The current personhood legislation brings the ultimate weapon to the abortion debate

    Here we go again. The radical agenda of single cause voting is rearing its ugly head again, just as we thought we had gotten beyond it.

    Flying under the radar of mainline news broadcasts radical Republicans are trying to pass legislation which will declare all fertilized embryos within the wombs of American Women, or in the Petri Dishes of Fertility Clinics citizens of the United States fully protected by all the laws that currently protect those of us on this side of the birth canal. That is to say if they have their way Fertilized Eggs will be People.

    Five States so far have introduced legislation to this effect: Maryland, North Dakota, Montana, South Carolina, and Alabama. In the mean time, the Republican Party across the country is attempting to breathe life back into its moribund caucus with this rabid and radical agenda.

    This is a breath taking assault on the reproductive rights women of America as it will effectively render them merely housing units for the unborn.

    Consider for a moment the radical implications of this legislation. If a conceptus is a citizen at the moment sperm unites with egg how will the constabulary know a new citizen has been created? Surely, it won’t allow the woman the responsibility to contact the authorities and indicate that she is now two people. Some mechanism will have to be created to alert the authorities when this microscopic citizen manifestly appears in the reproductive apparatus of the American female. A chip with telemetry potential to contact authorities in the advent of the arrival of a new citizen perhaps? Will they have to wear a halter with a transmitting monitor to alert the Uterine Housing Authority when a new tenant arrives in the uterine housing?

    Tests are currently amazingly adept at detecting the presence of these tiny citizens so much so that an OBGYN associate of mine recently told me about the enormous hidden grief that now grips women when they test themselves at home, get a positive reading and then rush to their physician to be retested and find that the little one has vanished. These used to be called silent miscarriages. What will they be called if this legislation passes–murder perhaps?

    What of the 1% of American women such as my wife who are/were serial miscarriers: That is for every child they brought to term, three or four were miscarried in the first or second trimester. What of them? Will they be serial murderers? The American Pregnancy Association [APA] indicates that “anywhere from 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies will end in miscarriage” []

    Since the older a woman is the more likely she will experience a miscarriage, we should ask if this legislation would restrict the ability of older women to have children. The APA estimates that younger women “under the age of 35 yrs old have about a 15% chance of miscarriage.” While women between 35-45 years old “have a 20-35% chance of miscarriage.” And women over the age of 45 can have up to “a 50% chance of miscarriage.” Women who have had earlier miscarriages have a 25% chance of having more. What a complicated game women will have to play as they age if this legislation ever makes the National Stage.

    What of more complicated pregnancies like Ectopic Pregnancies? The legislators who write this legislation had better be consulting OBGYNs to understand the very messy terrain they travel here.

    Let’s not even talk about chimera or individuals who are created when two embryos unite in the earliest stage of gestation. Are they a single citizen? Do they get two votes?

    Will this or subsequent legislation require licensing of women who want to become pregnant, just as hotels must be licensed if they want to rent rooms to visitors? Will there be code enforcement officers who regularly inspect women to make sure they are healthy enough to have children? Will pregnant women have to have regular inspections to make sure their uterine housing is up to code? Will women who fail the inspections be forbidden to get pregnant until they pass inspection? How will such sterility be enforced? Will women who have genetic conditions they might pass on to their children be forbidden to procreate? Will there be required genomic tests required for marriage licenses to prevent genetic diseases being transmitted to potential citizens? What will the penalties be for infractions of these licenses and codes?

    Will men have to be licensed to become parents as well? Given that they contribute half the genetic material to the new citizen will their health be licensed as well? Who will make the decision to abort a pair of conjoined twins who will not survive delivery? Who will authorize the abortion of terribly deformed children? Who will legislate which deformities will be tolerated and which must be aborted? Who will pay the expenses for families who are forced to bring to term terribly deformed children who might survive delivery but will not be conscious or able to care for themselves?

    Any good OBGYN worth her salt could tell these good right wing nut job legislators that they are making law that will create a nightmare out of pregnancy. Are we really ready to embrace the coming Uterine Housing Authority and the Uterine Code Enforcement boys?

    Let’s say this legislation passes and becomes law. Then these good people discover they have not considered how many miscarriages occur in any given year. When they discover that possibly as many as 60% of all fertilized embryos never attach to the uterine wall or are spontaneously aborted during the first 120 days of pregnancy what kind of crisis will they provoke?

    In the last year for which we have reliable numbers, 2005, there were 4,138,349 live births recorded. That is to say this number represents 40% of the fertilized embryos which made it through the birth canal and lived. This means that 4,966,019 American Citizens died that year within the womb which is a notoriously hostile place for embryos. If America went nutz when 9/11 killed 3000 Americans, what kind of frenzy will be created when these legislators realize that American women are killing nearly 5 million citizens every year in their wombs? And that is exactly how the radical right will interpret those numbers. Undoubtedly, these managers by frightful crisis will fall prey to a madness that will unleash upon us legislation the likes of which we cannot even imagine.

    May the good lord preserve us from this madness lurching towards us.

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