Max Baucus Will Not Enjoy His” Lesser Of Two Evils” Vote Any Longer

    Next to Republican Crook & Liar, Conrad Burns, Max Baucus looked good to the outnumbered Democrats in Montana. He will not however, reap the benefits of being Better Than Burns next time around.

    Next time around his votes for the War, Bush’s Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, the skewering of Medicaid, (no glasses, no false limbs, no dental etc etc etc)and the Prescription Drug Bill (taking competition out of the mix, and deregulating Big Pharm), the Energy Bill,the hideous Bankruptcy Bill, voting for John Roberts to LEAD the Supreme Court, on and on, will be amplified by his current obstruction to a chance for Americans to have health care.

    Like Ben Nelson, Evan Bayh,Harry-zero-gumption-Reid,and the rest of the so called Democrats from Conservative states, who like Bill Clinton, are really moderate Republicans, and Raging Corporatists, Max is no hero of the People. Instead, Baucus is the second highest recipient of bribes from the Drug companies in the Senate.I believe Grassley, whom you will find Max draped around in almost every photo, beats him there. For-Profit-Legislators.

    Hopefully, the 76% of Americans who are demanding Universal Health Care, will take a cue from Iran, and behave like they are fed up with these pompous politicians who dare to defy their constituents’ will.

    Barack Obama won the election on Health Care For All, and those who we elected as Democrats better damn well get on board.

    I think it’s time for a 33,000,000 Health Care March on DC.

    I live in Montana, and Max Baucus will no longer be permitted to surf along being the lesser of two evils..he’s now earned the new title of The Guy We Need To Beat.

    Maybe President Obama can cancel Congress’s Health Care Benefits,via executive order, if they don’t provide, AT LEAST, a Public Option.

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