Give us a real Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy to protect the military from fundamentalists.

    It is high time we as Americans came to grips with the unprincipled invasion of the American Military by fundamentalist Christians who want to turn it into a force for Christian proselytizing not withstanding the Military’s flaccid prohibition against it.

    I think it is time for a don’t ask don’t tell policy on religion in the Military. There is nothing more offensive to me than for a captive audience—as the military most certainly is—to be subjected to the kind of intensive battering about hunting people for Jesus. Isn’t the attempt to protect captive audiences from religious indoctrination the bedrock of our attempt to protect schools from proselytizing?

    These fundamentalists are the same people who have corrupted the Bible in their translations by adding the word “homosexual” to texts that have never been about homosexuality in order to justify their homophobia. These are the same people who refuse to accept the possibility that the Bible might mean something they don’t want it to mean. Their drive for inerrancy often means that soldiers we to accept that what they say the Bible means is what it means.

    Imagine the poor enlisted soldiers who believe differently from these fundamentalist goons and who want to keep their faith private. Why should they not have that right?

    I would think that something as private as spirituality would be respected as fully as sexuality and that proselytizing efforts such as that documented by Al Jazeera this weekend should be as rigorously prosecuted as homosexuality. This kind of church invasion of military action is unacceptable and must be curtailed. Such a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy about religious affiliation would be an advantage tactically in our current wars in Muslim states.

    Let us never forget that these fundamentalists folks are the same folks who were the bedrock of the Republican faithful who brought us George W. Bush and his ersatz fascist dictatorship. Thank God we never had a third terrorist attack on American soil—how conveniently Repugs forget that we had a significant anthrax attack on the capital—or Cheney and Bush would be running even now an American Fascist state.

    Give us a real Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy we can believe in and preserve our spirituality as a private reserve beyond the reach of fundamentalist repugs.

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