In what is without doubt the largest transfer of public wealth to private hands, President Obama continues the Bush Administration’s disaaster capitalism scheme and transfers trillions of taxpayer’s dollars to the very Wall Street elites who caused the collapse of our economy by their cowboy risk taking. Obama continues to surround himself with Bush Administration economic advisors or those trained by them to pursue this disasterous transfer of tax dollars into private hands.

By some estimates we are now $11 Trillion in debt in either direct transferrs of tax payer dollars to these con artists or underwritings of their potential indebtededness. And there seems to be no end in sight. This will end badly for Obama. He has fallen into the trap set for him by Bush and his Wall Street terrorists. Unless he is very careful, it will end up destroying him and what is left of our economy in the process.

Unless and until he begins to respect the rule of law and start identifying the culprits who have brought us to this economic tar pit for prosecution there will be no economic justice. But then he is demonstrating daily that he does not respect the rule of law as he allows the Bush crime family to go unpunished.

Soon there will be no rule of law that matters, except that used to keep the tax payers in line paying the taxes the Wall Street elites have by now conscrited for the next 100 years. This gives new meaning to the old phrase wage slaves. Only now it will be Obama’s Tax Slaves.

You know it has to be bad, when a yellow dog democrat like me starts howling for Obama to wake up.

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