So now there are going to be 6 Catholics on the High Court?

    Someone has to say this. Someone has to be willing to break the taboo and say that Obama is not perfect. Someone has to say this is a terrible mistake. The Repugs don’t dare go here because they are too busy privately congratulating themselves on getting yet another Catholic on the High Court. Sotomayor is a shoe-in because what ever else she is, she is ROMAN.

    I thought this pick was about diversity. Apparently not. Sotomayor’s elevation to the high court is one Catholic too many, I do not care that she is a woman or a Hispanic. This is not a Catholic Nation. This is not a nation ruled by his Holiness the Pope. Why all the Catholics? Well it’s pretty clear that the Repugs loaded the court with Catholics in the hopes that they would finally overturn Roe.

    If Sotomayor is telling the truth and that she intends to listen to her background, her ethnicity and gender as she prepares to make pragmatic decisions, then her Catholic upbringing has to play a major role as well. Is it a comfort that she does not have children? I don’t know. Sometimes the childless are even more sentimental about protecting children born or unborn than those who have 5 or 6 kidlings.

    I think someone has to stand up and say six Catholics is too many. We need diversity of religion on the High Court as well as diversity of ethnicity. It matters what you believe and how you believe it. It matters what sacraments you take, and which ones you don’t.

    Where is the representative atheist? Or the representative Methodist? or Buddhist? Why all these Christians in an increasingly non Christian nation? Americans are turning away from the Church because it has corrupted its teachings as it politicizes them. Moreover, increasingly the Catholic Church is having to hang its head in shame over its abuse of children and shielding of pedophiles. The recent report in Ireland demonstrates just how unholy repressed Catholics can be. Do we want yet another representative of this religious franchise sitting in the High Court?

    No. I think Obama has made a terrible mistake. I do not care if she is the epitome of the American Dream. I do not care that she won the Pine Prize at Princeton. What I care about is fairness she brings to an already tainted court that is increasingly anti woman and pro Catholic.

    Tell us why, President Obama, that her religion makes no difference. I dare you to try.


    1. Stevens is the only Protestant on the Supreme Court. Ginsburg and Breyer are Jewish.

      It’s ridiculous to assume that Sotomayor would vote as a bloc with Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito and Kennedy simply because they are nominally members of the same religion. If there was ever a day when all Catholics followed the Church’s teachings unquestioningly, it’s long gone. Catholics cover the entire ideological spectrum. Uber-liberal Martin Sheen is Catholic. Would you ever mistake him for any of the conservative Supremes?

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