We been crying wolf for years but when a real wolf attacks somehow we don’t even notice.
See “Report of Motive in Recruiter Attack” at NY Times, http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/03/us/03recruit.html

Many think terror attacks are all FBI coached or done by others pretending to be Muslims such as the letters which were sent before the fact, warning of Anthrax.

However an American who was recently in Yemen killed an army recruiter, with bloggers noting it mainly in trying to relate it to a late abortion performing doctor who was murdered.

Many been waiting for a bin attack, but perhaps al Qaeda now prefers a bunch of small ones.
It’s possible that for years al Qaeda hasn’t thought another US attack was in its immediate interest. In 2003, US troops were removed from Saudi Arabia bin Laden’s biggest complaint. At the same time, many soldiers were being shifted from Afghanistan, which bin Laden bounded with, to Shiite mostly Iraq which is less important to bin Laden.

Historically, everything serious has been played down, and hype presented instead.

Such as the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg trial for supposedly giving A-bomb secrets to Russia, while a Soviet Citizen George Kovel was actually working at the Manhattan bomb Project. Link, George Kovel at the New York Times,

Meanwhile a clear al Qaeda goal is to bankrupt the US with over-military spending like they did Russia in Afghanistan.

We are in trouble because trying to keep secrets from enemies means in the end keeping secrets from the American people instead. The danger is real and our responses mostly wrong. Obama improving things in a real way, but not nearly enough. I wish there was some way of talking directly to him.

Please goggle, “Terror attack may be imminent”,

Terror attack may be imminent

Crying wolf, has gone on since Joe McCarthy’s witch-hunts. Meanwhile real dangers have attempted to be dealt with, usually as quietly as possible. Many believing the government, or some power elite just imagines or creates dangers, in an otherwise safe world, is a dangerous attitude for many Americans to have.

Richard Kane in Philly PA

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