The tax protests which sprouted yesterday in places like Sacramento, DC, and, of all places, The Alamo, were proclaimed to be “spontaneous” by the talking heads at Fox News (who “spontaneously” set up their crews and equipment around the country to broadcast the protests… and whose presence was repeatedly announced on the Fox News programs ahead of time, I guess, as a “spontaneous” piece of PR.)

To get to these protests, which took place in public squares, parks and historical sites (all supported and maintained by taxes), people took highways and subways and railroads (all subsidized by taxes)… and after the protests ended they probably went out to eat somewhere, having meats and vegetables which our Agriculture and other Departments keep a safety view on by means of taxes. Most of these protests were guarded and protected by police (paid by taxes), to make sure their right to protest was upheld and no one was hurt.

Fox News broadcast all this stuff by means of FCC moderated satellites and towers to stations around the country (I believe the FCC is operated by means of taxes) to make sure it got to everyone.

So, assuming these protesters got their way, eliminated taxes and, as in the case of Texas’ Governor, moved to secede from the Union, and assuming it happened immediately, how would they get home? How would they eat? What would they use their televisions for? Who would keep their neighborhoods safe and prevent other countries from invading and taking over their cherished rights?

Perhaps taxes, the things we pay to support the life we have enjoyed, are of some importance. Of course, if Fox news ruled the world, they could pay for it all.

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