By now plenty of bloggers have covered the Dick Armey connection, the billionaire support and funding, and the absolute bullshit that drives this whole tea bagging event. 

Fox Gnus’ promo efforts are – – – words escape me. They are not nuts. They are simply trying one last time to be relevant, after the voters caught on, first in ’06, and again, in ’08.  

The GOP is dead. Brain dead. Morally dead. Ethically dead. As for honesty? Integrity? Not only do those words have GOP & Fox operatives rushing to their dictionaries for a definition, once they realize what those words mean, they gag on their own spit.  

What we will see tomorrow is that we have many problems in this country, most of them created by the neoconman branch of the GOP. We will see that our president is incredibly popular, topping an amazing 66%. We shall see that all of the millions (face it, the free promos pushed by Fox alone total underwrote tens of millions in free advertising)  spent by the Tea Baggers will have been wasted. 

What we will really see is that the pseudo movement was stillborn, sterile, and without popular support. If any location has even 1,000 participants, (NOT including media, DUers, Firesiders, dKossacks, or other curious spectators), I would be seriously surprised. In fact, with the "675" locations of this astro-turfed, make-believe, silly, inane, and worthless corporate-brainwashing based waste of time, I will eat one of my hats if the total attendance of participants exceeds 100,000. Given the huge financial push by the ultra-right, we are talking about the neocons and ultra-religionists spending close to $500 per attendee.  I could be wrong, but I suspect that tomorrow will rival the Cubs of 1969. 

Tomorrow will be memorable for another reason. We will witness the death of the GOP. It, and its most idiotic, creepy spinmeisters (Glen Beck, Sean, Rush and Billo) will eventually fade away. Misdirected, barren, misdirected policies do not get any better if the messenger just raises his/her voice. (See Glenn Beck) Acting crazy might entertain, but after a while, even crazy becomes little more than an irritation. Heck, even Billo realized that, despite his pea-sized brain, and his Hummer sized ego.

Yes, indeed. Tomorrow will be telling indeed.  Pity that the GOP doesn’t know that 2M4M or Tea Bagging really entails. Or maybe not. 

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