One can now bring guns into the national parks,

The National Rifle Association won a victory despite not because of themselves. They wanted McCain, not Obama, to be President, but guns would have probably never been allowed in the National Parks if McCain had won. The Bradley Bill was passed under Republicans and the first George Bush passed an assault riffle ban. The NRA seems to fair better when a Democrat is in charge.

Obama mentions his respect for the Constitution, and the Second Amendment acknowledging individual gun ownership is part of it.
The above link once was on an Obama speech in Pennsylvania in 78 where he clearly stated that he believed that the second amendment give individuals rights to gun owners not just militia members. I wish I could link conservatives sites without them changing on me.

He seems to abhor guns, but understand the Constitution at the same time. Being torn up inside is not the stuff to portray gun owners as ogres that invigorates the anti-gun crowd. I previously guessed that when he had to choose between gun laws and other policy, it wasn’t likely that he would hold firm on trying to limit guns.

Opponents of gun laws don’t distinguish between legal guns and illegal guns. And neither do I. In some poor neighborhoods if a girlfriend is pressured to buy a gun for her boyfriend to get milk and bread for her children, and her boyfriend if he got in a brawl or was truant or something as a child and couldn’t get a legal gun, she could end up in prison as her children grow to adulthood in foster care. As far as I am concerned chasing after illegal or still legal guns has the same long term crime enhancing effect.

I dare assume that there are more people who have an illegal gun they think they need to protect themselves with than who have crack who never end up hurting anyone else.

I want to find ways to discourage people from having guns and crack, even outlaw the sale of guns without also selling a gun lock that fits on it. And preventing a pregnant woman from getting crack, except if she agrees to stay in a government run hospital while pregnant, and get limited dosages that take into consideration the development stage of her baby. Laws that allow drunk or addicted mothers to avoid being charged with assault, of her developing baby, by getting an abortion upset me greatly.

Let’s all get together and work for a world with less guns, less dangerous drugs, less abortions and less people in jail. It used to be if a drunk driver was convicted of killing someone in another car, or there were two or three victims in it, the punishment would be the same. Now many pro-lifers insist that if a pregnant women is killed, it should be two charges of murder or manslaughter.

Let’s all realize that we need a world with less people in jail, less crime and less dangerous objects or chemicals lying around. Perhaps gun owners should be required to take an annual class in gun dangers and required to belong to a gun club, like in Denmark. Anyway I agree with Obama that we need to get together and work things out instead of demonizing each other.


  1. Well if you require locks or something like that I think you should ask McCain. I heard he was the best Scottsdale locksmith but if you want a president and a good one, then Obama is the best choose you can make. So start looking a little bit in the future guys not at the appearances.

  2. While in the Illinois Senate, Obama twice voted against a citizen’s right to defend his property.

    I don’t know where you get the idea that Obama is pro-second amendment, but you have some reading to do. Unless, of course, you believe everything he says.

    Frankly, I don’t believe a word Obama says about anything. He is now a proven liar and a master of doublespeak.

  3. Carl Nemo. Griff and Woody, Obama made some thoughtful comments on what the second amendment guarantees while campaigning in Pennsylvania, (the link changed and I couldn’t google a similar link) and since gun limiting laws are usually a panicky response to an emotional incident, not the way Obama operates, gun owners should be happy that McCain didn’t become President.

    Obama was from a legislative district where he was supposed to be for limiting guns. Was he less for gun control then the legislators around him or more I’m not sure, but his concern for the Constitution is a factor.

    Attn: Going bust, elsewhere you want tough punishment of people who don’t have a right to have a gun. I’m sure in 1800, sheriffs somewhere could keep guns until a person went out of town who was a horse thief but not for stealing a neighbors ripe peaches, or urinating in the sink because the john was occupied etc. I understand the 14th amendment complicates matters.

    Anyway if you are poor and in the city you have no Second Amendment Rights. If somehow you never been arrested and someone stole your gun and you didn’t report it you’d loose your right to a gun.

    Gun laws like drug laws keep a lot of poor minority members who usually want to do right behind bars or on probation for extended period of their lives.

    PS is there someway for people to know when old comments have been responded to without searching though old sights,


  4. This article could easily be titled ‘Musings of an Idiot’. Most of it sounds like an drunk old man rambling.

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