Cheney’s zombies

 The fright fight of the far right: watching Dick Cheney trying to scare the living crap out of America I was reminded of the classic 1968 black and white George Romero film "Night of the Living Dead". I could visualize flesh eating radical Muslim zombies released into my own neighborhood by clever liberal ACLU lawyers.  I wondered what nightmares we’ll all be having tonight.

They’re coming.

Knowing that nobody has ever escaped from a super-maximum security prison, the far right has a talking point I think we’ll be hearing a lot more of.
They’re coming.
Heidi Harris, the earnest conservative radio host is convinced that lefty lawyers will wave their fairy wands to tease out loopholes in the law and free a hoard of Christian-flesh eating radical Muslim zombies. No kidding. On the MSNBC "The Ed Show" she seemed to tremble with fear as she described the Al Qaeda terrorists moving next door while Ed Schultz and his other guests rolled their eyes and chortled in disbelieve.
They’re coming.
Thanks to copyright free photos on Wikimedia Commons, instead of writing any more I’ll make this column my first photo essay. Just picture these are all blood thirsty terrorists freed by Barack Obama who Cheney would have you think is either the least patriotic president in history or too dumb to whistle and waterboard at the same time.
Living Dead poster
Helen Cooper zombie
The dead zombie Helen Cooper
Spanish language poster
more zombies
There. Have I scared you as much as I scared myself?
The horror move scenario of Al Qaeda hoards on Main Street which  Cheney has described might make a good movie. Perhaps he could get "24" series creators Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran to write the script. After all, he seems to believe "24" is true to life.


  1. Carl Nemo

    Thanks Hal Brown for the “dark humor” comparison of Cheney’s scare tactics to this fright film.

    To be quite candid, I am so sick of running across this guys mug when I turn on the TV or on the www that waves of nausea overwhelm me because I thought we got rid of this piece of arrogant, criminally disposed human trash for a VP. He’s mastered the art of talking out of the corner of his mouth as if he’s already done time in the pen which is where he belongs.

    The media continues to give him credence with their incessant interviews. Why so?!

    Worse yet it seems that our new president is seemingly molding policy concerning the closing of GITMO and the continuance of the trials at that facility relative to Cheney’s ongoing “fright show”.

    There’s nothing about GITMO that makes us or the world any safer. We actually have far more dangerous criminals than even these terrorists in our prison system incarcerated throughout America; ie., rapists, serial killers, murderers, child molesters etc. At least the terrorists were fighting for a cause and have a fierce belief in their god…Allah!

    They need to close GITMO asap and also pitch the lease papers on the land back to the Cubans and vacate this piece of real estate; ie., a vestige from the Spanish American War.

    Things don’t seem all that well as things unfold concerning this new presidency. Obama has a community organizer’s persona and believes in discussing everything in great detail, possibly too much so and letting consensus determine his policies as a function of the National Security Council et al. input rather than coming down with a mighty, meaty fist bounced off the conference table; saying “enough is enough” and shutting these war mongers summarily down…period!

    Our president is beginning to act like the MIC’s “hand puppet” or worse yet Bush/Cheney redux… 😐

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. griff

    That’s what you get when you watch too much TV. That can also describe the vast majority of the medicated masses that is the American population these days.

    A bunch of zombies sleepwalking through their daily lives and plugging in to the TV to have their thoughts and ideas filtered, pureed and spoon-fed like slobbering children by the blubbering media.

    Hanging on every word from their favorite corporate spokesmodel, slack-jawed and stupid from the glowing, magical box, bathing in the blue light of the propaganda machine.

  3. Carl Nemo

    Damn Griff you really have a case of the ass against TV. :)) I enjoy the History and Discovery channels and channel 10 which is PBS in my area and occasionally watch a movie. I have enhanced basic cable which is simply channels 1 through 71 provided by Comcast. Channel 1 is for movies on demand on which I’ve never ordered a movie as yet and probably won’t do so in the future since I generally rent them from the local video outlets.

    What are your sentiments about people that spend far too many hours a day sitting in front of a computer monitor while surfing the www getting the majority of their information from that medium too? How about CHB and RR junkies as we seem to be…:D

    In my time I’ve been a bookish guy and have quite a collection of old fashioned, ever-yellowing paged books. I haven’t frequented libraries in a number of years due to the travel hassle etc. I do use the Barnes & Noble reading room facilities rather frequently which generally has a Starbucks on prem.

    Maybe electronic media is just fine, but its up to the viewers to excercise some discrimination when it comes to believing everything they hear purveyed by the “talking heads”. Of course for many folks, the “one-eye” is the only pipeline for their information since they have little interest or time to seek such through other sources. It’s not an excuse on their behalf, but simply fact.

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. bryan mcclellan

    The most frightening scenario to me is that this bastard cheney will outlive me and foil my plan to dance while pissing on his grave…HACK!

  5. Hal Brown

     Oh my Brian, you are in good form this morning! Made both my wife and I laugh.

    There’s a good editorial in The New York Times (here) today.

    I like this excerpt:



    On Thursday, President Obama told the truth. It was a moment of political courage that will make this country safer.

    Mr. Obama was exactly right when he said Americans do not have to choose between security and their democratic values. By denying those values, the Bush team fed the furies of anti-Americanism, strengthened our enemies and made the nation more vulnerable.

    Such clarity of thought is unlikely to end the partisan posturing. It certainly didn’t quiet former Vice President Dick Cheney, who was fear-mongering in full force on Thursday.


    My avoiding using the term "fear mongering" since I knew  just about everyone else writing the the same vein would be using it led me to using the pictures instead.

  6. bryan mcclellan

    I wonder what is to become of those innocents who acted against the rules with minor offenses to the rules of Guantanamo prison and what charges they will face?

    I’m sure anyone of us wrongly accused and held in this manner would surely raise hell therefore crossing the boundaries of discipline to face off with someone, anyone, and break the rules to plead their case.

    This proves that rescinding Ha be as Corpus does not work. The log jam and the litigation has already cost any and all international face we possessed, not to mention the tax payer expense.

    It’s long overdue that all get due process and Montana said they would be happy to have them, it’s close to Wyoming and Herr Dich could go to visit sometimes.

    Thanks for the link Hal.

  7. griff

    Hey, I enjoy History and Discovery as well in small doses, although I am quite sick of the global warming doom and gloom that permeates those channels these days. I’m finding less and less quality programs on those channels as well. I also watch hockey and football. The rest is unmitigated garbage.

    The next time your wife or loved one is watching their favorite program, observe the slack-jawed, glassy-eyed expression on her face. Did you ever catch yourself smiling back at an info-babe on CNN or MSNBC? I have, and it disturbs me how easy it is.

    I observe my wife all the time watching TV. I’ll even try to talk to her. I’ll actually have to yell HEY! in order to break the trance.

    Watching TV puts the viewer in a highly suggestible trance-like state. There’s a reason why the major news channels have so much going on on-screen. You have screens in the background flashing images, the newsreader droning on, the crawl at the bottom.

    Since the conscious mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time, the subconscious mind still takes in everything it sees. And the subconscious lacks the critical analytical faculties of the conscious mind. You’re basically being mind-f@!#ed.

    Why do you think Cheney’s all over the TV these days? Because Cheney is the true poster boy of the Bush administration. Why didn’t Obama debate Steele, or some other Republican leader? Because Cheney invokes an emotional response that the others can’t muster.

    It is up to the viewer to excercise some discernment, but most people lack the cognitive ability to do so. The viewer first needs to realize this, then make a conscious effort to fight it.

    Television is a highly effective propaganda tool.

    The Internet is a better alternative, which is why younger people have abandoned the mainstream media altogether. It actually involves reading and interaction, so it’s harder to engage in predictive programming.

    So yes, I despise television, and make no apologies for it. I despise the commercials. I despise the sit-coms and the dramas. There is nothing of value on it.

  8. Elmo

    If you don’t ever watch that trash, you won’t know what kind of pablum people are consuming and you run the risk of overestimating their capacity to think.

  9. AustinRanter

    Boys and Girls…

    Cheney’s TV time is all about one thing and it’s called: MEDIA TABLOIDISM.

    It’s about selling products to the public. You watch Cheney…and they’ll get to show you something surely must need to survive your overly burdened life…mopping, or you need meds, or your paper towels just dont suck enough.

    I had much rather have seen somebody from this forum on TV talking about these issue.

    Cheney is scared for his ass right now. He’s acting Mr. Tough Guy, but in the back of his mind…he knows that he play a heavy role in the torture mess. And he surely knows that if an investigation moves forward to collect evidence to build a genuine case against those involved in torture…he’ll be at the top of the list.

    He’s trying to shift the mind-set of America. He couldn’t pull that off in his on admin in his last term…and he won’t with the majority of Americans.

    He needs to be shutdown by the media…but they won’t because there is a payoff for showcasing the guy.

    My question is: WHO THE HELL IS BUYING?

  10. Hal Brown

     Don’t forget one of the, perhaps the primary, reasons for Cheney wanting to torture was to get someone to link Saddam with Bin Laden and 9-11 and justify war with Iraq.

    Did we really have to invade Iraq and start a war that killed hundreds of thousands?

    What if Saddam was still in power?

    Would al Qaeda be any stronger?

    Would he have attacked Iran to stop their nuclear program?

    Would he be easier to deal with than the leaders of Iran?

    We’ll never know.





  11. AustinRanter

    Hal, one thing is for certain.

    Cheney has Dicked this nation long enough. For those who want to continue to pay tickets to go to a Horror Show starring DICK…so that they can be frightened, so be it.

    I’ve been Dicked way more than I wanted from Mr. Cheney during his stint as V.P..

    I didn’t watch his B.S. when they broadcasted. I haven’t felt the need to follow along with pundits who are playing off of DICK’s comments..and who are trying to help their networks, who pay their checks, draw in as many viewers and listeners to also partake in their corporate sponsors B.S.

  12. Hal Brown

    Liz’s Daddy Fearest: As a therapist and 1950’s sci-fi fan I am fascinated by Liz Cheney. One might say I am riveted to the screen whenever Liz Cheney comes on. It isn’t that she is in some new-age jargony way "channeling" Daddy Fearest, it’s more than that.

    I watch her facial expressions and can almost see her begin the shape shifting process into actually becoming her father.

    Despite her impressive vitae and the five grandchildren she gave Daddy I can’t help but wonder if there’s some rivalry she feels with her way cooler younger sister Mary (below).