War of the Worlds: U.S. closely eyes Afghanistan and Pakistan

    “Either you’re with us or against us.” – former U.S. President George Walker Bush

    The temperature heats up in Pakistan.

    Many here and abroad are unhappy with the Obama administration’s actions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. While the methods being used rightly are under attack by various critics, there is little doubt that U.S. involvement in Pakistan is needed on the political, diplomatic and even via military actions.

    Recently the Al Qaeda-supported Taliban increased its numbers and involvement in Pakistan, unfortunately with that government’s approval, despite the fact being publicized that the Pakistani government is engaging in a domestic war with the young militants.

    As we already have observed, Secretary of Clinton publicly regretted the recent deaths of civilian Pakistanis, U.S. air strikes against the Taliban in Pakistan has not and will not work. Such actions will not work because the Taliban has entered into Pakistani communities, resides within them and has created militant strongholds there so that any further air strike attacks by outside sources (U.S. and allies) will continue to be unsuccessful and highly dangerous to civilian life.

    With increasing Taliban recruits entering across the border from Afghanistan and other surrounding areas, it is only a matter of time before Taliban leaders focus on acquiring weapons and nuclear arsenals held by Pakistan for future potential assaults against Western nations.

    While no one likes a war, there is little else for the U.S. to do but to increase its efforts to engage the enemy via ground forces; however, the Pakistan government has not made that an option either. While the Taliban have virtually no problem moving from Afghanistan into Pakistan and vice versa, U.S. forces are being told they may NOT move into Pakistan from Afghanistan.

    Consequently, President Obama and his administration are meeting with Pakistani leaders in the hope of working together to find common method for countering the increasing Taliban numbers in Pakistan. Secret missions by the Taliban are enabling the group to move more soldiers over the border and into Pakistan, building its forces.

    Unless there is some commitment by Pakistan to work with the U.S. regarding the ongoing movement, increasing numbers and new residence of the Taliban, those areas soon will become an ongoing militant stronghold and training camp for current and new militant Taliban members.

    Whether or not the American people or its Congress want it, the U.S. must take appropriate and aggressive actions via firmer diplomatic relations with the Pakistan government and to enter into a mutual agreement so that U.S. ground forces may be permitted to fight the Taliban inside Pakistan. The Taliban must not be allowed its continuing movement as a rising threat in that region with the support of the Pakistan government. If the government continues to refuse our involvement, the U.S. may be forced to engage in more air strikes which will result in many more civilian deaths. If no agreement occurs, Pakistan will be supporting the very group that eventually may take complete control and maintain and continue to build an increasing terrorist stronghold.

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