but our humanity.
    (Howard Zinn) http://video.stumbleupon.com/#p=vd5xliczq9

    We are so close, hope we don’t flub the dub.

  5. griff

    I think the main problem we have is that we expect the government to step in and solve problems that a free market is more than capable of solving.

    They’ve turned us into sniveling beggars. Disgusting.

    The government isn’t supposed to run the economy. The government isn’t supposed to run healthcare. The government’s job is to provide for a sound currency and allow the free market to operate with as little intervention as possible.

    What we need is less radical solutions put forth by the same people that brought about the crisis in the first place. If they screwed up so bad in the first place, why on earth would we trust these same morons to do the right thing this time?

    Where are all the people that forecast this problem? Where are they in this dialog? Nowhere to be seen. Now that would be radical…Actually having some folks that know what they’re doing in charge for once.

  6. Jim C

    First you say ” let the free market solve it ” , then you say ” why trust the same morons to fix it ” . You are aware that our current problems were caused by said ” morons ” getting regulations lifted that had served us well for 60yrs , not by government intervention , quite the opposite . Who says ” the government isn’t supposed to run healthcare ” I missed that one . I do believe that the government is supposed to enable life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness . It’s hard to be happy , live or enjoy liberty if some parasitic corporation is gouging the begebbers out of you when you or you’re family is sick or kicking you to the curb denying coverage . Sniveling beggers , hardly , we were given a democracy . In case you don’t understand what that means , it means we decide what the government ( we the people ) do as a group and what the private sector does within the rules we agree on . If you allow corporations to make those decisions it’s not a democracy it’s called a kleptocracy . You seem to be unaware that we are the government and it was designed to serve the people , not just business and the weathly . If that is what you deem a sniveling begger then you would have probably sided with the tories and king George , that was their attitude exactly .

  7. almandine

    Wrong, wrong, totally wrong…

    The free market and the morons are not the same,
    The Federal Reserve and its bankers are the morons to blame,
    We were not “given” a democracy.
    We fought for and are, by God,
    A republican (small r) form of government.
    And now the Fed has near total control of our monetary system.
    Him with the gold rules.


  8. griff

    What a joke. The reason the corprorations are allowed to control the system is through government intervention and cronyism. There is no free market here. You have no idea what you’re talking about, nor do you have any idea what the principles of this country was founded upon.

    Just for the record, we were not given a democracy…we were given a constitutional republic. Do some reading and then get back to me.

  9. ekaton

    “And now the Fed has near total control of our monetary system.”

    And, this is of course unconstitutional in spite of what any paid off supreme court judge may decide or may have decided. It is plainly stated in the Constitution that Congress is to “coin money”. But then, in the same vein as defining what the meaning of “is” is, I suppose PAPER money is not COINED money, splitting those ever legal hairs.

    Kent Shaw

  10. Jim C

    Of course you realize the FED is a private non government ( free market ) entity run by member banks which by the way you can by stock in , so what’s your point ? We didn’t fight for anything , our founding fathers did , so they technically did give us this democracy , how well we’re handling it is questionable , but it was handed to us . We’re not anything ” by god ” , that was part of what our founders fought for , a secular state with the freedom to worship or not as we saw fit . True , we are a representive republic , not a true democracy , way to much trouble to gather everybody together to vote on everything . I’m not sure what you mean by ” and now the FED has near total control of our monetary system ” , may I ask when it didn’t since its inception ? But picky picky , it does appear we agree on something , that the FED should be nationalized , the free marketers tossed out on their ear and the control of the monetary system brought under government control . It’s way to important to allow free market crooks to control , see , we do agree on that , makes you feel kind of warm and fuzzy doesn’t it , have a good evening .

  11. almandine

    There is NO free market(ers) in the US. The choice of a republic instead of a democracy was not about voting, it was about the tyranny of majority control. That’s why we have a Constitution, a rule of law and not of men, because too many times the brute force of the majority would lead to our demise. Witness the current war on terrorism, in which our laws have been overridden by the executive with the general consent of the majority as the buffer that has kept Congress under control. Checks and balances are gone.

    Throw out the Oligarchs and their Plutocratic BS and I’m with you.

  12. Jim C

    Ok , no free market , you’re pretty much correct , it has been distorted by monopolies and the influx of special interest money into our political system . To have a free market you must have fair competition , well thought out rules and serious antitrust laws that are enforced with a vengence , we have neither . I take issue with your second point however . The constitution , the Bill of Rights and the way the branches of government were set up was to protect the minority from the majority . A representive republic was the governmental form used because of the size of the country . There was simply no other form of government that made sense but representive . I believe we would be better served by a parliamentary system which is even more representive , but I digress . The ” war on terrorism ” , the ” war on drugs ” etc make about as much sense as Caligulas war on the marsh grass’s . But if you want to really understand whats going on google ” the fourteen points of fascism ” , it’s a real eye opener . Another huge problem is we have no objective press , it’s all infotainment and propaganda since the drooling dumbass did away with the fairness doctrine , then Clinton finished the job by lifting ownership rules . Practically the entire media is now run by five huge conservative entities and that’s where most people get their information . They are also conglomerates heavily invested in military hardware , not good . As far as oligarchs and plutocrates , I’m all for not only throwing them out , but many of them need desperately to be in jail . That also goes for our would be aristocrats , our corporate and political kleptocrats too .

  13. ekaton

    “We need some really radical approaches to our problems, not more of the same.”

    I agree, but isn’t it a shame that what would actually be a sane, logical, reasoned and fair approach to these problems would be considered “radical” in today’s cesspool… err… I mean Washington.

    Kent Shaw

  14. ekaton

    “End the “War on Drugs.” End it, not amend it. Respect the choices of some Americans to marry a person of their own gender and stop using government to discriminate against them or any other individual. Just stop it.”

    The war on drugs costs $40 billion dollars a year. We could educate kids regarding the dangers of certain drugs beginning in grade school. What would that cost? Maybe $40 Million a year, with $39,960,000 left over to apply toward the principal on the $11 TRILLION DOLLAR national debt. Its pretty sad when FORTY BILLION DOLLARS isn’t even a drop in the bucket.

    As for gay marriage, I’m a straight guy, and for the life of me I cannot understand how gay marriage is any kind of threat to me, currently married couples or society as a whole. WTF? If one is against gay marriage then one should not marry another of one’s own sex. Seriously, WTF?

    Kent Shaw

  15. ekaton

    “Another huge problem is we have no objective press, it’s all infotainment and propaganda … ”


    “Pactically the entire media is now run by five huge conservative entities … They are also conglomerates heavily invested in military hardware, not good.”

    This is not good to say the least, military hardware builders owning the press. Hey, Zeus, how come we have so many wars?

    Kent Shaw

  16. almandine

    Well, it’s interesting that we’re pretty much coming together here, but a couple of points would help being fleshed out. What are the monopolies of which you speak? As for the democracy thing, I believe if you’ll read Federalist #10, a different view might present itself. I’ll check out the 14 points.

  17. Jim C

    Actually we are usually on the same side of most issues , I generally agree with your position if not always the tenor of your posts . While I only occasionlly post , I do read them often on subjects I find of interest . I can most often tell who I will disagree with to the point of crossing swords . But even those in agreement can bicker over details . I am a fan of Madison and have read the Federalist papers ( but god , they are so dry ) , I have a copy . It would seem that federalist 10 makes a good argument against having those with vested interest holding sway over the legislative process involving said interests among other things . The monopolies would be insurance , healthcare industry , oil industry , military industrial , finance and banking for starters , for that matter any enitity that becomes large and powerful to work against the public interest by corrupting the political process with influence , power and money . I believe that corporations should be sunsetted tightly regulated and disbanded if they are shown not to be in the public interest . I know , who would make that decision ? An enitity or agency that has no connection to , cannot be influenced by and no interpersonal relationships with said corporation , it’s directors , lobbiests etc , in other words an independent judicial watchdog . Hey , I can dream can’t I ?

  18. erika morgan

    Two observations:
    First we must remember, America’s money is already gone, what we think we have in dollars has been borrowed from China. Clamping the spending door shut now will only prevent any stray returning dollar from getting back into our pockets. The exact analogy is locking the barn door after the livestock have absconded and then not being at home to let them into their stalls when the really loyal ones return, because you are out looking for them in all the wrong places.

    Second our folks in Washington DC seem still to be overly constrained by the terror instilled in them under the Bush years. I am reminded of some desperately starving villagers who were so hungary they could not accept a new sound and tested idea because they knew if they just repeated the mistakes of the past a third of their offspring would likely survive. In their desperation their imagination could not grasp that survival of all the offspring and a better living for them was a possibility.

  19. Paolo

    The problem with more regulation of our somewhat free market economy is that the regulations, with hardly an exception, are written by the corporations themselves.

    Historically, the first industries to be regulated were railroads, under the old Interstate Commerce Commission. Who wrote the rules for railroads? Why, railroad executives, of course!

    Do you really think modern financial regulations are written by anyone other than the financial industry itself?

    The concept is “regulatory capture”; that is, regulatory bodies tend to be captured by those they are supposed to regulate. This makes sense, in a certain, twisted way. After all, who knows more about running railroads than former railroad executives?

    Actually, it is a complete myth that regulations come about because the public at large begs for them and selfless politicians enact them out of a sense of public duty. That’s pap for the junior high history texts. What really happens is that the big players themselves ask politicians for the regulations, as a way of squeezing out and preventing competition in their chosen fields.