Declassified Central Intelligence Agency documents show Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi knew seven years ago that we were torturing detainees.

Shouldn’t surprise anyone. Pelosi is, always has been and always will be, a liar.

The daughter of one of the most corrupt mayors of Baltimore — a city known for spawning fast-talking con artists — claims she was only told that such tactics were under consideration.

Not true says the CIA. She was told the "aggressive interrogation tactics" were in use.

Which may explain why Pelosi wouldn’t let Democrats in the House impeach George W. Bush. She was a co-conspirator in the Bush Administration’s shredding of the Constitution and total abandonment of the freedoms that once defined this country.

Which also explains why nothing really changes in Washington. All we do is replace one set of crooks with another.

Pelosi proved her true colors when she tried to force Democrats to elect the equally-corrupt John Murtha as her second-in-command for the House. Murtha never met a bribe he couldn’t take.

Her control of the House matched the election of Nevada Casino bag man Harry Reid as majority leader of the Senate — a move that kept Congress bought and sold by big money special interests.

So why should we be surprised that Pelosi not only knew we were torturing prisoners: She kept her mouth shut and allowed the abuse to continue?

If members of the Bush Administration must be prosecuted for breaking the law with the torture of prisoners, then Pelosi should be charged as well. Her silence makes her a guilty as Bush, Cheney and all the others.

Pelosi, Reid and the party of the Jackass are dirty. Congress is still controlled by corruption and deceit.


  1. Okay, assuming Pelosi and other members of Congress knew that crimes were being committed, exactly what should they have done?

    If any of them had “blown the whistle” by talking to the press about it on the record, they would have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for revealing classified information. (It’s only legal to do that if you work for the President or VP!)

    They could have brought it to the Attorney General. Oops, wait a minute: It was Bush Justice Department lawyers who wrote the opinions “justifying” torture. I guess that would have been useless.

    They could have started an impeachment proceeding in the House of Representatives. Of course, they would not have been able to tell even the other members of the House the charges since the “high crimes” were classified! That would have worked really well: The bill of impeachment would have gone nowhere.

    Can anybody think of any practical action they could have taken? I’d love to hear it.

  2. Excuse du jour: “I was mis-informed!! They lied to me! They told me all about the approval to waterboard and use other forms of torture, but they didn’t say they’d actually used it! I thought they got legal approval to use ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ so they wouldn’t use them!”

    How lame can it get?

    That said, the pinning of this on Nancy is beginning to feel like a red herring. It seems to me like much of the government is complicit.


  3. This Woman has failed the American people. She is about worthless as a House Speaker, I wouldn’t pay her to speak to animals at an animal shelter. She should be stripped of office and hung out to dry.

    To Boldly Go…
    Anywhere there is sanity…

  4. Truth Commission

    This is why we need a truth and reconciliation type of commission. Noone has the balls for criminal indictments, so let’s at least find out what happened, who authorized it, and who knew about it, and when.

  5. From Mr Thompson’s seminal post in this thread:

    “If members of the Bush Administration must be prosecuted for breaking the law with the torture of prisoners, then Pelosi should be charged as well.”

  6. I don’t recall anyone saying she is guilty of a criminal offense in this matter. My limited understanding of the law is that simple knowledge of a crime without voluntarily coming forward is not criminal. When it become criminal is when one is questioned by officials and then lies about it. Then it’s obstruction of justice.

    Of course, lying to the American People is not a criminal offense. If it was we’d have to indict nearly every elected official in our entire government.

    The above applies to knowledge of a crime after the fact. If one has knowledge before or during the crime then one is open to federal charges of conspiracy. From

    “18 U.S.C. 371 makes it a separate Federal crime or offense for anyone to conspire or agree with someone else to do something which, if actually carried out, would amount to another Federal crime or offense. So, under this law, a ‘conspiracy’ is an agreement or a kind of ‘partnership’ in criminal purposes in which each member becomes the agent or partner of every other member.”

    Federal charges of racketeering may also apply.


  7. I keep wondering.

    Assuming that Nancy Pelosi may have had details of the waterboarding way back when, and assuming further that she absolutely knew it was illegal, under what statute is her failure to rat out someone an indictable offense? In other words, what crime has she committed by keeping her mouth shut?

  8. “Speaking of liars,” not only is Barack Obama America’s first black president, he’s also America’s first black Bill Clinton.

  9. Speaking of liars, it appears that Obama will revive the military commissions started under Bush.

    “The military commissions have allowed the trial of terrorism suspects in a setting that favors the government and protects classified information, but they were sharply criticized during the administration of President George W. Bush. “By any measure, our system of trying detainees has been an enormous failure,” then-candidate Barack Obama said in June 2008.”

    It would appear that most detainees are either innocent or there isn’t enough evidence for them to stand trial. Consequently, they can’t be released because, well, we’ve now turned innocent people into terrorists by years of captivity and torture, degredation and inhumane treatment.

    “A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it’s going to get.” – Ian Williams Goddard

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