Dear President Obama: I have a policy question…

Banks and Financial Businesses Need MORE Money?

I for one American am getting really sick of paying more tax dollars to these poorly mismanaged corporations while I have to survive in this absurdly callous financial environment that has been created without my help.

Despite my paying off my mortgage and credit card payments on time, I am being charged more and more penalties, fees and APR percentages for being a good customer.

My credit rating is 748. Why am I being penalized for the frivolous mistakes and fraudulent practices of others?

Why must I refinance my home so I can continue to afford to pay my monthly mortgage payments because of ever-increasing property appraisals that translate into higher and higher taxes?

Why is the cost-of-living jumping significantly higher than earnings?

Why have the values of my savings, stocks, bonds and retirement funds been savagely cut in half?

Why are businesses laying-off millions of Americans and still hiring overseas?

Why were cost-of-living adjustments and needed services cut during the Bush years and are still remaining low for our Veteran population?

Why have we permitted China and Japan to buy our enormous debt and own the U.S.?

And again, why are we continuing to throw money to reckless and mismanaged companies while adding to our already record debt? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Lastly, do we have to continue to build on our astronomic debt so it will be the responsibility of our children’s children to repay it?

So, what EXACTLY is our policy?


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