Open Letter to President Obama and the Administration

    Dear Pres. Obama and administration,

    I refuse to believe that this is your policy. I just can’t believe that our government is letting citizens become unemployed and homeless. It boggles my mind. But that’s exactly what is happening.

    You are saving financial institutions and auto manufacturers but are letting the American people fend for themselves.

    The homeless population is increasing.

    Returning veterans are committing suicide in record numbers.

    People can NOT afford their daily living expenses.

    You promised jobs and yet people continue to be laid-off, and many who are already laid-off have used up their unemployment insurance. What are you doing for these people?

    Instead of resolving these and other issues, government is created more problems for American citizens,.

    Please act more swiftly and responsibly in helping Americans during this critical time.

    Peter Stern


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