Term papers are known to be long and includes number of pages. Now colleges and high schools assigned their students to express their thoughts through five paragraph term papers. Teachers assigned their students to five paragraph term paper writing is for them to test the capability of each student to express their ideas in a short form with regards to the discipline of making one’s term paper. Five paragraph term papers, as the name suggests is in a much stricter discipline as students need to compose their ideas in five paragraphs alone. This is considered as the simplest type as far as term paper format is concern.

Since it is much brief than ordinary term paper format, students need to know what consist every paragraph. It is also essential for students to each element that consists this type:

* First Paragraph – Here lies the introductory statement of the term paper. Usually this consists of thesis statement and brief overview of what the term paper is all about. Just like any term paper, the thesis statement is the crucial part wherein the writer needs to describe what he needs to prove in the whole term paper.
* Second, Third and Fourth Paragraph – Usually, the body of the term paper consists of three paragraphs. This will support the thesis statement declared in the first paragraph. Each paragraph must compensate every aspect of the term paper topic and clearly explains the writers point of view about his topic.
* Last Paragraph – This is where the writer will conclude his term paper. The writer should reinstate the thesis statement declared in the first paragraph. If he proved his point in the body of the term paper, the writer should reiterate the points that made him conclude his paper.

It’s a challenge for students to concise a full page term paper idea into a five paragraph form. What’s worse is to keep the interest of it’s readers from the start of the paper until it was finished. This can be solve if students will write their ideas straight to the point. Facts and information should be clear and precise. Most importantly, when writing this form of term paper, make sure that it will be written in active voice and use present tense in paragraphs. Scientific facts and statistical data will add spice to this type of term papers but stick to what the term paper is all about.

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