You can’t trust Texas lawmakers regarding Texas roadways

    There are 2 weeks left of the 81st Texas Legislative Session.

    Beware of the bills that are zooming through committees and already are slated for Calendars, e.g., SJR9, SB404, SB17, SB404, SB17, SB263, and some others.

    These bills range from who tells TxDOT what to spend on, what the gas tax and other tax revenue may be spent on, selling of obligation bonds to finance roadways, enabling private and/or foreign concerns to own and/or operate our roadways (tolled and otherwise) SB384, and various other special interest road agendas.

    One of the bills also brings into question the Moratorium on Toll Roads passed 2 years ago and whether it should be continued. There is a lot here in various bills and in amendments piggy-backed onto other bills that show our lawmakers still don’t remember that they are supposed to work for the best interests of the Texas community and NOT for wealthy special interests.

    You can’t trust Texas lawmakers regarding Texas roadways.

    Texans should phone and “beat down the doors” of their Senators and Representatives and demand “No More Toll Roads”!