Mandatory disclaimer: In advocating the right of secession, the author wishes to make clear that he does not advocate racism or any other nitwit ideas commonly associated with the old Southern Confederacy.

Readers of this blog know that libertarians consider a choice between Demopublicans and Repubicrats to be no choice at all. One wing of the bloated government warfare state calls for trillion dollar deficits, with an emphasis on pointless foreign wars and bailouts of politically-connected corporations. The other wing of the bloated government warfare state calls for trillion dollar deficits, with an emphasis on bailouts of politically-connected corporations and pointless foreign wars.

We’re not going to vote ourselves into freedom. All recent elections prove this. We’re not going to put small-government, anti-war third political party in power.

But if America doesn’t do something dramatic, and very soon, we are going to doom our children and grandchildren to unpayable debts as soon as they are born. And eventually, as the two wings of the Washington party inevitably start losing their position of preeminence in the world, our children will likely be drafted to fight in ever more idiotic foreign wars on the far side of the globe, the better to glorify the Leader.

Tom DiLorenzo, the eminent Lincoln scholar does a much better job than I at explaining the advantages of secession. Movements are already afoot in New Hampshire and Vermont to secede from the Union; several other states will likely follow.

The right to secede already exists. It is a power reserved to the states and the people by the tenth amendment. And, as DiLorenzo points out in his books, most of the initial thirteen states that acceded to the Constitution explicitly retained the right to secede (later states, such as Texas, also retained this right).

Secession is the best way to de-fang the snake that is consuming a quarter of our GNP while trying to maintain a worldwide empire. Starve the Beast! If at first one state, then another and another begin seceding from the Union, our masters in Washington DC will lose the most important tool of empire: money.

America, like the old Soviet Union, needs to be broken up into autonomous states–and for similar reasons. Once we come to the realization that the Empire needs to be dissolved, there remains only the practical question of how to accomplish it peacefully and reasonably. This question we will address in our next blog.

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