At least these desperate Republican loons are entertaining.

Just how desperate are Republicans? First they went for the Obama is not an American Citizen Movement. Then there was the Stimulus Debt will enslave our grandchildren Movement. Then there was kill all the abortion providers movement. Then there was the Tea Bag Movement. Then there was the Secessionist Movement. Then there was the reject the stimulus movement. Then there was the Obama-is-bringing-Socialism-to-us Movement. Then there was the Personhood Movement. Then there was the “we are surrounded by Paganism” Movement. And now there is the birth Control Pills will Kill you movement. What next?

Isn’t it patently obvious that Republicans are morally and intellectually bankrupt? Let’s just charge them with high crimes and misdemeanors—I mean if Clinton can be impeached for a blow job, these sexually depraved Republicans are all vulnerable to prosecution—then after long show trials let’s send them all to prison where they will have lots of time to read, write books and come up with some new scams we have not heard of. Then we can start over with some new proto felons who want to run the predator state.

At least they are entertaining loons, these Republicans.


  1. bryan mcclellan

    Aren’t we all waiting for Lady Liberty to have movement?

    Do you suppose as I do, that if it ever happens, this President will not be the one to do it?
    That is, give the justice department some teeth?

    Allies ( Congress ) are at once, viable, fickle, and willing to buy what is not earned.

    Lets just pack the back of the truck with the zero’s, haul ass for adjudication, that way America won’t be fined at the scales.
    Step right up – no Weight.

    It’s the Congress.

  2. ClassicLiberal

    “Aren’t we all waiting for Lady Liberty to have movement?”

    Yes, we are, but missives as this that deflect from the real problems keep us from focusing on reality.