According the May, 30, 2005 "Torture Memo," penned by Judge Jay Bybee (Bush got him onto the 9th Circ. Appellate Court), we held and tortured 94 detainees, using waterboarding, stressed positioning, subjecting them to extreme temperatures while naked, even stuffing them into boxes.

Most telling, in Page 7 of this formerly secret document, the author identified "Gul" who had been subjected to sleep deprivation, stress positions, slaps, and other techniques. Interestingly, the CIA has denied holding Gul, has denied torturing Gul, and denies knowing where Gul currently is. Makes one wonder how honest the CIA has been with us. 

On Page 8, the author admits that "The CIA used the waterboard extensively in the interrogations of KSM and Zubaydah. . . " So much for a previous claim that it was not used regularly, or even at all. 

Early on in this hideous document, Bybee promises that "enhanced" torture would only be used on high level targets. Yet, on Page 9, Bybee suggests using it on low level, detainees in order to validate and assess other information’s validity. 

On page 10, Bybee admits that Jose Padilla’s alleged nuke plot (which the DOJ and Military later dropped) was totally based on torture-based interrogations . Unfortuantely, Padilla had no nuke plot, was not in any position to create a nuke plot, and has been rendered so brain damaged by his own torture (by the US), that his own attorneys and the prosecutors agree that he is no longer sane. 

At least we know why the DOJ dropped most of the counts against Padilla. 

Page 15 discusses immersion in water at 41 Deg. Fahrenheit. It describes putting people in a coffin-like box for hours at a time. Still the best is yet to come: 

"We conclude, first, that the CIA interrogation program does not implicate the US obligations under Article 16 of the CAT because Article 16 has limited geographic scope. . . As we explain below, based on CIA assurances, we understand that the interrogations conducted by the CIA did not take place in any ‘territory under United States jurisdiction. . . . " 

Translation: Because we avoided US soil, (except for torturing Padilla until he went mad) we can do as we please and torture anyone we want. I am sure that Raul Castro wants Gitmo back. Last I checked, we seem to exert control over that territory. 

– – 

The Dishonorable Jay Bybee also reviewed each torture technique, and gave his blessing to each method of damaging the mind and body of people we held against their will. (By the way, the recent disclosure that 2/3s of those held at Gitmo were innocent of any wrong-doing, terror, or crimes should be considered while you learn about the torture that Bybee approved) 

Stress positions: Bybee argues that these are all great and work wonderfully, even though they may cause "physical discomfort." 

Sleep deprivation: Even though sleep deprivation causes mental illness, Bybee excuses that because "reactions abate after the individual is permitted to sleep." Translation, even after you drive your victim crazy, his worst symptoms improve with sleep. 

Cramped boxes with insects: Bybee gladly seized on the fact that Zubaydah has a phobia about insects. How nice to put him in a coffin, add insects, and close him up. 

Waterboaring: Bybee clinically describes how safe and sound this program is, approving its use. 


There are other techniques and methods of breaking the minds and the psyches of those we detained, including the hundreds of innocents that were "processed" under Bybee’s program of deliberate torture. 


Three things that America needs to do:

1)Prosecute all top admin lawyers and officers who ordered and approved this torture program. 

2) Demand the resignation of Bybee from the 9th Circuit

3) Determine just how many we tortured and hid (like Gul) around the world and disclose those crimes to the world. 

Sunshine is still the best disinfectant. We have a lot of diseased rot to clean up. Starting with Bybee. 


  1. If we do decide that we are not bound by the geneva convention then the only honorable thing to do would be to openly withdraw.

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