Has Barack Obama abandoned the policies that made him different from former Democratic Party rival Hillary Rodham Clinton and turned into the very kind of politician he once campaigned against?

Could be. As the President continues to shift positions, his policies become more and more the policies of the status quo and not an agenda of change.

Notes Politico:

A year ago today, Barack Obama won the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, leading the late Tim Russert to famously declare, “We now know who the Democratic nominee will be, and nobody is going to dispute it.”

Russert was right, but Hillary Clinton, nevertheless, kept campaigning for several more weeks, fueled by her supporters’ convictions that her proposals were better than Obama’s.

After barely 100 days in office, it now appears Obama agrees: Since taking office, he has dropped virtually every position that distinguished him from Clinton.

Granted, there were not many policy differences between Obama and Clinton during the campaign. But those that existed were sharply debated and helped Obama define himself as the pragmatic change agent that many voters now believe him to be.

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