Why no second terror attack domestically? A question doves are taunted with

    Cheney and Limbaugh keep claiming Bush’s tough foreign policy, including waterboarding and making terrorists afraid to attack the US, kept the US safe for the last seven years. Perhaps instead Bush appeased bin Laden. He removed US troops from sacred Saudi territory in 2003, never invaded Pakistan, and helped bin Laden make moderate Muslims more militant, even tended to help a little bin Laden’s goal of a huge war between civilizations.

    Before 9/11 bin Laden warned of dire consequences unless the US stopped desecrating Islam, with US troops in Saudi Arabia. After US troops withdrew in 2003 any planned attack in the US, had to be canceled or done in a limited way, to make sure it didn’t lead to an adrenaline filled US sending troops back into Saudi Arabia.

    Many Saudi’s had been upset at the sight of skimpily dressed female soldiers, but in 2003 al Qaeda attacked foreign contractors, and Saudi Arabia couldn’t function if only strict Muslims were allowed to work there, so bin Laden didn’t get to march back home to the cheers of those who were offended by US troops.

    If for years no terror attack against the US was in the immediate future, captured Taliban and al Qaeda prisoners could only give out garbage to the US interrogators, because when they told the truth that they knew of no terror attack planed, they were assumed to be lying. For instance Khalid Mohammed who was waterboarded 183 times came up with the story that Saddam was involved with 9/11 which Bush used to invade Iraq with. Someone grilled to get a answer that satisfies the interrogators false assumptions was ruining the CIA’s ability to get good intelligence.

    Obama has a tough job straightening out this mess, and in the deadly game of internationally poker I want to give him every benefit in what ever he does to stop al Qaeda. However, there is no way for the next four years for the US to spend ever more money on smarter and smarter weapons without going bankrupt like the war in Afghanistan did to the USSR.

    One problem is the more Obama does right, the more al Qaeda may risk a future terror attack on the US to keep its long term goals for the future alive. Meaning US troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan would make al Qaeda feel even more desperate because they could no longer count on US bankruptcy giving them a second chance.

    Please everyone talk about having a month supply of water and crackers or instant oatmeal and at the same time also about not giving into economic danger with lavish spending in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Check out Terror attack may be imminent”,

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