Proposed U.S. Mid-East Policy: ‘Let Live or Let Die’

    It’s time to change our Mid-East policy.

    During the past decade U.S. taxpayers have been forced to spend TRILLION$ for overseas military and business ventures and most of us have little positive to show for it. However, wealthy profiteers and corporations have made billions on those ventures.

    It is time to implement “a hands-off” Mid-East policy that will return political, economic and social control to the nations of that region. Who are we as a nation to determine a democratically operated Mid-East environment? It is NOT our call.

    The U.S. no longer should be the Mid-East’s “baby-sitter” at a high cost to the American people. If we had spent half the amount provided overseas into our own infrastructures and progressive development as a nation, we would not be in the economic turmoil we currently find ourselves.

    So, the new foreign policy proposal is to “let live or let die”. Let Mid-East nations determine their own fate. Let them “sink or swim” together. The U.S. needs to keep out its proboscis from Mid-East operations and let those nations learn to co-exist or to fail on their own, without ongoing Western interference and regulation.

    After all, as a nation, we would not want Mid-East imperialists to dictate our direction or to invade our turf, taking over the management of all our industrial and corporate sectors — would we?

    We already have enough of a problem with our existing immigration invasion, which has and continues to cost Americans thousands of jobs and millions of our tax dollars.

    Isn’t it time the U.S. lets the Mid-East “let live or let die”?


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