Let’s just give up and hand over our nation to the illegals. After all, they’ve worked very hard to get it, and we can’t afford to live here anyway.
If we left the U.S. to the illegals here from all different nations, then who’ll pay for everything?

Well, we can exchange nations with them. Ours isn’t any good to us any more.

After all, U.S. citizens can’t make it here. The late singer “Old Blue Eyes” Frank Sinatra used to sing that about New York City, but today the same holds true for the entire United States. We just can’t make it no matter how hard we try. Our daily living costs are through the roof, and every day they go higher.

The middle class is disappearing. Those who remain are battling unemployment due to layoffs, outsourcing of jobs overseas and hiring of cheaper labor here as well. The job market doesn’t look so good for U.S. citizens and is getting worse.

Health care insurance costs are soaring. An average family of four can spend $10,000 for their health care—if they have that money—and then shells out more in deductibles and co-pays. Then health care companies raise premiums and/or cut coverage while keeping the client at the higher cost. In either case, higher revenue is forthcoming, but Americans no longer can afford to stay healthy. Illegals can get free health and ER care. Hospitals won’t and can’t turn them away. So only illegals and Americans without health care insurance and who don’t own anything can be treated for free, while the rest of us get higher health insurance premiums to cover that additional cost.

These days it’s just unaffordable to be an American.

Privatizing toll roads is now the latest crusade for profiteering. It’s the supreme double and triple taxing. They suck us into paying the tolls, while giving the company 80 percent off the top of toll collections and giving out puffy 70-year contracts so that citizens will pay infinite taxes long after the roadways have been paid off—meaning we are forever paying profits, in debt over our ears. Toll costs for businesses are shoveled over to consumers in the paying for goods and services at the cash register. The U.S. has cornered the market on over-taxation!

Hey! Isn’t that why our forefathers fought for independence from that other King George, the one over in England? “No taxation without representation!”

So, in honor of that tradition our lawmakers and President Obama must have made a deal in secret behind closed doors to welcome illegals as honorary citizens? Heck, why bother having immigration laws if we don’t even pretend to enforce them?

But enough’s enough. Let’s just give up and hand over our nation to the illegals. After all, they’ve worked very hard to get it, and it seems that our previous King George [Bush] and current elected officials want them to have it. So? Illegals couldn’t be worse off than we are, but if we stay here we will be worse off.

Our children can’t afford to attend our colleges and universities, but we enable the children of immigrants from China, Japan and India to attend. Our children aren’t provided a quality public education, even with our tax dollars, but illegals can get the same education here for free.

Native Americans must be rolling on the ground with laughter. Turns out our government is doing to U.S. citizens what they once did to the Native Americans, ripping them off and chasing them off their land.

Don’t throw away those old remedial Spanish textbooks. Maybe we should learn Spanish and move to Mexico? They didn’t build that border wall yet, did they?