Republicans call Obama ‘timid’ on Iran

Republican say President Barack Obama is "too timid" in his response to the growing unrest in Iran following disputed elections.

That’s a politically-correct way of saying the President is a coward.

As the loyal opposition, Republicans are expected to oppose whatever action the President takes. If Obama were threatening to nuke Tehran, Republicans would be calling is actions "risky."

In other words, he can’t win when it comes to pleasing the party of the elephant.

However, Republicans have a more serious problem. Most polls show they can’t please the American people with any of their extreme positions.

So we doubt Obama is worried about GOP opposition to his stance on Iran.

Reports Reuters:

President Barack Obama should take a firm stand to support the street protests that have engulfed Iran since its disputed June 12 presidential election result, U.S. Republican senators said on Sunday.

"He’s been timid and passive more than I would like," said Senator Lindsey Graham on ABC’s "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" television news program.

"We could be more forceful than we have," Republican Senator Charles Grassley said on CNN’s "State of the Union" show.

"I would like to see the president be stronger, although I appreciate the comments he made yesterday," Republican Senator John McCain, who lost the 2008 election to Obama, said on CBS’ "Face the Nation."

"This is not just an Iran issue, this is an American issue. This is what we are all about," McCain said in reference to the anti-government protests in Iran.

But Democratic senators said too much outward U.S. support for dissenters could undermine them.

"It is very crucial … that we not have our fingerprints on this, that this be truly inspired by the Iranian people," Senator Dianne Feinstein said on CNN.

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