Senators live high on taxpayer tab

While talking about the need to bring spending under control, some members of the Senate live high on the hog and send the bill to American taxpayers, an investigation by Politico has found.

The web site’s investigation found Republican Senator John Cornyn racked up the highest bills for travel with Democratic colleague Chuck Schumer coming in second. Together, Cornyn and Schumer spend 10 times more than some other Senators.

Both Senators prefer private, chartered planes to commercial air transportation and think nothing of using taxpayer dollars for the privilege.

Reports Politico:

Cornyn, a Republican, racked up the highest travel bill in the Senate by spending more than $38,000 on a St. Michaels, Md., retreat for 59 staffers and by taking expensive, multicity charter flights throughout his home state of Texas.

Schumer, a Democrat, ran up the second-highest bill by routinely flying private charters to cities in New York served by commercial airlines.

On Dec. 2, for example, Schumer spent $4,000 to take a private plane from New York City to Albany and back again. Delta and US Airways both fly that 140-mile route several times a day, with fares ranging from around $400 to less than $200 if purchased in advance.

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  1. barak

    I wonder who would pay the tab if I took a private jet. Hey, how about you?

    What’s wrong with economy class? Who died and made these jerks above We The People? They are supposed to be working for US, not cleaning our wallets.

    ONE 3 year term for all elected officials, no reelection possible. Same for Supreme Court Judges. If we don’t have enough good women and men in this country to staff a government, well, shame on us.

  2. gazelle1929

    The problem with term limits is that unelected people (staff members and lobbyists) end up having effective control of government because they alone know where the bodies are buried and how to wield power. If you think things are bad now….

    In Colorado, which enacted term limits eight or ten years ago, many county and municipal governments are using an opt-out provision because they found that they could not govern without elected officials who had some corporate knowledge. Though not the main reason, the enactment of term limits was one of the factors I considered when I decided to move from there.

  3. griff

    I would say that term limits, specifically such short ones, would be a bad idea. But I do respect and share your outrage.

    How about we just stop electing and supporting them? Maybe someday they’ll get the picture.

    But it can’t all be laid at the voters’ feet either. The system generates and encourages, supports and funds their own kind in elections.

    It’s the system.

    We need to start electing and supporting independent candidates across the board or this will simply continue.

    Or better yet, go back to a time, not long ago, when federal senators were appointed by the respective state legislatures.

  4. barak

    The Imperial Senate raises it’s greedy maw once again.
    We need to bring these assholes under control. Anyone have an idea how to do it short of “Et tu, Brute”?