I’ll believe it when I see and read all of it.

How will it be paid for? How much will employers have to pay into it? How much will it cost Americans to be covered? Who will administer the program? What coverage options are there? Is it all one package or broken up into several, e.g., Medical, Prescription, Dental, Vision, etc.

And what about those who already are paying through the roof for their unaffordable plans? Why can’t they buy into the more affordable health care?



from the AP:

House Democrats say virtually all of the nation’s 50 million uninsured people will be able to get coverage through their health plan.

Democrats introduced their plan Friday, saying they will move quickly to get it through committee and to the House floor. But the final cost was still undetermined and lawmakers were scrambling to find ways to pay for it.

The plan would require individuals to get coverage and employers to contribute. It would also expand the Medicaid program to cover more low-income people.

It would create new insurance purchasing pools that would offer the choice of private coverage as well as a public program.

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