Open Letter To Pres. Obama, administration and Congress:

To Pres. Obama, administration and Congress:

I am writing articles demanding Americans contact the President and Congress. I want them to demand a different approach to dealing with our urgent issues. The issues still are NOT being dealt with appropriately and expediently.

Pres. Obama, you made various promises to the American people. You promised peace and getting back on the right track economically. Instead, you are authorizing more war in Afghanistan, N. Korea and elsewhere and you are bailing-out the very crooked banks and investment firms that have created a lot of our economic mess.

My problem is that we all take it. Americans have become sheep being led to slaughter by our leaders. You made promises and so did Congress. The majority of Americans are NOT being helped.

We don’t bang down the legislative doors, ring the phones off the hooks, overload the emails, etc. We just take it.

We need to write the media and tell them to help demand the changes. We need to continue to demand the changes on all blogs like this one.

We don’t like it, but we take it.

What I want us all to do is to get together and communicate all this to Congress and Obama. Demand they stop bailing-out the very crooks who got us here.

Vote in new blood into offices. Demand that laws be developed that prohibit wealthy campaign contributions, perks and gifts.

Until we get this done things will NOT change for the better.

We need to keep this on the front burners so that the public sees it clearly EVERY day and finally gets sick of it and acts on it.

We need to keep it in the headlines and on the minds of our lawmakers until they deal with it.

We need to continue to confront the problems and communicate them so that they remain in the news and people can’t easily push it all aside.

That’s my 2-cents on it all and why I have written about issues for the past 10 years, hoping for change. I don’t want my children’s grandchildren to be responsible for all our folly.

Our nation has stopped working for all of us. We need to get government back on-track. Remember?

“Government of the people, by the people and for the people…”

Peter Stern


  1. gazelle1929

    1. “I am writing articles demanding Americans contact the President and Congress.”

    You are “demanding” that I and others do something? Who ARE you? What right do you have to demand that I do anything?

    2. “(President Obama is )authorizing more war in … N. Korea . . ..”

    I am sorry, I must have missed a breaking news flash. I do not believe that Obama is authorizing war in North Korea. Such inflammatory and patently false statements do absolutely no good and give the kooks of the world more ammunition.

    3. “Vote in new blood into offices. (sic)”

    Huh. I thought we did that. Perhaps we should give the new blood a chance to circulate a bit before we order up the phlebotomies.

    4. “The majority of Americans are NOT being helped.”

    From the context I assume that this is in reference to the financial crisis we are in. It took us years to get into this mess and it is only five months since Obama took office. If you believe the current administration is not doing the right thing, rather than throw brickbats throw out some positive suggestions for new direction. What specific steps would you have Obama take? What direction would you have us go? Why?

  2. pstern

    Welcome back, gazelle. I was afraid you would return to your abrasive self.

    Yes, I am demanding since so few are doing so. You don’t like it? Tough. You are entitled to your opinion.

    Currently Obama is trying diplomacy with N. Korea but when that doesn’t work there is a next step. Clinton and Congress already are looking at that and it involved military force. How come you didn’t say anything about Afghanistan?

    While, yes, some new blood was voted in. However, if you look at how many lawmakers were voted in you will see that most of Congress remain the long-timers who helped create many of our current problems and issues.

    I’m glad YOU are willing to remain so passive re: “it’s only been 5 months”; however, there are many people out there who needed more help in those 5 months. Passivity is part of the reason we are in such dire straits. Many during those “only 5 months” have lost their homes to foreclosure, lost their jobs, have become ill without having health insurance, etc., etc. Many have no income.

    While I agree that it took at least the past decade to get us into all this mess, it only took 5 months for Obama, Congress, and the administration to help and bail-out Wall Street, AIG, GM, Chrysler, etc., etc. In the process investors lost more of their savings, shares, bonds because of the bankruptcies.

    So, you mean that regular hardworking folks are “entitled” to wait longer for help from our government? How long do you think that people can and should hold on? Many people no longer can hold on.

    I assure you that if you were close to losing your home, job, investments and had no income you would not feel so passive.

    So, yes, I am demanding. I know. I certainly have my nerve, don’t I?

  3. gazelle1929

    Questions I asked:

    “What specific steps would you have Obama take? What direction would you have us go? Why?”

    Answers I got:

  4. pstern

    gazelle, you really aren’t interested in what I think or feel. You just seem to like bashing everyone’s opinion.

    You also did not respond to Afghanistan. So?