For weeks now I’ve been getting more and more irritated as I read news stories, comments, and blogs on CHB. So much so that my tone became a bit too derisive, I was finally excommunicated, had to plea mea culpa… and serve a little time out.

Perhaps a good thing, as meditation usually comes only during periods of quiet time, and my reflections brought fully into view the source of my angst: EVERY story, EVERY comment, EVERY blog found a way to beat up on those despicable Repubs, Rethugs, Reprobates, and Neocons… no matter the actual thrust of the article or blog post. OK, maybe not EVERY post, but my tolerance – and I hope that of others with even a smithereen of fair mindedness – for all things biased toward a single universal judgment of depravity had been seriously exceeded. The need for restored balance is upon me. Thus, I offer 2 links toward that end.;jsessionid=abcybdvbQ23-ofhyJ_Ggs;jsessionid=abcBmi__5pfHBdolMHHgs

Yes, I know these are about conservatives and liberals… not Rethugs and Demoncats, but substitute as appropriate.

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