Well, we can’t let people die in ER’s, can we?

    We can’t let people die, illegals, poor Americans or otherwise; however, “Who will pay for it” is now the battle cry for the Obama administration. [note that there is no question mark as it is a statement]

    We remain a foolish, wasteful society, in our lives and in our government spending. Just the amounts we have spent on wars and overseas ventures could have been used to rebuild our infrastructures and health systems.

    We still are spending BILLION$ on wars overseas. We [Obama] have not learned our lessons from the previous administrations. I don’t know any more when we WILL learn these lessons.

    We continue to throw away more tax dollars on big companies who are going under: GM, Chrysler, AIG, etc. I suppose the thought process is that saving these companies may save jobs and the economy. Well, if that’s the thinking it is dead wrong — as we will soon see.

    We also spend more importing than on exporting. It’s been going on for generations. Another lesson we have not learned.

    And we still are outsourcing American jobs instead of ensuring that every American who wants to work can do so at a reasonable salary.

    In short, we are a mess and will remain so until we learn some of these lessons.

    That said, I still believe we have the ability to turn some things around. We need to reestablish our real priorities, getting back to some basics of economics, social and political restructuring. But we need to do it soon.


    1. I get it…

      and I admire your perseverance. Seems like those of us here try to do our part.

      But I find that taking various PC tracts to defining problems, calling for solutions that are quick-term and not structurally sound, can be worse than maintaining the status quo. That approach – the currently proposed approach – is politics, not statesmanship. I don’t think The Big O and his policies are the answer.

      I don’t want redirection or realignment, I want reawakening. We were a force for righteousness once; all we are now is a gimme, gimme, gimme, me first abortion. And that includes dropouts, bums, hobos, illegals, the dead, and any others whose vote is intended to be bought by this health care charade.

      But as I’ve said elsewhere, it doesn’t matter because our country is broke and this issue too shall pass – quickly.

      Oh yeah – throw the bums out!

    2. almandine, my problem is that we all take it.

      We don’t bang down the legislative doors, ring the phones off the hooks, overload the emails, etc. We just take it.

      We need to write the media and tell them to help demand the changes. We need to continue to demand the changes on all blogs like this one.

      We don’t like it, but we take it.

      What I want us all to do is to get together and communicate all this to Congress and Obama. Demand they stop bailing-out the very crooks who got us here.

      Vote in new blood into offices. Demand that laws be developed that prohibit wealthy campaign contributions, perks and gifts.

      Until we get this done things will NOT change for the better.

      We need to keep this on the front burners so that the public sees it clearly EVERY day and finally gets sick of it and acts on it.

      We need to keep it in the headlines and on the minds of our lawmakers until they deal with it.

      We need to continue to confront the problems and communicate them so that they remain in the news and people can’t easily push it all aside.

      That’s my 2-cents on it all and why I have written about issues for the past 10 years, hoping for change. I don’t want my children’s grandchildren to be responsible for all our folly.

      Our nation has stopped working for all of us. We need to get government back on-track. Remember?

      “Government of the people, by the people and for the people…”

    3. Actually Pete –

      there hasn’t been much free market Capitalism in this country for years. And clearly, there won’t be any for even longer, if current events have their way.

      To help with the debate: a reasonable price would be what a resonable man would pay for something – or many reasonable men for that matter. Price too high? Don’t buy it. THERE is the justice for both buyers and sellers.

      Regarding the banks, they should have been hung out to dry, because theirs were errors of criminality. BUT, having the politicians – our politicians – in their pockets bought them ALL the reprieve they need. If you want to blame someone, try the pols.

      FYI – there is no such thing as Socialistic Capitalism, or vice versa. It’s an either/or proposition.

    4. To all of you:

      I wanted to take a quick minute to thank all of you who have contributed comments to this specific blog and for the way in which you all have done so.

      This is a worthwhile effort to discuss a major issue that our government is not dealing with in an expedient manner.

      Our discussion here is the very reason I write my articles and commentaries here and on blogs and media throughout Texas and the nation.

      We all have contributed our thoughts and opinions on healthcare, the Obama administration and other issues.

      We all have done so in a manner that provided support of each other’s ideas while not putting down anyone.

      I want to thank you all for that and to encourage you to continue to do so on this and other blogs you participate in.

      In addition, I urge you to write to Obama and your various representatives to encourage them to work hard and more quickly in the best interests of the American community and also to provide them with your thoughts and ideas on health care and other urgent issues.


      Thank you again for participating and for being real human beings about it.


    5. Good question, ClassicLiberal, “What is reasonable profit.”

      We deal with the term “reasonable” all the time in our society.

      In our law system we have “the reasonable man” concept, which covers most judicial decisions. The law asks everyone to determine what a reasonable man would do or how one would have acted in a specific circumstance or action(s).

      Since we do this in the judicial sector, why is it that we would have such a hard time determining what a “reasonable” profit is?

      Then you ask, “Do I think my system is Capitalistic?” I respond to you, does it really matter?

      We had a “capitalistic” system set up when the banks and Wall Street bombed-out financially. For years these sectors wanted government to stay out of their daily affairs and their profiteering.

      When they failed they were the loudest for a Government taxpayer Socialist bail-out, weren’t they? So, where is the Capitalism? Where is the financial justice for taxpayers?

      Look, all I am saying is that ALL Americans deserve affordable health care. I am saying that doctors and health care services are entitled to a profit as long as it is within the parameters of being realistic based on the service per fee per what the average citizen earns as income.

      Costs have to be flexible enough to change during hard financial times such as we have currently.

      If we don’t deal with this issue soon, in the long run more people will be without health care and those who have it will be paying top dollar because most Americans won’t have any and still will need treatment in ER’s and hospitals and clinics.

      Perhaps when dealing with huge numbers of people living without basic needs like health care, capitalism doesn’t work as well as we had hoped.

      Perhaps it is time to reevaluate our government and economy and determine that we actually need a combination of Capitalism and Socialism to make this nation work better for all Americans.

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