Response to “Loose Lips Still Sink Ships”

Yet again the system is not letting me comment on articles. Here’s what I was trying to say:

Mr. Murdock needs to get his sensationalism straight. We captured Khalid Sheik Mohammed on March 1, 2003 ( www. ).

President Bush said at the May 2007 Coast Guard Academy commencement: “We also broke up two other post-9/11 aviation plots. The first, in 2002, was a plot by Khalid Sheikh Mohammad to repeat the destruction of 9/11 by sending operatives to hijack an airplane and fly into the tallest building on the West Coast.”

So we waterboarded KSM after his capture on March 1, 2003 and used the information available to arrest the conspirators a year prior to KSM’s arrest. God DAMN, but that’s some mighty fine police work. Mighty fine. We are so good we are making arrests before we get the information. Or could it be that the former administration was being so smug that they didn’t expect anyone to notice the anachronism?


  1. woody188

    I think it’s the way it was said. He said they stopped a plot by Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, not that they got the information to stop it from him. Though I could be wrong.

    Lord knows I don’t like sticking up for Bush. And given his record of lying, we can’t really take anything he says at face value. There may not have been any plot by KSM. After all, there were no WMD in Iraq after they swore they knew exactly where they were located.

    Don’t know why you keep getting hit by the filter unless you have been trolling, using profanity, or using to many URL’s. Talking about 9/11 being anything but an attack by Al-Qaeda terrorists will also get you banned.

  2. bryan mcclellan

    Knowing bush he was parroting talking points and did not care for the validity of what was dripping from his shovel.

    This was the original, because I say so presidency.

    Clearly the man had little drive to ever get anything right in his endeavors as evidenced by his conduct throughout his adult life.

    Example: Is our children learning?

    I will always be of the belief that as PDB information dissemination became tedious in his administration, he was directed by those he considered yes men who had him completely fooled, thus he was, and remains, many Gazelles short of a herd.